15 of the Best High Tech Sex Accessories That Will Tickle Your Pink

The average person will have sex around 5,800 times in their life. It’s not hard to see why: sex is fun, intimate, and feels great. That doesn’t even take masturbating into account (what’s the old adage? 98% of people admit to masturbating, and the other 2% of people are lying). 

There’s no doubt that sex feels good. But do you want to take your sexual experiences from “good” to, “wow, I didn’t know it could feel this great”?

Of course, you do. 

Keep reading then. We’re going to go over 15 of the best and highest tech sex accessories that will blow your mind (and maybe more). 

1. Orlena Sucking Vibrator

This double ended vibrator can be used by anyone, but it’s specifically designed for clitoris owners. One end is a classic vibrator that, well, vibrates. It can be inserted in an orifice of your choosing to experience deep and powerful sensations.

However, the star of the show is the other end: the vacuum suction end. It’s designed to fit over the clitoris with eight vibration and suction modes. The powerful suction of this vibrator gave reviews multiple, out-of-this-world clitoral orgasms.

You can use this for a bit of solo time, or you can use it on a partner, in front of a partner, etc. Get creative!

2. Lush Vibrator

The Lush 2 vibrator by Lovense boasts that it’s the most powerful Bluetooth controlled vibrator. Yes, you read that right: Bluetooth controlled.

You connect your Lush vibrator to the Lush app on your phone, or even on your Apple watch. You can then control the level of vibration, set up sound-activated vibration, change vibration patterns, etc. This can be done at short range (aka during a solo session or during sex), or it can be done at a distance (long-term relationship fun, anyone?).

It’s also great for some discreet, in-public fun if you’re up for that.

3. VR Porn Goggles

Virtual reality has lead to medical breakthroughs, innovative mental health treatments, amazing video games, and, of course, virtual reality porn.

Simply throw on some VR goggles, find a VR porn site, and get going. You can have virtual sex with your dream guy or girl, make eye contact with them, act out fantasies, and pretty much do whatever you want. 

You can even play virtual reality sex games online if you want a bit more interaction. 

4. Blue Motion Remote Vibrator

Similar to the Lush vibrator, the Blue Motion vibrator can be controlled through Bluetooth via an app on your phone over short distances. You can also control it over longer distances via the Internet if you prefer.

Unlike the Lush, the Blue Motion vibrator is a wearable vibrator. Some users had trouble with it, but when it did work, they describe it as amazing.

5. Tenga 3D Masturbation Tube

The Tenga 3D Masturbation Tube could be mistaken for a sculpture or a piece of art. Made for use with a penis, these clean, crisp, white toys are 3D printed to have amazing grooves and textures that make masturbating a unique and amazing experience.

You can also turn it inside out for a brand new experience. It’s made with high-quality materials with a smooth and silky feel that will be unique for each user thanks to the specialized design.

6. LELO Transformer

Is the LELO Transformer a double dildo? A double-ended vibrator? A cock ring? A clit stimulator? A rabbit? We would argue it’s all of those things in one.

It’s essentially one long vibrator that can bend into any shape or configuration. This makes it great for solo play and coupled play as well. It’s truly adventurous, works with all genders, and will never lose the excitement since it can become a brand new toy in seconds. 

7. Pulse Hot Octopuss

Also known as the “guybrator”, this gadget fits over the penis similar to a fleshlight. However, instead of the soft silicone we know and love when it comes to fleshlights, this is made of a bit harder material that, well, vibrates.

It fits snugly so you can use it hands-free. It has multiple vibration modes and stimulates the frenulum (the F-spot aka as close to the G-spot as those with penises have).

Certain iterations of this sex accessory are made to use with a partner, too, so you’ll have a guybrator for every occasion.

8. Hello Touch Wearable Vibrator

This is another wearable vibrator option; it’s also the smallest wearable vibrator on the market, making it super discrete and easy to use. Despite the compact size, it still packs a powerful punch with two vibration pods that attach to two of your fingers.

The attachment to two fingers makes this toy versatile and fun. Stimulation can happen anywhere, in multiple places simultaneous, with simple touches, grasps, wrapping, etc. As with many toys on this list, you can get creative with solo and couple play.

9. Siime Eye

This toy is a bit out there, but there’s obviously a market for it if it’s still in production, and the tech component is… interesting, to put it lightly.

The Siime Eye is a dildo and vibrator that has a built-in camera that records wherever it goes. That’s right. It records wherever it goes. 

You can take photos or videos for yourself, a lover, or for the world wide web. This can create some sexy and intimate videos for your long distance partner, set up a webcam service online, or simply test the waters for your own enjoyment.

10. Hum: The AI Sex Toy

Like VR, artificial intelligence (AI) has had worldwide implications on healthcare, technology, and entertainment. It’s now entered the adult entertainment world via the Hum, an AI sex toy

This vibrator sex toy will adjust its motions and vibrations based on how you use it, how you/your partner moves when using it, and how much pressure you apply. If you’re a computer whiz, you can even write your own code for this smart sex toy to have it super personalized to your every need.

11. Limon

You’ve heard of smartwatches, smartphones, and even smart fridges, but what about smart sex toys? Like the Hum, Limon is a smart sex toy that will adjust its vibrations depending on how hard you squeeze it.

It can also be pre-programmed with vibration patterns that you record and try out yourself. The vibrations are described as very strong by users, with the customized squeeze-controlled vibes fun and easy to use.

12. The Launchpad

iPads revolutionized the tablet world. With these tablets, you can create amazing paintings, type out work memos, and watch porn on a much bigger screen that your tiny iPhone 5 allowed. 

But if you want to watch porn and use a sex toy (or even just use your hand, it’s a bit hard to handle: which hand holds the iPad and which holds the toy? It’s hard to get in a rhythm that way unless you have an iPad stand or this amazing sex accessory: The Launchpad.

The Launchpad is an iPad attachment that has a holder for your fleshlight. This means you can focus on the screen while you get down to business.

Some people don’t love the idea of masturbating with your iPad so close to your junk, but it makes things super convenient and lets you focus on the important stuff instead of on the logistics.

13. We-Vibe Sync Vibrator

If you’re specifically looking for a toy that works for couples, then the We-Vibe Sync Vibrator is perfect. One partner, usually the one with a vagina, wears it inside during sex. The adjustable toy can be configured so it perfectly stimulates the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time.

When the other partner goes in for PIV sex, they’ll feel the amazing vibrations, too. Users also say that the penis can push the We-Vibe against the G-spot even more, which leads to increased pleasure. 

It can also sync up to an app, be programmed to vibrate to the beat of your favorite songs, and can be controlled directly through the app.

14. Autoblow 2

Do you love using a fleshlight but not love the effort of moving your arm? Do you want that same soft feel combined with a hands-free toy?

Enter the Autoblow 2. As you could probably guess from the name, this toy simulates oral sex.

It has the soft silicone feel of skin and uses specialized beads inside the device to simulate suction. It also comes with three speeds, so you can get exactly what you want (short of actual oral sex, that is). 

15. Uvee Sex Toy Storage

With all these new high tech toys, you’ll need a high tech storage solution, right? That’s where the Uvee Sex Toy Storage device comes in. This guy not only stores toys of all different sizes, but it also sanitizes them while they’re in there!

It also charges the toys while they’re inside the Uvee, so you’ll be ready to go whenever the time comes.

Sex Accessories That Will Blow Your Mind

Those are 15 of the best sex accessories that take advantage of our the technological advancements of modern times.

And while these high tech gadgets will truly blow your mind, sometimes nothing beats the old-fashioned way. If you’re looking to try out some old fashioned fun and are in the Nevada area, browse our site to find legal brothels in Nevada.

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