5 Tips for Great Sex Outdoors


It’s probably the most common place to have sex in the world.

But sometimes you want to be adventurous, right? You want to live on the wild side, or maybe just commune with nature during that most intimate act.

Spontaneous sex is the best kind. But if you want to get your freak on outside, it’s best to be prepared.

Here’s how to have a memorable romp in the great outdoors.

Blankets are welcome — very welcome!

Keep a blankets on hand. There is nothing more irritating than getting sand or leaves in your ass crack or any other area below the belt. 

And you really don’t want bugs crawling on you while you’re in the middle of doing the nasty.

As always, I speak from personal experience.

I was at a beautiful hot spring, the water flowing, birds chirping and everything was perfect. Everything was perfect until a spider bit me on the ass.

Take Insect Repellent if Required

(No, not for each other. Well, I hope not for each other!)

Since we touched briefly on bugs, let me go ahead and suggest a good bug repellant is also a nice touch.

This is especially nice in areas with a high mosquito population. There is nothing worse than enjoying some hot outdoors fun and being stung repeatedly. 

Store Some Energy — For Before and After!

Sex is a strenuous and sapping activity. So it’s always good to have some sustenance on hand. Bring a little picnic basket with some edible goodies and water.

That way you can keep up your strength for round two.

The Sex Clean Up Kit

Be sure to keep a ‘sex clean up kit’ readily available. Sounds a bit medical, but your lady will appreciate it!

This kit will include paper towels, water, hand sanitiser and anything to do away with any bodily fluids. Sex is fun but can be very messy.

One of the great benefits of sex indoors is that there’s usually a bathroom in the vicinity. Easy to forget, and easy to regret after a session in the woods!

Romance? Go For Seclusion

If you really want a romantic experience, try to pick a spot outdoors that is secluded and away from public areas. You don’t want to be in mid stroke when a husband, wife and their two kids walk up on you.  

I once got caught in a public area doing it and the police came up to me (perfect sense of timing). I could have gone to jail that day. Thankfully the officer wasn’t a prick.  

Now for those who like a thrill? Disregard this tip!

If you want to have some outdoor fun, a healthy dose of your imagination will help. Be spontaneous, but don’t ignore the practicalities of reality! 

The outdoors is a wonderful place to experience a sexual encounter, but it has to be done properly to enjoy the experience. 

Oh, and watch out for spiders and snakes!

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