Bareback Escorts: A Very Bad Idea?

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Most escorts will insist on their clients wearing a condom before sex whilst others may be prepared to let you ride them bareback.

In some countries, it is illegal to have sex with a prostitute without a condom but, if you have a choice, is it always a bad idea?

In this quick guide, we look at some of the reasons people may choose to ride bareback, whether or not it’s a good idea and what you can expect if you want to have sex without protection when you use an escort.

“To bareback or not to bareback: that is the question.

Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous…” risk to personal health?

Okay, so maybe Shakespeare wasn’t talking about unprotected sex in the opening soliloquy of that scene in ‘Hamlet’ but the question remains; is barebacking an escort always a bad idea?

We take a look at some of the arguments both for and against BBFS in this perennial debate.

What is barebacking?

For those who don’t know what barebacking is, a quick definition for the purposes of this piece (and it does vary depending on who you talk to) is full sex without a condom. That can be anal or vaginal but, basically, unprotected penetration. You may have heard it referred to as BBFS (Bare Back Full Service), BB (bare back) or riding bareback.

BBFS, barebacking with an escort, unprotected sex

Should you use a condom or not with an escort?

Why is it a bad idea to ride an escort bare back?

Well, first up of course is the multitude of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) that you can contract when having unprotected sex with anyone. Though many escorts have regular check-ups and screening to assure themselves and their clients that they are ‘clean’, the reality is that it just takes one person in between these checks to transmit an infection or disease.

The list of possible infections ranges from the uncomfortable and annoying to those that pose a serious risk to your health or cause permanent dysfunction.

We don’t need to go into detail about the risks of HIV, chlamydia, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhoea et al but they are all very real and present dangers with unprotected sex.

The other thing to consider is that if you go bare back with an escort then you are not only putting yourself at risk but any other partner that you have sex with following that encounter. Some people regularly use an escort even though they are in a relationship with someone else. Clearly barebacking not only exposes them but also their significant other.

Why do some people insist on barebacking?

For some people, using a condom is not an option.

This may be from personal choice, for religious or cultural reasons or because they have allergies or ‘mechanical problems’ with a condom (some men find it impossible to maintain an erection whilst wearing one).

There are some men who have trouble finding a condom to stay on during sex because they are either over endowed or severely lacking in size; for them barebacking is the only way to have penetrative sex.

Condoms can also be notorious for coming off during penetration and become a distraction you could do without…particularly if you are ‘on the clock’.

Others may have a naïve outlook on the chances of their catching an STD or consider that condoms aren’t 100% effective so “Why bother?”.

Two of the most common reasons for people choosing to bareback are sensation and creampies.

The sensation issue with condoms rages as an issue, with many people suggesting that ultra-thin condoms are ‘like wearing nothing at all’ with others complaining that sensation is severely affected with a barrier.

bbfs escort, bare back escort, creampie sex

Condom Cons: loss of sensation, inability to maintain erection and no creampies

The bottom line to this argument is that everyone is different and, if you are someone whose pleasure is diminished by the use of a condom then you will quite reasonably not want to use one.

When it comes to the issue of creampies, we are all in agreement; you can’t get a creampie when you wear a condom. Period.

And it’s a big turn on or fantasy for many men; particularly when it comes to sex with an escort. It’s the cherry on top, if you like, of paying for sex with a stranger and leaving her with a piece of the action.

On a similar note, role play and fantasy can be seriously hampered by the use of a condom which may be contrary to the kind of mood and play which is being created.

Lastly, some escorts don’t carry condoms and, if you don’t either, the choice becomes limited about whether to wear one or not. Whilst that may seem bizarre, consider the fact that many states in the US make it dangerous for escorts to carry condoms as this puts them at risk of police prosecution.

What’s the verdict? To bareback or not to bareback?

Its’ clear that the best way to keep yourself protected from STDs is to wear a condom but there are plenty of reasons why wearing one isn’t for everyone. Having BBFS sex with an escort is a personal choice and one which you should agree on up front with the escort in question. You should ensure as far as you possibly can that she has regular checks and is clean but ultimately, the choice is yours. The only caveat on this is where you are putting multiple partners at risk who are not aware of the dangers you subsequently pose.

The only thing left to do is find an escort who offers BBFS. Use our guide to find escorts in Vegas.


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