The Best Sex Apps For Getting Laid in 2021

Did you know that your phone or tablet could replace your wingman when it comes to finding a quick hook up?

In the world of hooking up, the digital age has brought about a host of new tools to make finding the perfect casual encounter even easier. From apps that find no-strings-attached fun within your local area to tools which can turn your phone into a vibrator, 2021 offers the serial sex addict a world of opportunity.

In this guide, we take a look at the best apps that you can download for your iOS or Android device to help broaden your realm of sex dating.

The Best Sex Apps in the World Today

Obvious disclaimer: Not all of these apps are marketed as ‘sex apps’, so be mindful of the users who are clearly not in the market for NSA fun.

You’ll still find plenty of users who are. 😉


Good for: Getting a threesome

3nder best sex apps

3nder: The go-to app for threesomes. Image via website.

Pronounced ‘thrinder’, there is no doubting where the inspiration for this app started and it is a good copy of the popular dating app, Tinder. However, the big difference here is that instead of hooking up with just one person, 3nder lets you select more; a threesome sex dating app. You can choose the composition of how you want the three interested parties to be made up; either single plus single plus single or couple plus single and the rest should be self explanatory.

We say…

3nder is a simple tool to use and has the same style as Tinder, making it an easy crossover app for anyone who has used them before. We like the fact that you get to choose the way your threesome is put together and makes for a versatile and entertaining way to get another kind of hook-up.


Good for: Facebook networking with good privacy

Created by the same designers as the popular gay hook-up app, Grindr, Blendr uses Facebook to enable social discovery of people in your location, interested in casual encounters. The app uses GPS location services and a basic profile to allow people to select their choice of ‘match’. Once a match has been made users can connect in real-time to arrange a hook up. The Facebook link means that your likes, photos and profile are available for all to see so it’s a no-no for anyone seeking anonymity.

Blendr best sex app

A social networking interactive app, Blendr offers plenty of features. Image via website.

Blendr is also available on PC making it a useful cross-over for when you are at home, work or on the move. Unlike its rival, Tinder, Blendr has localised maps, a ‘message seen’ notification, has chat rooms and uses unique behavioural matchmaking to improve the quality of matches without the need for lengthy questionnaires.

We say…

As with a lot of these apps, you get out of them the effort you put in and this is certainly true with Blendr. If you create a good profile and use good photos as well as use the app a lot then the combination of your inputted information and in-app behaviour will help find better hook-ups. We like the fact that, although the app connects with Facebook and allows you to see beyond your own network of friends, there is a good level of privacy settings.


Good for: Women being in charge

With the universal ‘swipe-right’ indicating a match on this image based hook-up app, mutual matches are only started when the woman makes the first move. If you don’t get a reply within 24 hours then the connection is removed permanently.

So named in order for women to find their ‘honey’, Bumble is an app designed to offer a modern but feminist approach to online connections.

We say…

The 24 hour waiting period to find out if your ‘match’ is interested can be a drag and, if she doesn’t respond’ can be a bit disappointing. The app does have a good design offering an intuitive and clean feel that is simple and functional. The app is used by a lot of women looking for different things so you can’t be 100% sure that a match equates to a hook-up but there is definitely potential. However, Bumble certainly has more of a leaning towards dating rather than one-night-stands.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Good for: Illicit lunchtime liaisons

Self-styling itself as the ‘opposite of tinder’ and releasing your match quota before lunchtime, this app is specifically targeted at the working population looking to liven up their lunch break. There is an element to the site which makes it better suited for serious dating but, nevertheless, there is a good deal of users who are online specifically for hooking up.

The app uses social media to curate potential matches and you have the opportunity to like or pass these up depending on the profile. The app is free but more detailed profile features can be unlocked using a virtual currency of ‘beans’.

We say…

You will need to navigate your way through the serious ‘daters’ who are looking to use the app only to get a free lunch but the app does appeal to those people looking for a CBD booty call. Use with caution and expect a few hit and miss matches but still a good app for the working man.


Good for: Avoiding revenge porn

Not an app for hooking up but a very useful tool for anyone who is conducting any kind of illicit relationship and wants to share ‘saucy’ photos and videos safely. Disckreet is sort of like a cross between Snapchat and Dropbox; a confidential place to store the most intimate of images, videos and files. To access the files both you and your partner must enter a passcode. Files are encrypted and offers a private way to conduct an affair of any kind.

disckreet best sex app

Avoid the potential of revenge porn with Disckreet. Safe file storage of confidential images. Image via App Store.

We say…

If you are involved in a F***buddy scenario or have a regular hook up who is reticent to send naughty images for fear of any retribution then this is an ideal solution. Only you can allow who sees your images and they remain safely encrypted until you want to delete them. A very useful app.


Good for: Getting down and dirty with Facebook friends…and friends of friends.

Styled on Tinder and a way to utilise social networking for good use, Down is another app that lets you connect to both people who are using the same app nearby as well as integrating with your extended Facebook network. The app is self-styled as your ‘wingman’ and allows you to express an interest in people based on their basic profile and state whether you want to ‘date’ or get ‘down’ with; if someone expresses the same preference based on your profile then the rest is up (or down) to you.

We say…

The Down app is well designed and the Facebook integration makes it simple and easy to use. There are obvious privacy issues about being discreet but if you don’t mind (or even because you know a friend of a friend you have your eye on) then Down is a great app.

down best sex app hooking up

Get ready to get Down and dirty. Image via website.


Good for: Movie match-making booty calls

Since the term was first used in a tweet in 2009, Netflix and Chill has become a popular euphemism for a booty call and this app is designed to offers users just that. Mimitate has a simple premise, you take a selfie of yourself along with what you are watching on Netflix and if a girl likes both the picture and the on-screen offering, she will fire you back a selfie imitating you in return. Opening up a chat in this way is a conversation starter but the underlying principle remains the same; getting a match for casual sex.

mimitate best sex app

Fancy some #NetflixandChill action? Image via app store.

We say…

A unique take on the swipe right sex app, Mimitate might not offer the widest pool of opportunities for NSA fun but it is popular with women. Why? Because they get to be in charge and don’t receive any unwanted advances plus it is a lot of fun taking selfies. The self-deprecating nature of the selfie taking takes some of the seriousness and posturing out of the world of the app hook-up.


Good for: Instantaneous hook-ups

Offering free lifetime membership for ladies and a seven day trial for gents, Pure is a hook-up app that embraces the now. Styled on Snapchat’s principles of the ‘here and now’, you can hook up with interested singles without any hang ups of your conversations (or even your profile) lingering on the world wide web for all eternity. Pure operates a fast (almost flash-like) set up that shows who is ready to get down in your area right now. Each profile is live for just an hour so you have to act fast.

We say…

The app is not integrated with any social networks so anonymity here is key and the fact that the app is designed for a fast hook-up means that anyone online is already thinking the same thing as you…a spontaneous casual encounter. The information you give is simple and makes for an easy access service with plenty of scope for fast action.

Sexy Vibes

Good for: Using your phone as a sex toy

Part speed dating service and part sex toy, Sexy Vibes app effectively gives users the opportunity to hook up along with the notion that your phone can be turned into a vibrator. Not only could you pleasure your partner long distance but you can also hook up in real life too. The app allows you to interact with users in a traditional chat room but you could just as easily log in to a random remote room, select whether you are giving or receiving and then rub or hold your phone as desired to bring you or someone else off.

sexy vibes best sex app

Don’t forget to give your phone a wipe after using the Sexy Vibes app. Image via website.

We say…

The idea of using your phone as a sex toy turns a lot of women off but does give an interesting way to make long distance hook ups work. There are other ways to do this of course with wireless sex toys but Sexy Vibes is a handy and quick way to do it.


Good for: Random connections and more innocent fun

The Skout app uses location based technology to find any other users in the local vicinity also using the app. The intention of the app is not solely dating but to let users find each other based on locale and for the rest to be up to you. The tagline of the app is about preserving those chance encounters that occur in the ‘wild’ and allowing people to be caught in the moment of spontaneity.

skout best dating app 2017

A ‘vanilla’ option for connecting with others, Skout offers life in the slow lane. Image via website.

We say…

The app has some drawbacks in that not everyone using it is in the market for a booty call but it does offer a new way to start up some random connections that could turn into more. Overall, the app is simple and offers some degree of networking but the chances of this turning into more would be greatly improved by actually living in ‘the moment’ and being bold enough to talk to that potential encounter.

Tiki Talk

Good for: ‘Netflix and Chill’ requests

Opening up, yet more of, the Netflix and Chill conversations, Tiki Talk is a quick chat based app that is growing in reputation for hook-up potential. Designed as a chat based environment for people within the same vicinity to connect to other users, Tiki Talk offers an easy way to get connected with interested, potential booty calls.

We say…

Showing any other user in a one-mile radius is the simple premise of the app and doesn’t always guarantee that the other person is interested in a casual encounter. However, the app is getting a lot of press in the world of online NSA fun and the chances are that the person on your radar is using this (free) app for the same intention is quite good. Worth a go if other apps are letting you down but not the first choice of go-to.


Good for: A wide pool of people to choose from
Tinder is where it all started and, for a lot of people, is still the first casual sex or dating app they download. With the now ubiquitous ‘swipe’ method of interaction, Tinder offers a fast way to browse through the profile pictures of other users.

Tinder best sex app

The original swipe right sex app, Tinder is still hugely popular for hook ups. Image via Flickr.

The app uses GPS location to find people in your area; users simply swipe left on profiles that don’t interest them or swipe right to indicate they are interested. If that person swipes right on your profile then you have a match and you can send a message. What happens next is up to you….

We say…

Tinder’s days of total domination of the hook-up app market are over but they are still one of the biggest apps out there. As a result, the pool of women to choose from is reassuringly wide. However, there are plenty of people who do still use the app for more serious dating opportunities so there is some weeding out to do if you want something more casual.

Tinder is also in the process of launching a PC based service to extend the way it offers its services.


Good for: Feature-rich, safe service

Tingle is a free location based app offering people the chance to hook-up securely using in-app video chat and real-time messaging. The service offers a feature-rich environment coupled with moderated content for an all-round ‘mainstream’ service. The RADAR service is one of the most popular elements as well as the Teleport option which lets you browse users from different cities to arrange advance hook-ups on the move.

We say…

The RADAR function is a really great feature and allows the app to notify you when someone thinks you are a good match. A great way to hook-up, hands free with all of the hard-work done for you. However, running the GPS location services in the background can really drain your phone battery which is an annoying downside. Overall, the features and functionality are pretty good and a ‘Tingle’ call can offer a good chance of some no-strings-attached sex.


Good for: Kinky hookups

A location based messenger service for Android and iOS, Whiplr offers potential hook-up partners, with an interest in something more kinky, the chance to connect. Designed specifically for more edgy sex with play partners who are interested in all kinds of fetishes, the app has plenty of great features. You can choose how you connect with a potential match from video chat, instant messaging and in-app calls. You can also choose to do so via public groups or private connections.

There are some fun features as well including regular competitions for the most popular photos giving exhibitionist users the opportunity to really flaunt what they’ve got.

Whiplr best sex app

Tinder for kinksters, Whiplr is a niche sex app. Image via website.

We say…

Unusually, this app doesn’t use Facebook as a primary login so you are offered more anonymity and you can create a profile unique to your ‘other’ personality. The basic service is free but, to really make the most of the features and potential for hooking up, you do have to pay a subscription cost. The charges vary depending on the level you sign up but start at around $10 per month.

Overall, if you are interested in hooking up for something more than a vanilla encounter then Whiplr offers plenty of potential.


Good for: Holiday hook ups

The Wingman app is designed for use by anyone who is flying on a plane and offers people the opportunity to connect whilst travelling. It might not be the best bet for a hook-up for a mile-high-club experience but, at very least, might give you an instant option when you get through border control.

Don’t confuse this app with the Wingman+ app which gives people the chance to play cupid with a profile of your single friend.

We say…

With the average flight having around 220 people on board, the chances of someone using the app at the same time as you is low. There is an even lower chance that you would both ‘match’ in any other circumstances, but any port in a storm, right? Your chances are increased on the kind of flights that are destined for hook-up hot spots like Miami or Vegas.

Still in development but due to launch soon, Wingman hopes to become the app to make flying ‘suck less’ but we rather hope it gives people flying a little more suck. Sign up to get notified of when the Wingman app is available.

wingman best sex app

Wingman promises to make in-flight entertainment much more interesting. Image via website.

Sex Apps: Safety First

All of the apps we’ve reviewed offer the chance of no strings attached sex with strangers (even those Facebook friend of friends) which comes with an inherent risk. Without teaching you to suck eggs (see me after class, if you want to know more), there are a few key guidelines for meeting up with strangers, safely.

So, for the serious part, we would always recommend that you:

  • Avoid giving out personal details such as your address, date of birth and never share any financial information.
  • Arrange to meet somewhere that is pubic.
  • Check up on where you are meeting and have a backup plan of how to leave (including transport) if that first contact doesn’t work out to plan.
  • speak on the phone first. This will give you a better idea of whether they seem like a good match or are who they say they are.
  • Leave details of where you are going and who you are meeting with someone you can trust.
  • Run a brief background check on the person you are meeting. Use social media like Facebook, Twitter or even Google to run any checks you can on whether they are who they say they are.

Lastly, always trust your spidey senses and if you get a gut feeling that something is wrong or that there is something ‘fishy’ going on, pull the plug…because there are plenty of other opportunities using these apps.

And remember, if at first you don’t succeed…stick at it; fortune favors the bold.

Feature image via Flickr.

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