Revealed: The Adult Games on Patreon With Major Backing

If you haven’t kept up with video games, you’re missing out. The world of gaming has come so far from the bits and bytes of our beloved favorites like Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros.

Moreover, more adults than ever are playing games and participating in gaming-related events. One report published by Pew Research Center states that 50% of the general population plays games on a regular basis.

And as gaming’s audience has grown up, so have the very games we play. Sure, there are still adorable, kid-friendly hits like Super Mario Odyssey and Sonic Mania tearing up the charts!

But we’re willing to bet you haven’t heard of erotic hits like Dreams of Desire or Carrot Cafe. That is, until now.

Read on to learn more about the world of adult games, the platform for publishing these games, and a list of our favorite titles to watch out for.

A Brief History Of Adult Games

If you’re unaccustomed to our site, there’s a good chance that you’re reading this thinking, “How the heck did we get here?”

But adult gaming isn’t really new. On the contrary, it’s been around for decades.
The first adult game to receive any sort of recognition was the Atari-released atrocity known as Custer’s Revenge, which is equal parts unsavory and unplayable.

Players assumed the role of a look-alike to Civil War leader General Custer and were tasked with tying up and having their way with a pixelated Native American woman.

If that sounds gross, that’s because it is. Understandably, the game got a lot of flack upon release. Furthermore, nothing about it was remotely sexy. ‘Pixelated’ is an overstatement, and unless you’re aroused by LEGO bricks, you’re probably not going to find anything redeeming here.

Cut to a few decades later, we have the Leisure Suit Larry series of the early ’90s, which saw players take control of Larry, a hapless loser looking to get laid.

It may not have been the most revolutionary series in the world, but it was at least fun to play. Plus they get bonus points for having a creative verification system.

Instead of asking players if they were 18 or older, they’d have to correctly recognize celebrities like Carrol O’Connor or remember the tagline to Hannah-Barbera’s Yogi Bear cartoons.

Finally, there’s Night Trap, which was so controversial that it forced the congressional hearings responsible for the creation of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) that we still use today.

In fact, Night Trap just hit its 25th anniversary and made its way to the Nintendo Switch; a historic move since Nintendo once claimed it’d never be on a Nintendo platform.

What Is Patreon?

So now that we know how we got here, let’s look at the present and future of the industry. The great thing about the Internet is that would-be creators now have the freedom and power to create their own games.

That’s where crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter and Patreon come into play. However, the former seems hesitant at best to include adult games on its platform.

Therefore, most creators turn to Patreon to create, produce, and release their latest products.

If you’re unfamiliar with Patreon, think of it as an incremental Kickstarter. Backers don’t have to wait until the product’s full retail release to get their hands on a product, instead, giving creators a fee each month in exchange for rewards, early access, and exclusive insider info.

In short, it’s a far more accessible platform that gives creators a cool way to make a living without backers having to break the bank.

Adult Games To Consider Backing

Now that all of the boring details and explanations are out of the way, let’s get to the reason you’re here: Adult games.

Patreon has hundreds of creators making games based on just about every fetish and interest you can think of (even some you may not know you have).

But which are worth your time and money? Here are a few of our favorites to look out for.

Summertime Saga

When people think of summertime, most of us think of lazy days down by the pool or hanging out with friends in the woods. But when the sun goes down, things really start to heat up.

Summertime Saga aims to capture the real-life drama and intrigue of summertime romances through the lens of a traditional visual novel/dating simulator.

As of now, the game has quite a few backers. Enough to the point that creator DarkCookie has a team of artists and developers assisting with the project.

The full release promises an expansive story with tons of romantic partners, allowing for multiple play-throughs.


2D dating simulators are great, but sometimes nothing beats a full, 3D model. If you’re looking for something with a higher visual fidelity, Stationmaster may be the kinky game you’re looking for.

What’s more, it seems to be the most traditional game on this list, taking inspiration from hits like Civilization and SimCity.

Players get to own and operate the sexiest brothels in space, with the aim of making the most money and increasing tourism.

How do you plan on increasing interest in your station, you may ask? By hiring the hottest workers who do the dirtiest things, of course. In addition, players can control other aspects of their town to include features like fighting pits, bars, and restaurants.

Think of this as the thinking man’s erotic game.

Where The Heart Is

One of the most popular fetishes involves older women, or MILFs. Creator CheekyGimp seems to understand the popularity of the trope, as noted by the latest of their paid adult games, Where The Heart Is.

It’s a first-person simulator in which players take on the role of a young man returning to his childhood town to visit his mother’s busty best friend and her two daughters.

Upon your return, she’s quite eager to see you — as are her daughters. Players get to romance the mother’s whole family, as well as sift through real-world family drama and explore the town around you.

Meshed VR’s Newest Game

Virtual reality is one of the hottest trends in all of gaming, partially due to the potential for sexy VR games. No Patreon creator is as good at making these hot experiences as Meshed VR, a studio dedicated to providing the hottest games for your new headset.

Though their current game doesn’t seem to have a name just yet, a quick glimpse of their Patreon profile shows that they’re hard at work creating realistic models to help you live out your fantasies.

Dreams Of Desire

Of all the creators on this list, few have the design prowess of Lewdlabs, makers of Dreams Of Desire.

While most creators are more than content to create their game in a simple engine like Unity or RPG Maker, Lewdlab is dedicated to creating their own assets that cater to their customers’ kinks.

The vast majority of paid adult games feature relatively simplistic models, but those found in Dreams Of Desire look like something you’d come across on your favorite adult site.

The game will feature fetishes like MILF, harem, and anal.

Lewd Island

Ever wanted to get stuck on a deserted island with a beautiful, busty model? Now you can, all from the comfort of your home.

Lewd Island is an adult-oriented visual novel/survival sim where players have to use their surroundings to come up with shelter while also seducing your new island mate.

Aylia’s Story

Sometimes nothing beats a good story. And fortunately, the creators of Aylia’s Story are ready to spin you an erotic yarn for the ages.

Aylia’s Story centers around a young woman determined to play peacemaker between her tribe and the Divines, a group her tribed wronged.

Far and away, this is the most “game-like” experience on this list — even more so than Stationmaster, perhaps. This is a full-fledged RPG where your choices mean the difference between peace and war.

Carrot Cafe

Carrot Cafe is as fun as it is cute. How will the hot new bachelor in town manage to work in a female-only cafe?

Find out as you meet and romance your way through your adorable coworkers. Be sure to check out the trailer to see more.


Play as a young college student free of her religious parents for the first time in her life as she explores the ins-and-outs of an erotic college.

You, as the player, get to romance whoever you want — including your sexy roommate who seems hellbent on getting you to experiment a bit more.

Intimate Relations

PTOLEMY is hot on the heels of the current stepdaughter/stepmom trend with their new game, Intimate Relations, which focuses on a young family dealing with life’s problems in their own unique way.

The creator promises that players are sure to be surprised by the family’s solutions to their drama, and…well, intimate relations.

Final Thoughts On Adult Games On Patreon

As you can see, adult games have come quite a long way since the days of Custer’s Revenge — and that’s a very good thing. Now you can play erotically-charged stories tailor-made for your kinks right from your PC or smartphone.

Looking for some more steamy and scintillating content? Be sure to check out our guide to America’s best adult entertainment.

Whether you’re in the mood for some one-on-one time with your favorite camgirl or you’d rather hit the clubs, we’ve got the places you need to visit.

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