Lyon County’s Alice Little Wins ‘Companion of the Year’ 2019

Want to know who the highest earning companion is in Nevada?

Sex workers are known by many names around the world, from courtesans, prostitutes and cathouse girls to whores, strumpets and hookers. However, here in Nevada where prostitution is legal, the ladies who staff the various brothels are known as ‘companions’. And, to recognize their professional status, what better way to celebrate their endeavors than with an industry award. The title, Companion of the Year’ is awarded to the woman who earns the most amount of money and this year’s prize has been collected, for the third year running, by Lyon County’s own Alice Little.

In this feature, we find out more about the Companion of the Year awards as well as why Ms Little earns more on her own than a single bordello.

What is the Companion of the Year Award?

The ‘Companion of the Year’ award is presented to the courtesan who earns the most money within a Nevada brothel and the 2019 trophy was, once again, collected by Alice Little.

Generating sales of around $1.2 million last year alone, Little earned her cathouse almost double that of her closest rival.

Bringing in a seven-figure income to the brothel she works in for the third year running has established Ms Little as the hottest property in Nevada right now.

Who is Alice Little?

Raised in New York, this petite Irish redhead stands at just 4 8” tall.  At 29 years old, Alice Little describes herself as a ‘sexual revolutionary’ and sex educator. Whilst based in Nevada, she travels internationally to lecture on topics as diverse as porn induced erectile dysfunction to consent. She also has a particular interest in BDSM and has appeared at many industry events to give talks.

One of the reasons why Alice Little is such a popular, and luxury, companion is that she brings authenticity to the table. Naturally very pretty, she is also well-educated, It’s perhaps because of her college education that she can captivate her clients in ways that extend beyond her bedroom skills. However, her talent between the sheets is also, reportedly, exceptional .

Sparking intimacy and connecting at a deeper level with her guests is something that comes naturally to her. Little is a self-confessed ‘mix’ and she is also incredibly open-minded….not only abut what she enjoys sexually but also who she enjoys it with. Her clients include men and women of all ages, backgrounds and experiences from virgins and couples, veterans and those visitors who have mobility issues or special requirements.

She is proud of the work that she does and as well as being America’s highest paid sex-worker she is also an outspoken advocate of her industry. Little strongly believes that paying for sex is as important for your physical, emotional and mental health as visiting any other professional care giver. In an interview in 2019 with the Huff Post, she likened her role to that of a body shop:

“I believe seeing a legal sex worker when your relationship needs fine-tuning is just the same as going to a mechanic when your car needs repairs.”

Public Opinion on Sex Work

In a recent interview with Reno Gazette Journal, Little was quoted as being excited by the news she had won the award:

“It still hasn’t really sunk in yet. I recently found out I book more than some of the brothels in an entire year.”

She attributes her success to her own tireless approach to her work as well as a more positive shift in attitudes towards sex-workers from the American public. Though the industry is largely still stigmatized and prostitution is a criminal offence except in license-holding bordellos in parts of Nevada, there is a perceptive change in how prostitutes are being viewed.

Demonstrating her intelligence and commercial and political understanding of the industry in which she operates, Little went on to acknowledge the current landscape:

“In the past few years, the public discourse surrounding sex work has increased considerably. Last year, for the first time, we saw democratic presidential hopefuls speak openly about sex work, making the legal status of prostitution a legitimate campaign issue.”

Little makes a fair point and politicians from Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to one of the Democrats 2020 Presidential Candidates, Andrew Yang have all recently been speaking publicly about changes to the sex industry. This past year alone has seen moves towards decriminalizing prostitution in both the states of New York and Vermont as well as in Washington D.C.

Could 2020 be the year where Nevada finally gets some competition?

Certainly, all of this high-profile discussions and advocacy from senior legislators and politicians is challenging the previously held perceptions of sex-work and the people who provide these services.

And, if Alice Little can generate a seven-figure sum on her own, there is plenty to suggest that the trade isn’t doing too badly in Nevada. In full recruitment mode, Alice said about her receiving her award:

 “If I can do it, anybody can do it. I’m a 4-foot 8-inch redhead. I’m not a supermodel … I’m proud of the work that I do and I’m honored to be publicly recognized as a successful prostitute.”

Where Can I Find Alice Little?

Alice Little works at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch Brothel in Mound House, Nevada which you can find on 69 Moonlight Road just outside of Carson City.

From this bordello, Alice provides a variety of services including the popular non-sexual Girlfriend Experience. You can find out more about this intimate offering via her blog. However, she also provides the following:

  • Pegging
  • Two girl parties
  • Overnight rendezvous
  • Erotic massage
  • Role playing
  • Sex vacation
  • Couples parties
  • BDSM & Kink

LIttle also provides outcall services but be prepared to pay handsomely for time spent with the Companion of the Year. Her average bookings cost around $2,000 and she is now only available by appointment only.

You can contact her via her official website or directly through the brothel. Alternatively, you could consider supporting her as a patron on Patreon or follow her Facebook account on which she is pretty active.

You can catch a podcast of an interview with Alice recorded by American Sex in 2018 when she took the title of Companion of the Year for the first time.


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