12 Hottest Instagram Butts in the World Right Now

Social media is an amazing part of all our lives. We can keep up with our favorite sports teams, stalk exes from high school and potential Tinder matches, and post all our best selfies. And while many of us may have Instagram as a way to keep up with the beautiful things happening in our friends’ lives, we all really use it for one thing: butts.

Following people with popping booties is one of the best parts of Instagram. Luckily, the rise of fitness influencers and models has given us a wealth of options to choose from. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Instagram butts for you to follow today.

Jen Selter

Jen Selter is an entrepreneur, personal trainer, YouTube sensation, and taste officer at The Spartan Nutrition. Given her line of work, it’s no surprise that she’s in amazing shape. And while many of her 12.8 million followers stick around for the workout tips and inspiration, a good number of us are there for the view.

Jen’s photos feature miles of smooth, tan skin and abs that most of us would die for. And her booty is perfectly shaped, as toned as the rest of her. You can tell your friends you’re looking at her gorgeous bathing suits; we’ll all know where your eyes are.

Chris Hemsworth

You may know Chris Hemsworth from his roles in the Snow White remakes or the new Men in Black franchise, but most of us know him as Thor. And we all know and love those slow pans down his naked torso in every Thor movie. But Chris doesn’t just have a party going on in the front; the view from behind isn’t too bad, either.

Chris doesn’t post a ton of bootylicious pics on Instagram, but he does post lots of workout videos. This gives us a chance to ogle his firm, toned rear as he pushes heavy weights across the floor. If you’re needing some more Australian outback, check out some of his earlier movies. 

Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin is another Instagram fitness influencer with more than 13 million followers. She has her own lines of clothing, including fitness and street clothes, and she also offers workout plans. It’s a good thing because many of us would love to look like she does.

Michelle rocks skimpy bikinis, showing off muscles that could cut glass on every inch of her body. Her butt is an inspiration, smooth and firm without being flat. Most of her videos show you the moves she uses to get such amazing results, and you may find yourself joining in.

Joshua Andrew

Joshua Andrew has a relatively small Instagram following, with only 3,500 people or so. But this is a bandwagon worth getting on; Joshua is a law graduate by day and a stripper by night. His mind is as fit as his body, as he’s a mental health advocate whose tags frequently include “self care” and “body positivity”.

If ink is your thing, Joshua has plenty of it to offer, with one of the only non-tattooed areas of his body being his rear. The man has a booty to die for; his hip-to-waist ratio is unreal. You can get a sneak peek at his goods in Insta, but if you want the really good stuff, you’ll have to head over to his Only Fans page.

Kali Burns

Kali Burns has nearly 100,000 followers, and for great reason. She’s an online trainer, and most of her Instagram posts feature her workout routines. She has a love affair with French-cut bikinis, and after a trip through her Instagram page, so do we.

Kali has abs of steel and strong, muscular legs that look capable of squatting everyone reading this article. These both serve to accentuate her frankly magnificent butt. She’s tanned and toned in ways that you’d expect to see on the front cover of Sports Illustrated, not an Instagram feed.

Antoni Porowski

You may know Antoni Porowski as one of the hosts of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the Bravo network hit recently rebooted on Netflix. Antoni is their food and wine specialist, teaching men and women of all walks of life how to get their food game on point. Meanwhile, we think his peach is plenty fine already.

Antoni posts tantalizing photos of himself sprawled out shirtless on beds, and we are here for his abs. But when he shows off his booty, we all swoon. Antoni posted a photo back in March of himself in white boxer briefs and nothing else, and it is worth following his Instagram for that photo alone. 

Ana Cheri

If you’re looking for sexy booty photos, look no further than Ana Cheri, a model, fitness influencer, and CEO of her own company. Ana’s feed has all manner of beautiful photos of the stunning brunette. She rocks everything from sundresses to bikinis to fitness clothes.

And of course, Ana’s booty game blows us away. If you want a particularly stunning photo, find the one she posted in early July. She’s posed on a beach, sand dusting her rear with a heart dusted clean on one cheek of that amazing booty.

Chris Evans

To return to the Marvel franchise, we can’t forget about the booty that has become known as America’s ass. The most amazing part of the Marvel movies is that they managed to make Chris Evans look like a sickly, weak kid in the first Captain America movie. In reality, the man is 200 pounds of pure, all-American beefcake.

Not only does Evans have pecs to die for, but he also has a butt you could take a nap on. The Captain America movies give us a chance to enjoy that ass in tight blue pants, but some of his earlier movies take a more risqué angle. At one point, Chris comes out wearing only whipped cream and a banana to cover his goods.

Katy Hearn 

Katy Hearn is a wife, mother, and owner of several nutrition companies. Like many of her peers on this list, Katy is a fitness influencer and entrepreneur, someone who dedicates her life to taking care of herself. She posts adorable photos of her baby and her husband, but she also puts up breathtaking selfies. 

For someone who has birthed a whole other human, Katy is in remarkable shape. Her tiny waist and muscular thighs frame her booty nicely, and it’s a great view. True, Katy doesn’t have the biggest bubble butt on the planet, but she fills out her yoga pants just fine.

Fredo Mora

If you like a muscular man, you should go follow Fredo Mora right now. The Florida man is a personal trainer and athlete with buns (and everything else) of steel. But he’s got a gentler side, too; he’s a public accountant and a lover of the arts.

Fredo’s workouts have left him with a tight booty that can barely fit into his speedo. The hulking muscles in his shoulders, chest, and arms only serve to accentuate what he’s got in that trunk. Massive pecs plunge to a tiny waist before swelling out to a nice rounded rear end that has us slamming that follow button. 

Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee is a fitness influencer, workout plan developer, and the visual definition of a bombshell blonde. She has a figure like Barbie, and her flowing blonde hair gives her the look of a Swedish supermodel. But where runway models are expected to be skin and bones, Amanda has gorgeous curves.

Amanda is sexy and she knows it; most of her photos show off her booty. It is a booty to be proud of, the kind of round thang that rocks out a pair of high-waisted jeans. She posts plenty of bikini and boudoir-style photos, so follow her for your daily dose of donk. 

Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau is, first and foremost, a fantastic politician and the prime minister of Canada. He’s a progressive and a feminist, and he’s done a lot to reform some of Canada’s more problematic policies over the last several years. But he is also one seriously hot piece of man. 

Trudeau dresses like any charismatic young politician should, in classic button-downs and tight pants. We certainly appreciate his sense of style since it gives us an unimpeded view of that ministerial peach. Justin keeps himself in good shape, and his rear is as toned as any swooning Canadian might hope for.

Find More Great Instagram Butts

Everyone appreciates a good booty, and what better place to do that than Instagram? Instagram butts add some scintillating joy to our timelines. Who’s your favorite booty follow?

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