15 Weird Sex Facts That’ll Blow Your. . . Mind

Is there anything as fascinating and as wonderful as sex?

We think about sex on average around 34 times a day (for men) and 19 times day (for women). With that much time to think, you’d think we would all have sex figured out.

So how does sex remain a topic full of crazy misconceptions and misunderstandings?

Maybe we’ll never get to the bottom of sex, but here are 15 weird sex facts that are sure to blow your mind.

Penis Size: The Last Word

If you’re a man, here’s a question: how big is your penis?

It doesn’t matter what you said. We’re pretty sure you lied.

Yes, men are serial liars when it comes to penis size. It’s even likely they overstate the clout of their equipment in anonymous surveys.

But why all the fuss when women don’t care? In surveys, women consistently lowball the average penis size and many suggest they don’t care what size sausage their man brings to the cocktail party.

There’s even some suggestion that women fear and avoid a real bratwurst, as an oversized porker can cause pain and discomfort during sex.

Anal Is Getting A Rise

Is it just us, or is everyone talking about anal these days?

There are good grounds to say anal has gone up in the world over the past couple of decades. The reasons for it are obvious once you think about it: better sex education, more liberal attitudes to sex and relationships – and all that online porn.

In fact, PornHub says that searches for anal sex have seen a dramatic rise since 2009.

Are we all having more fun between the cheeks? It seems we’re more open to discussing it, so now probably isn’t a bad time to educate yourself a little further…

Our Minds Like To Wander

You’re in the moment, going at it with your loved one, when you close your eyes – and suddenly you’re looking at someone else.

You panic. Is it cheating? Are you the worst person alive?

Thinking about someone else during sex conjures up some strange emotions, for sure. And it’s the kind of subject only the most confident couples could ever broach.

But adult toy company Lovehoney found in a survey that nearly half of all men and women surveyed had thought about someone else during sex.

We’re not saying it’s right, but it doesn’t make you the monster you might imagine. Or we’re all monsters? One of the two.

Old Person Sex Is Happening (And It Has Consequences)

If you’re in the club of people who like to think that old people don’t have sex, then it’s time to ditch that illusion.

The truth is that seniors get their frisk on all the time, providing one of our more amazing facts about sex.

The rise of care homes has gathered old people together like never before. For them, it’s like reliving their teenage years all over again – including the sex.

Sadly, that has consequences. STIs are surging among old people, proving once and for all that age and wisdom don’t correlate.

Le Petit Mort

Of all the causes of death, “death by sex” might be one of the cooler ways to go out. Lucky you: it’s not that uncommon.

Maybe it’s all the old person sex that’s sk(r)ewing the statistics, but sex-related deaths make up 0.6 percent of all deaths. It may not seem like a lot by itself, but when stacked up against the many insane ways there are to die, it’s a standout figure.

At least you’ll round out our list of funny sex facts when you kick it!

Your Cheating Heart

It gets weirder. The chance of dying during sex is higher for men who cheat.

That insane fact might come down to a few factors. First, an unfaithful lifestyle puts higher levels of stress on the participants.

But another reason might be more…mechanical. Cheating often involves an age gap between the adulterous parties. In other words, it might involve an older man trying to play a younger man’s game.

It turns out that a nubile young mistress could be a death sentence for a cheating man. If that makes you think twice, then you may have saved your relationship as well as your life!

Public Hair Might Protect Against Disease

The movement to denude the loins and create that silky smooth feeling has picked up some serious steam over the last couple of decades.

While it might fit the aesthetic of modern-day minimalism, scientists say that a shaving pubic hair can leave us prone to infection. It might also increase our risk of contracting STDs.

Maybe it’s time to consider bringing a healthy bush back?

Sperm Cells Understand Calculus

Maybe that’s putting it generously, but it’s true that sperm cells react to their environment in a way that suggests they’re performing a complex internal calculation.

Sperm control their swimming speed by tweaking the calcium concentration inside their cells. But their internal process calculates the change in calcium concentration, not the level of calcium itself.

That means sperm perform a little calculus trick to figure out their swimming speed. If you can’t do the same, then it’s fair to say you may have peaked as a sperm cell. Sorry.

Japan’s Virginity Conundrum

Like any social minority, virgins receive their share of mean-spirited jokes. It’s clear some of this mockery simply stems from the rarity of virginity.

If you lived in Japan, you’d have a different story. Almost half of Japan’s millennial generation are virgins. That doesn’t bode well for the mental health of an entire generation.

But it goes deeper than that. Japan’s lonely nights could be charting the future of a wider modernized society.

Our lives are now ruled by work, tech, and the stresses of urban living. These seem to have the effect of stunting social interaction, which spells doom for the beast with two backs.

Even worse, this poses the danger of a shrinking fertility rate. Over time, that means an aging population with no one to look after them.

Warm Socks are the Path to Happiness

Well, few people enjoy the sensation of cold feet. Perhaps you’d make an exception for some outdoor fun.

But it also turns out that cold feet can put a chill on our orgasms, too. According to one study, 80% of couples who enjoyed some hot footglove action achieved orgasm. Meanwhile, only 50% of the naked piglet concerto managed the same feat (or feet?)

The explanation probably lies with the better circulation offered by warm feet, and the distraction brought on by cold temperatures.

Sex is a Mood Regulator

Feeling down in the dumps? Provided it’s not over your lack of sex life, then sex could be the answer.

Having sex releases endorphins, nature’s feel-good sauce. The mental and physical relief that comes with sex can help to regulate our mood.

Regular sex also helps build up our feelings of self-worth and reduces stress. That means it takes care of our long-term mental health along with our short-term well-being.

Nosy Neighbors

It’s a rare body part that doesn’t have at least some sexual connotation, but the nose might be the most overlooked.

It turns out that our noses aren’t as far from the sex game as we might think. Thanks to an increase in blood flow, the inner nose can swell during sex.

Good news for those with a stuffy nose, however. After sex, the inner nose shrinks back, opening up your sinuses.

Sexercise Just Isn’t

We’d all love to get fit from sex alone, but it seems doctors won’t be recommending it as a primary exercise anytime soon.

During sex, the average man burns just over 100 calories on sex. That’s a decent exercise for the time investment, but a man’s staying power is a pretty limiting factor.

For women, the picture is worse. Women burn just 69 calories during sex. If nothing else, it’s fuel for the fire the next time you have a couple’s debate on who’s doing all the work in the bedroom.

Not the Headache You Think

Headaches and sex go together like fire and water – or that’s the cliche, anyway.

But sex might cure that headache or a migraine. During sex, the body releases endorphins. These are the chemicals that bring us positivity, giving us that “currently eating chocolate” feeling.

They’re also great painkillers. So a body rub and a happy ending could be a better choice than heading to the pharmacy.

Sexy Superpowers

If you’ve heard all the stories about what adrenaline can do in a crisis situation, then you know the human body has a little superpower tucked away.

It turns out that those superpowers can pop up during sex, too. When we’re aroused, we’re more tolerant of pain and less likely to be grossed out.

It seems our bodies agree with our minds: nothing should get in the way of sexytimes.

Surprised By Our Weird Sex Facts?

When you know enough about sex, you discover that no weird sex facts can surprise you. Sex is a strange and mysterious topic, and it seems fated to remain so. But hopefully we’ve opened your eyes to some of the weirder things that might go on between the sheets.

Looking for more weird sex stuff? Make sure to follow our features.

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