20 Weird Euphemisms For Fetishes and Sex

In the sex industry there are terms for every act imaginable. But there are certain terms that are so far out there, they don’t even make it on to the typical escort terminology cheat sheet.

So here are some of the Weirdest Euphemisms For Sex that you might NOT have heard before. Basically, things clients have asked me for and I have had to Google it to figure out what the hell they were talking about before I said yes.

Thank God for Google!!!

Ballsacking: Taking your nut sack and spreading it all over a girl’s face

Teabagging: Straddling the girls face and with her mouth open dipping your nuts in her mouth like your would a tea bag into a cup.

Blumpy: Sucking a guy off while he is sitting on the toilet.

Bearclaw: Another name for unusually large pussy lips.

Cops Delight: Pulling out after doing a girl in the butt and unloading on her buns gives the illustration of a giant donut. Apparently!

Flooding the Cave: When a guy has his dick in you and pisses. It doesn’t matter which hole.

Golden Showers: Any sexual act that includes pissing on someone.

Hot Karl: When a dude has been banging a girl up the butt and she then sucks him off.

Pearl Necklace: When a guy ejaculates around your neck.

The Menthol: Getting a BJ from a woman who has sucked down an immense amount of cough drops. Gentlemen you went to the menthol.

Brown Showers: Any sex activities including poop.

Mellon Dive: Head butting a woman’s titties.

Moses: Any guy who enjoys going down on a woman when she is on her period, as in Moses parting the Red Sea.

Queefing: The farting noise a vagina makes when air gets stuck in it.

The Ram: When you are banging a chick from behind and her head keeps hitting the wall.

Rimming: The act of using your tongue to run circles around someone’s ass.

Shop Vac: When a very talented lady takes your dick and balls in her mouth and sucks with out of this world suction.

Snowballing: When you ejaculated into a woman’s mouth and she comes up and kisses you swapping your jizz back and forth.

Tossing the Salad: Eating out someone’s asshole.

The Zombie Mask: For reference, if anyone ever did this to me, I would kill them. And I don’t mean metaphorically. You can take that to the bank. When you ask a girl to look right up at you when you blow your load. Then, just when you’re going to nut, shoot her in the eyes. It causes a short moment of blindness which in turns gives her a zombie like appearance as she stumbles around the room with arms out looking for a towel.

She will appear to look like the walking dead. (Not cool on so many levels).

So here are some of the more unusual sexual acts and their terminology. There appears to be a name for almost everything. Including some acts that probably shouldn’t exist.

If I think up any more I will make a new list.

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