Exploring the Backpage Las Vegas Alternatives

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With Backpage in Las Vegas now a thing of the past, what’s the alternative?

Since April 2018 and following extensive federal investigations into the business’s operations, the popular classified personals site, Backpage has been consigned to history. Once the go-to web pages for a hook up, casual encounter or an escort services, the investigations, seizure of the site and resulting federal charges have caused many similar services to pull their personals operations.

In this feature, we look at the alternatives to using Backpage in Las Vegas from some online sites that purport to offer similar services as well as a few suggestions for other outlets.

What Was Backpage?

Originally launched in 2004, Backpage was a popular classified advertising website that provided a similar service to that of Craigslist. With users being able to list, market and sell household items and services, it quickly became popular as a personal ads site.

As well as offering singles the opportunity to connect, there was a popular section for more casual encounters as well as offering a place for escorts to advertise their services.

what was backpage

Backpage offered ‘legitimate’ advertising for sex workers as escorts. Image via Flickr.

For the average visitor, the site offered an opportunity to meet like-minded adults who were looking for some no-strings attached fun. However, it was more commonly used by women who were selling sexual services with Backpage effectively being a directory of prostitutes for any given area. Though a grey area of the law in most countries, escorting is generally legal and can be so as the service is simply one of exchanging money for time spent with a professional companion. Of course, the fact remains that most escorts will provide sexual services making their roles similar, if not entirely the same, as that of a prostitute.

This fact and the suggestion that Backpage was knowingly publishing (and amending) adverts that used phrases like ‘rape’, ‘lolita’ ‘little girl’ and ‘teen’ finally put an end to the site’s operations in April 2018.

What Happened to Backpage?

April 6th 2018 won’t be remembered for much but it was the day when the familiar Backpage home page was replaced with an official notice issued by the U.S. Department of Justice. The notice informed visitors to the popular website that:

backpage.com and affiliated websites have been seized as part of an enforcement action by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The move was taken following an accusation that the website’s owners and operators were ‘knowingly facilitating online sex trafficking’. The indictment, which named the Backpage’s founder Michael Lacey and six other employees and executives, was followed with federal charges of money laundering and facilitating prostitution.

As a result of the action, the company’s closest rivals, Craigslist, took the decision to remove its personal ads section from its own site. Though initially this was only in the United States, the action has now been taken across the worldwide network of its sites.

backpage sex workers demand rights

Sex workers have been vocal in their demands for safe spaces like Backpage through which to advertise. Image via Flickr.

The backlash of this is being felt across the sex industry with legitimate escorts working legally unable to use the two most popular classified personals sites. Of course, this also covers those singles who used the site to meet casual hook ups.

Alternatives to Backpage in Las Vegas

With the two (some might say controversial) bills of Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA) and Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) now being in force, there is little appetite for many internet sites to offer a similar service.

This has left a big hole in the market not just for casual hook ups but for escorts who are looking for clients.

So, what alternatives are there for users of Backpage who are legitimately seeking casual companionship in Las Vegas?



One of the few classified advertising sites that has yet to pull its personals section, Locanto is still operating in Las Vegas. An international site with coverage in most major cities, Locanto was never hugely popular in Nevada but is likely to be a prime candidate for many of Backpage’s and Craigslist’s former users.

The personals section is split into similar categories to Craigslist with one just for Casual Encounters but not one for Escorts. It is likely that escorts will use the service to offer their services though perhaps most discreetly than they may have done before.

locanto las vegas

For the time being at least, Locanto still has a personal classified section. Image via Wikimedia.



Striking whilst the Backpage URL was barely cold in the internet’s graveyard, Bedpage offers an almost identical layout to the former classified advertising site. Regular users of Backpage in Las Vegas will be familiar with the look and feel of Bedpage but will notice that there is no section for escorts just dating.

From March 2018 when the site was receiving just a few hundred thousand views, Bedpage has leapt to prominence and attracted over 3 million views in April 2018.

Expect to see the popularity of this site increase as long as it plays by the rules of the new legislation and maintains tighter control over its advertisers than Backpage.

Double List


Double List is a similar kind of site to what Backpage once reported to be. They work hard to be able to keep their site free of the wrong sort of advertising in their dating category and since the shutdown of both Backpage and Craigslist Personals, they have had a huge influx in the number of advertisers posting to their pages.

They have a great section for both Dating and Casual Sex and the ads are the most genuine you will find due to the quality control procedures in place. However, these do not ever work 100% and there will always be some escorts who get through the net being able to discreetly promote their services.

The site is easy and free to use and gives you a good alternative to Backpage in Las Vegas.

Classified Ads


Classified Ads is a bit of Dogpile.com experience of online personals and the site isn’t easy to navigate or filter through profiles on. It is free to use and has a couple of categories for casual dating which you can browse.

Responding to ads must be done via the site which means you need to create and register an account.

A good option for casual dating in Las Vegas but far more men than women using it than some other classified sites.

Nevada Brothels

Of course, it goes without saying that Nevada is the only state in the United States where prostitution is partially legal and, as a result, there are plenty of brothels where you can legitimately pay for the services of a hooker.

In fact, there are over 20 bordellos in Las Vegas ranging from

You should remember that prostitution outside of a licensed brothel is illegal in Nevada and not all counties in the state allow brothels to operate, including Las Vegas itself.

For a full list of licensed and fully legal brothels around Sin City, check out our Las Vegas Brothels Guide.

las vegas brothels alternative to backpage

Always a happy ending at any of Nevada’s brothels. Image via Google Earth.

Swingers Clubs

Gone are the days when you needed to be part of a couple to enjoy the sexually adventurous world of swinging. Nor do you need to be a member when it comes to swinging in Las Vegas. The city has an abundance of sex clubs aimed at swingers with most allowing single men to come along to their events.

Though guys attending on their own usually have to pay a premium to take part, this is usually a lot less than the cost of an hour at hour at a brothel plus you don’t have to leave the confines of Las Vegas to enjoy them.

They aren’t for everybody but could be a fun alternative for singles and couples looking for a bit of excitement whilst in Sin City.

You can find reviews on our site covering a wide range of swingers clubs in Las Vegas.

Premium Casual Dating Sites

No less effective but with some outlay and groundwork needed on your behalf are the premium hook-up dating sites. Sign up as a member and create your own personal listing to get connected to single women (or perhaps married ladies) who are looking for some no-strings attached fun.

Often a way for both men and women to find either casual encounters on the go or simply to hook up a regular booty call, some of these sites are very productive as long as you put the work in.

Our best choice of premium dating sites in Las Vegas that offer good casual hook up opportunities include:

las vegas hook ups alternative to backpage

A good alternative to Backpage in Las Vegas is dating sites aimed at casual sex. Image via Adult Hook Up.

Free Casual Dating Sites

Offering similar hook up opportunities to the Premium services, there are several sites that offer a free sign up. Though this allows you to browse other members you often have to pay a fee to make contact or enjoy other benefits.

These sites offer a ‘freemium’ service and have a good reputation for being used by singles looking for something less serious from the dating scene:

As ever, there are no guarantees in life and this is all too true of the dating scene. Though most of the women on these sites may advertise they are up for casual encounters, the chances are that there are plenty more men seeking to be the one she calls. Hitting pay dirt on sites like these requires good skills in producing a competitive profile. You can find out more about how to score a boss in our guide to what it’s like living single in Las Vegas.

Other Options – Escorts and Erotic Massage

Of course, Backpage was also a good source for escorts and erotic outcall massage services and Las Vegas has both of these options in abundance.

In fact, it is estimated that there are around 30,000 prostitutes working in Las Vegas with many of these operating as freelance or agency call girls.

las vegas escorts alternative to backpage

No beating around the bush when you book an escort. Image via Sin City Experience.

Popular ways to find an escort in Las Vegas include the following online directories and agencies:

Of course, there are dozens of other agencies in Sin City but these cover a good range of budgets and have a wide selection of escorts available.

For a full list of massage parlors that offer happy endings in Las Vegas you can visit Rub Maps. Register as a user to read full reviews and find out what kind of tips are expected to guarantee the best service.

Featured image via Backpage.com


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