A Beginner Sub’s Guide to Meeting a Domme

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As a man, society likes to dictate that you are ‘the one in control’ in the bedroom.

For those men who like to relinquish this responsibility (and many do!), there is always the Dominatrix.

If you have decided to have a pro domme session, here’s a couple of tips that will make the encounter a little easier. You don’t want to piss her off before you even get there, right?!

Tips for Hiring a Dominatrix…

For starters, even if you have picked your chosen Mistress, there are things to consider before picking up the phone to call. So before even making contact, know exactly what you want.

Be as specific as possible.

Do you have a particular fetish? Do you like pain and humiliation? Are you looking/wanting to be controlled etc.

It’s okay if you are a little unsure, but you need to give a few pointers of what you’re looking for. You know what’s going on in your head better than she does!

Do not schedule a pro domme session until you know you are ready. These sessions are live and real-time and these women own dungeons and they take it seriously. They have the ‘real deal’ equipment. You are not to take these meetings lightly.

Do not think that because sex is not involved, it is somehow legal. This activity in exchange for money is illegal and is punishable by law. In certain states in the US, golden showers, strap ons, enema and many other activities that fall under the realm of a pro domme are illegal.

Crazy, right?

Please be advised the most pro dommes do not engage in sexual intercourse with their submissives.

Lastly before you prepare to make the call, read her website, and then read it again. They are waiting for you to make a mistake.

If it says call between here and there I suggest you do it. Pay attention to rates. Find everything she is about and verify that she is definitely the right choice for you. There are many dommes and most of them cater to certain aspects of BDSM. You need to make sure that the woman you’ve got your eye on is actually willing to provide the service that you’re looking for.

That’s all for now. We’ll cover some phone etiquette tips next week!

Enjoy your Friday night!


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