Vegas Hookers: How to Spot Prostitutes in Las Vegas

Prostitution in Vegas is illegal, but tell that to the hundreds of Las Vegas hookers making a killing in the bars and casinos around Sin City.

Despite numerous police crackdowns, the hookers in Vegas continue to profit from a nightlife that is notorious for its no holds barred ‘anything could happen’ atmosphere.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the hidden market of Las Vegas prostitution, how to spot a call girl, what they typically charge, and what you need to know about hiring one.

Before we go any further… let us remind you again.

Hiring a Vegas prostitute is illegal.

Vegas hooker hotspots

Las Vegas is home to hundreds of prostitutes working the bars, casinos and streets

While the state of Nevada is famous for its many brothels and sex shops, these are located in counties where the sex industry is legalised and regulated.

Unfortunately that doesn’t include counties with over 400,000 residents, which being in Clark County includes the original Sin City: Las Vegas.

It’s ironic that you can jump in a car and drive an hour north to find a legal licensed brothel, but that’s just the way things are.

Needless to say, there are many Vegas escorts and prostitutes who have found ingenious (and some not so genius) ways of picking up clients in Vegas.

The Casino Girls

The working girls of Vegas certainly benefit from operating in a city that is so incredibly foreign to the average tourist, especially those from overseas.

Take the Vegas tipping culture, for example. It’s unheard of in practically every other western country (and in some US states).

Your average foreigner feels like he has entered a different universe as he pulls up to the Cosmo or the Venetian.

So… what is he going to make of these beautiful, stunning Las Vegas prostitutes approaching him in a bar?

While most locals will scream: “She’s working! It’s obvious! She’s out of your league, you stupid idiot!”

It’s not as clear cut for the clueless foreigner in his first exposure to all that is sinful in Sin City.

For this reason alone, the Vegas casino girls earn a considerable number of ‘leads’ from men who genuinely have no idea that they’re talking to a prostitute, until they’re so invested that it sounds like a pretty good idea anyway.

I mean, it’s Vegas, right?

Whatever happens here, stays here.

And that’s probably going to include your entire net worth if you fall in love with every casino prostitute who laughs at your bad jokes.

Vegas casino escort

If she’s too keen, she’s probably a Vegas casino escort.

How can you tell the Vegas hookers from those ladies who genuinely might be interested in a casual encounter of the free ‘no-strings-attached’ variety?

Well, let’s see…

  • Is she drunk? — Because if she’s stone cold sober, there’s a good chance she’s simply doing her job. Drunkenness might be a turn-off, but it can also allude to one of the rare non-transactional encounters in a Vegas bar. Women are here to party, too.
  • Did she approach you, and was she on her own? — It’s crazy how many guys assume that a drop-dead-gorgeous lady approaching them in a bar, without any company, shouldn’t ring their alarm bells.
  • Is she being lead away from the casino in handcuffs? — A stone dead giveaway, this one. It’s time to stop flirting. You’ve just had sighting confirmation of a definite Las Vegas prostitute.

If we talk in pure survival of the fittest terms, the best Vegas hookers are much more discreet about how they attract clients in the bars and lounges.

There’s not much we can do to warn you here, and indeed, you might be trying to find them in the first place. In which case, you won’t have to search for long.

Best advice is to use common sense.

If she looks too good to be true compared to the best-looking girl you’ve ever had in your previous 30 years, then… there’s a good chance your night will take an expensive turn by letting things escalate.

It only take a couple of nights in Vegas to develop a super fine-tuned hooker radar, but… this still might not save you if you’re drunk as a skunk.

What do casino girls charge for their services?

This is an open-ended question that will largely depend on how beautiful she is, and how loaded with cash she thinks you are.

The hookers in hotel lounges and on casino floors are typically high-end in price. They certainly charge more than you’d pay in one of the legal Nevada brothels: a premium for the risk.

Expect to pay around $500 to $1000 for full service from a casino girl or a hooker picked up in a lounge bar.

Las Vegas Street Hookers

An alternative to the casino girls is to take a punt on one of the Las Vegas street hookers and prostitutes.

Cheapest Vegas hookers on street

The cheapest Vegas hookers are found on the street, not in the casinos and hotel bars.

This is a risky business, not least because johns stand much more chance of getting caught by soliciting for sex in the open.

Street hookers can be found up and down the strip, and also on Fremont street. It’s pretty common to be approached by hookers near Planet Hollywood and Harrah’s Hotel. Both are prostitution hot spots; a red light district within a red light district.

Vegas street prostitutes are much cheaper than the ladies frequenting the casinos and hotel lounges.

Typical prices are around $50 to $200 for full service, but can go lower. The street market is inherently more risky and attracts prostitutes who are happy to take on that risk, which can lead to various negotiable rates.

A mixed bag, indeed.

Professional Vegas Call Girls (And The Screening Process)

It’s pretty much an open secret that the finest Vegas escorts won’t be found on the casino floors, and certainly not on the strip itself.

They are delivered ‘direct to your door’ via the third party of an escort agency.

There are many, many escort agencies serving the Vegas area. Some of these are reasonably priced at around $200 to $400 for full service with ‘extras’ included. Others are catered to the celebrity and high-end baller market. Or simply those punchdrunk on detonating their entire bank account in a single weekend.

You can expect to pay thousands for the companionship of a top-tier Vegas call girl.

One thing that you’ll have to be prepared for if you hire via an agency — or even if you use a reputable freelancer — is the screening process.

This is designed to ensure that both you and the service provider are legitimate people, and not cops, or perverts, or both, or worse.

We understand why johns would be apprehensive about going through an identity check and having their details screened, especially in an age of information leaks.

But it is for your own good, and hers.

How do you spot the top Vegas agencies? We’ve done some of the hard work by filtering the more reputable agencies on our escorts page.

It’s always a good idea to research an agency on the web before you call up asking for access to its ladies. There is no shortage of direct advertising for the agencies out there. They will hand you flyers and slap up unambiguous ads on just about every spare Vegas billboard.

You don’t have to look far.

Vegas prostitution is all around you.

Have you used a Vegas hooker? What are your experiences being encountered by casino girls?

Any stories or recommendations, feel free to share them below.

Little Darlings Las Vegas: Inside the All-Nude Strip Club

Little Darlings has carved a reputation as the largest 18+ fully-nude strip club in the USA, and one of the top hookah lounges in Las Vegas.

Are you thinking of visiting Little Darlings? Want to know what to expect once you get there?

We’ve compiled a guide of everything you need to know about the Little Darlings nude bar; including prices, getting there, VIP packages and key booking information.

Little Darlings Strip Club in Vegas

Little Darlings Strip Club in Vegas, courtesy of their Facebook page

Read on for our 2016 guide to Little Darlings Las Vegas.

What’s Inside the Little Darlings Strip Club?

First things to know: this club is deceptively big, tinted in pink and purple shadows with a classic strip bar vibe, and likely to get very very busy on weekends.

Despite the crowds, it does not serve alcohol.

The venue is made up of a large main area with plenty of seating and two stages — one of which only comes to life during peak hours (once the sun sets on Sin City).

There are various VIP seating booths for parties both small and large.

The ladies that work here are plucked from all over Nevada and beyond; some are even known to do a little Vegas escorting on the side. Little Darlings has a roster of exotic dancers to satisfy every taste: blondes, brunettes, black, asian and more.

The clue to what sets this strip club apart lies in the title.

These dancers are ready and willing to drop their panties, or whatever outfit they’re wearing for the night (there are plenty of themes). Sit back and watch the show as every last inch of flesh is bared, while the dancers strut their stuff and work some mesmerizing moves on the dance poles.

If you find a girl who takes your fancy, there are private booths available for couch dancing, as well as ‘private bed dances’ for those who really want to raise their temperature.

Exactly what you see inside Little Darlings will depend on what night you visit.

There is a packed events calendar and the club arranges a number of themed nights, involving sexy outfits, amateur dancers, unlimited hookah and the famous ‘college night’.

Events and Themed Nights at Little Darlings

Little Darlings hookah strip club

Little Darlings club: If you like naked women, and hookah, you’re in luck…

Every Monday and Tuesday is Free Hookah Night. They have over 50 hookah flavors available, making this one of the best hookah bars in Las Vegas.

On Wednesday, it’s Amateur Night. A chance for fresh talent to perform and show exactly what they’ve got, with the chance to win a $500 top prize.

Any would-be ‘little darlings’ reading this who want to take part, please remember to bring a valid ID and social security card. You won’t be able to take part without them.

Thursday is College Night, which is essentially a boarding call for any man with a fetish for school uniform.

Sundays is Lingerie Night. This is when your waitress will be tending to you in sexy thigh-highs and tight lingerie.

Little Darlings Pricing, Cover and VIP

The club has a cover charge of $35, but you can get in for $15 through their ‘Locals and Pass’ pricing (see here). This deal comes with a free limo pickup, taking you and your friends from the strip straight to the Little Darlings Gentleman’s Club.

Here are the best deals at Little Darlings:

Standard VIP Admission

  • Admission for one person
  • Free limo pickup included
  • ‘2-For-1’ Dance Coupon
  • 1 free drink

Couples Experience

  • Admission for two
  • Free limo pickup included
  • VIP booth
  • Bottle of non-alcoholic Champagne

Silver Package

  • Admission for five
  • Free limo pickup included
  • VIP booth
  • ‘Stage Roast’ experience (including picture)

Gold Package

  • Admission for 10
  • Free limo pickup included
  • VIP booth
  • ‘Stage Roast’ experience (including picture)
  • 2 non-alcoholic Champagne bottles

Platinum Package

  • Admission for 20
  • Free limo pickup included
  • VIP booth
  • ‘Stage Roast’ experience (including picture)
  • 4 non-alcoholic Champagne bottles
  • Special VIP Dance for the Guest of Honor

Note that admission is not included, or extra fees apply, if arriving by taxi or third party limo service.

Once inside, the drinks menu includes:

  • Sodas — $4
  • Bottled drinks (non alcoholic) — $6
  • Coffees and teas — $6
  • Slushies — $12

In the absence of booze, Little Darlings makes for a great Vegas hookah bar instead. You can get ‘Hourly Hookah’ for $30, or Unlimited Hookah for $120.

We recall the unlimited hookah deal being previously available as part of the Gold package. It’s not currently listed on the website, but this may still be the case. Check when you visit!

Little Darlings Opening Hours

Little Darlings strip club is open during the following hours:

  • Monday: 11AM to 6AM
  • Tuesday: 11AM to 6AM
  • Wednesday: 11AM to 6AM
  • Thursday: 11AM to 6AM
  • Friday: 11AM to 6AM
  • Saturday: 11AM to 6AM
  • Sunday: 6PM to 4AM

Getting To The Club

Here’s a map of where Little Darlings can be found on Western Ave:

If you are planning to go VIP (starting at just $29 for basic admission), then you can book a free limo pickup.

The free limo is how most people get to Little Darlings.

Little Darlings Dress Code and Exclusions

If you want to actually get in to Little Darlings, you’ll need to abide by their dress code, which is as follows:

  • No beanies / do rags
  • No baggy pants
  • No boxers showing
  • No baggy shirts
  • No visible chains
  • No plain white t-shirts
  • No sleeveless shirts
  • No team jerseys

This is subject to change, but the moral of the story seems to be: dress smart, dress to impress, and try not to look like an urban gangster.

Booking Information

Ready to party at America’s largest all-nude strip club?

Here’s some important links, resources and contact info:

Text LDLV to 702-767-8118 for VIP admission and a free limo (after 8pm only).

Little Darlings Vegas: Our Verdict

Little Darlings has a nice friendly vibe, and — of course — it stands out for its fully nude dancers, some of which are absolutely stunning.

The lack of alcohol may disappoint some revellers, especially anybody who is nervous about taking up the private bed dance invitations. This is more of a hookah ‘chilling’ kind of club.

It’s an expensive night out, just like most trips to a strip club in Las Vegas. But you get what you pay for.

The Little Darlings roster is well worth seeing up close, live and personal in the flesh.

The Good:

  • It’s the biggest 18+ fully nude strip club in America.
  • Girls are friendly and eager to please.
  • Lots of theme nights providing variety; from Hookah Night to Military Night, including other days dedicated to couples and ladies.

The Bad:

  • No alcohol — If you are looking for a ‘wild’ night, best to get your booze in before you reach Little Darlings.
  • It can get expensive fast: $250 for a 30-minute private bed dance. Not for those on a budget!

Note: For other nude bars nearby, check out our Las Vegas Strip Club guide.

Have you been to Little Darlings Las Vegas? What did you think?

Let us know whether you think it is worth the visit.

Las Vegas Cougars On The Loose

One of the things we’ve noticed after covering dozens and dozens of escort agencies:

Many men prefer older women.

Whilst the escorting business is dominated by young, sexy twenty-somethings, there’s a huge demand for women over 40.

A lot of older guys prefer meeting women that they can identify with. They seek women who share the same concerns in life.

These guys see the gorgeous twenty-something stunners touted by agencies and brothels, and while the looks are certainly a win, they think: there’s an awkwardness about meeting a woman so much younger. Especially if the type of experience you are seeking ticks the boxes of GFE (girlfriend experience) rather than PSE (pornstar experience).

Strangely enough, many younger men are seeking the same. Older women are in hot demand, and there simply isn’t enough of them working the escort scene as call girls.

Las Vegas Cougars is a casual dating service that steps in to this void.

It connects women over 35 with guys who prefer their ladies ‘mature’ and experienced.

(We’re not sure which party stands to gain the most from this arrangement, but we’re pretty sure it’s sexually convenient to both!)

There’s no doubt Vegas has escorts of all ages, all nationalities, all shapes, and all sizes. You can get pretty much whatever you’re looking for if you spend enough time in hotel lobbies or cruising the strip.

Las Vegas Cougars is a slightly more discreet way of connecting with the type of women who aren’t as likely to be found in this way.

And better yet, you don’t have to pay for their services.

It’s casual, no-strings fun without money changing hands. Strangers with benefits, if you will. Sure, there’s going to be a hot of unreturned messages and women who don’t want to take you up on your offer — but that’s the norm on any hookup site.

If meeting older women is your thing, sign up to Las Vegas Cougars and see how your luck falls.

The Las Vegas Strip Club Tour… in a Limo

Las Vegas Strip CLub limo tour

“What to do in Vegas?”

This is a common question when coming to Las Vegas, the world’s capital Sin City, especially for first timers who haven’t sampled the Vegas nightlife before.

One awesome way to make the best of your time in Vegas?

How about a limo tour of the city’s hottest strip clubs and lap dance bars?

OK, you might not want to take this option if you are vacationing with your partner, but with friends?

Well, you know what they say about wolf packs and Vegas!

Las Vegas Limo Diaries

The Vegas Limo Diaries

Let us introduce you to to the Private Sins Las Vegas Limo Diaries.

This is a tour that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Private Sins offers four bracketed tours of the Vegas strip; ranging from an R rated package, right up to XXX rated.

You and your friends will be picked up in a limo and shown the very best (and worst) that Vegas has to offer, one stop at a time.

Exactly what you see will depend on how much X-rated entertainment you are seeking in the first place.

The R-rated tour sticks to pool parties, a beach club and then evening entry to a select nightclub on the Vegas strip.

The standard X-rated trip raises the stakes by taking your group on to one of the famous Las Vegas strip clubs. An experience you won’t want to miss.

What about the XXX-rated package?

This really heats up the evening. You’ll be heading to one of Nevada’s brothels (all totally legal), with the option of heading to a swinger party. There is even the chance to direct and/or star in your own adult video.

As far as bachelor parties go, hey, this is pretty extreme.

Vegas Limo Diary strip club tour

Whether you are looking for traditional adult entertainment in Vegas, or a night of extreme thrills, the Vegas Diaries package tours are a great way to see all that Sin City has to offer.

For booking information, head on over to their website.

Phone: (702) 530-7713

Have you been on a Vegas Limo Diaries tour? What did you think of the experience?

How To Spend a Night in Vegas

There’s more to Vegas than casinos, parties and sex.


The Richard Dunn airport all-nighter, complete with beautifully mimed rendition of Celina Dion’s All By Myself!

If you haven’t seen this viral vid, check it out above.


5 Tips for Great Sex Outdoors


It’s probably the most common place to have sex in the world.

But sometimes you want to be adventurous, right? You want to live on the wild side, or maybe just commune with nature during that most intimate act.

Spontaneous sex is the best kind. But if you want to get your freak on outside, it’s best to be prepared.

Here’s how to have a memorable romp in the great outdoors.

Blankets are welcome — very welcome!

Keep a blankets on hand. There is nothing more irritating than getting sand or leaves in your ass crack or any other area below the belt. 

And you really don’t want bugs crawling on you while you’re in the middle of doing the nasty.

As always, I speak from personal experience.

I was at a beautiful hot spring, the water flowing, birds chirping and everything was perfect. Everything was perfect until a spider bit me on the ass.

Take Insect Repellent if Required

(No, not for each other. Well, I hope not for each other!)

Since we touched briefly on bugs, let me go ahead and suggest a good bug repellant is also a nice touch.

This is especially nice in areas with a high mosquito population. There is nothing worse than enjoying some hot outdoors fun and being stung repeatedly. 

Store Some Energy — For Before and After!

Sex is a strenuous and sapping activity. So it’s always good to have some sustenance on hand. Bring a little picnic basket with some edible goodies and water.

That way you can keep up your strength for round two.

The Sex Clean Up Kit

Be sure to keep a ‘sex clean up kit’ readily available. Sounds a bit medical, but your lady will appreciate it!

This kit will include paper towels, water, hand sanitiser and anything to do away with any bodily fluids. Sex is fun but can be very messy.

One of the great benefits of sex indoors is that there’s usually a bathroom in the vicinity. Easy to forget, and easy to regret after a session in the woods!

Romance? Go For Seclusion

If you really want a romantic experience, try to pick a spot outdoors that is secluded and away from public areas. You don’t want to be in mid stroke when a husband, wife and their two kids walk up on you.  

I once got caught in a public area doing it and the police came up to me (perfect sense of timing). I could have gone to jail that day. Thankfully the officer wasn’t a prick.  

Now for those who like a thrill? Disregard this tip!

If you want to have some outdoor fun, a healthy dose of your imagination will help. Be spontaneous, but don’t ignore the practicalities of reality! 

The outdoors is a wonderful place to experience a sexual encounter, but it has to be done properly to enjoy the experience. 

Oh, and watch out for spiders and snakes!

How to Spot Fake Sex Ads on CraigsList and BackPage

Anybody who has crawled CraigsList or BackPage at a late hour can vouch for one thing: the Internet is a great place to look for sex.

These two classified sites are melting pots for escorts, punters, swingers and the occasional psychopath.

Here’s the gist:

You go in, create an account, and post an ad. Both CL and BackPage are quick and easier than other dating sites, which is why they are popular.

Because these sites are so popular, there are lots of fakes and phonies cluttering up the boards with time-wasting ads.

These fakes could be people playing games or someone looking to scam you.

So how does one spot a fake ad?

Here are some CraigsList and BackPage scam signs to watch out for.

Does He/She Sound Native?

Poor grammar and spelling is a key sign of a scam. These are typically foreigners pretending to be from your town, but more likely to be lurking in a shady scam shack thousands of miles away. They will ask for personal information, which you should treat as an immediate red flag.

Look For Consistent Photos

Look at the photos.

I have seen people use several photos of different people resembling each other. If you come across this, more than likely you have found a bait and switch. So if you decide to show up at this person’s place, don’t be surprised if the person in the picture is not the person standing in front of you. 

Be sure the photos are clear and not overly blurry. If you want to take it a step further, use Tin Eye or Google Image Search. This software will bring up any and all images of this person.

Keep an Eye on Spammers

Pay attention to your contacts. If you send out a lot of messages, pay attention. Keep a record. You can often tell when the same people are using different accounts by their vocab, messaging style or grammar. People will create different accounts under different names and other information waiting for you to take the bait. The idea is to ‘carpet bomb’ the site.

These users are rarely using the site for the right reason.

Become a Snoop

People generally use Craigslist and Backpage because it’s easy to post and it’s free — but don’t be afraid to do a little snooping and see if they are on other dating sites. 

You can get a sense of who you are dealing with by following their digital trail.

Follow Your Gut Instinct

Use your gut instinct, always. If you have a bad feeling about something, don’t take the risk.

In the world of Craigslist, acting on a bad feeling is tantamount to ensuring your night goes horribly and badly wrong.

Get a Voice or Face

If you think you have met someone sincere (or in the escort world, ‘professional’) don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask them to cam chat. This way you can both get peace of mind. If they refuse, then you may have a problem.

Ever seen Catfish? Go watch an episode!

To repeat…

I am not saying you shouldn’t use these sites as hookup resources. I have used Craigslist many times to hookup and the only problem I ever had was someone using outdated pictures.

But there are horror stories, and those horror stories usually start with Mr. Bulging Pants not doing his due diligence.

Take heed!

Is Adult FriendFinder Really Free?

This post continues our series of Adult FriendFinder series: also check out What Women Want on AFF, Tips for AFF and Good First Messages on AFF.

Adult FriendFinder is the largest adult hookups website in the world, and you can join it free.

Once online you’ll find voyeurism, cross dressing, swinging, BDSM and many, many more fantasies brought to live on this unique adult dating portal.

Millions of users flock online to look for sex. Admittedly, most of them are men, but women can still be found — as you’ll have seen in our previous AFF posts.

One thing you need to understand is that membership comes on two levels: Free and gold.

Is AFF Really Free?

Yes and no.

Registration and membership to AFF is absolutely free.

However unless you are a paid member, you will have restricted access.

You won’t be able to send emails or instant messages. Your searches will be limited as well.

Now some users will be like me — I have a gold membership and have never paid a dime — but this is a privilege that mostly falls to women. I hear it’s because I met some kind of demographic criteria, that may or may not apply to you.

Free ‘gold’ packages on AFF are becoming much harder to find.

There used to be 3 packages on AFF: standard, silver and gold.

Now there is only standard, which is free, and gold which is $18.95/month.

The prices used to be much more expensive from what I can recall. So I suggest taking advantage.

Here are the benefits of free vs paid membership:

AFF Free vs. Gold

Adult FriendFinder free vs paid membership benefits

Adult FriendFinder free vs paid membership benefits

Interested in joining AFF and seeing what the fuss is about? Set up your free profile here.

You can always upgrade later if you like what you see.

How to Send a Good First Message on Adult FriendFinder

This post continues our series of Adult FriendFinder series: also check out What Women Want on AFF and Tips for AFF.

Making a standout profile is key to success on Adult FriendFinder.

But it isn’t the only thing to consider if you want successful hook ups on AFF.

The profile is part of your first impression. The second part being the first contact, which is just as important. So I am going to give you some tips when sending out your first messages on AFF.

Less is More

Less is more in a first attempt at contact. Do not send some long drawn out email stating everything you wish to do to her in graphic detail. You are not the only person to come up with that idea. And it’s kind of creepy receiving emails like this from someone who hasn’t even said hello.

Short, casual and engaging is your winning first message.

Get a Creative Message Template

If you’re not feeling creative, make a template that you can alter as you see fit for receiver. You can write it up in Word and save it.

Templates are never as effective as messages directed specifically at the user, so be sure to catch a quirk in her profile and engage it in your message.

Templates have a bad reputation. But if they increase the volume of first impressions you make, then chances are they will help you. Better to be seen/heard than passed over.

Don’t Be Pushy

If she doesn’t get back to you right away, don’t continue to send an email every single day. Give her time to respond.

It not only makes you seem pushy, but needy as well. And those are two qualities that are instant turn offs for women, on any kind of dating site, whether we’re looking for sex on marriage.

Add a Photo

Even if you have a photo on your profile, attach one in the email.

I get tons of emails on there and the ones I remember most attached a picture. Plus I don’t always get to really check profiles so I am assuming I am not the only woman who passes up emails without photos attached.

And once again refrain from sending a dick pic. I promise it does not make you stand out.

You can be different by keeping your dick under wrap. Try it!

Flattery and Mutual Interests

Give compliments and show genuine interest.

I am not saying be a kiss ass, but if you share something in common, let her know that. And when you compliment her, say something other than “nice boobs” or “RACK!”.

End with a Good Question

Lastly, when closing, end with a good question. It keeps the person on the other end engaged and conversation flowing. This is where your ability to read her profile, decipher her passions and get her to talk about herself will come in handy. 😉

It’s no guarantee you’ll get a reply. But the chances are improved.

In general, my advice is this:

Don’t be afraid to make a move, but don’t be a creep or a perv while doing it.

Sure, we know what Adult FriendFinder is all about, but that doesn’t mean you have to smack us in the face with it. Sign up now to try your luck!

Tips for Adult FriendFinder

This is part 2 in our Red Light Vegas series showing how to get sex on Adult FriendFinder.

Now that we’ve looked at what women want on AFF, and the type of women on it, I am going to give you a few strategic tips for finding sex and hooking up on AFF.

It’s not as hard as it seems.

It may not be easy — I won’t lie! — but it possible if you play your cards right. Yes, the magic does happen!

Here’s how to find a partner to play with.

The Profile

The profile is one of the most valuable tools you have at your disposal. It’s your advertising space, and you are the product.

You can change it and update as often as you like. So, take your time and create a profile that stands out.

Let start with the photos. I know you crave the urge to show how big you think your junk is, but please try and refrain from using dick pictures (especially as your leading profile photo!). We don’t need to see that. Women are not impressed by how big or small your penis may be.

Be descriptive but not nasty. Try not to use terms like pussy, tits and dick.

And please don’t even bother playing up your oral skills, as many seem to love! We don’t care until we verify them.

Men are turned on by stuff like porn and nudie mags, and women are subtler than that. Think in terms of romance novel with extra passion.

She wants her imagination to run wild.

Just because we are hooking up doesn’t mean we don’t want elements of romance or chivalry.

Be honest and open about your desires and fantasies without being crass.

Lastly be sure to fill out your profile completely and thoroughly. Leave nothing blank.

Browse and Be Active

Once you have a good profile, start browsing and searching others who meet your criteria.

You will need to weed out adult entertainers from real girls. I believe anyone with half a brain can do this.

I suggest not only browsing ads but also using the AFF chat rooms. These are the serious people who are looking to hook up. And you can be a bit more risqué with the women of AFF than you could with women on Match or eHarmony. Explore and use all the tools the site offers, even the blogs.

Read ladies’ blogs and comment on their posts or create a blog yourself.

There are several avenues when it comes to AFF and getting yourself out there. Just remember to be active and engaging.

Take Your Time

I know you are eager to get out there and spread your seed, but keep in mind there are scammers by the plenty. Tread carefully.

As stated there are many adult entertainers looking for clients, and scammers simply looking to make a quick buck off you. So do not under any circumstances give out any personal information online.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll be on course to hook up on AFF.

It’s not hard to use the site, and it’s certainly not hard to find a random hook up if you treat these ladies with respect AND charm.

Happy hunting, and check back tomorrow for some more AFF tips!