What Is the Best Strip Club in Las Vegas?

As one of the most visited cities in the world and one of its biggest draws, outside of the casinos, being its strip clubs, Las Vegas has plenty of adult entertainment on offer. But which strip club is the best?

Well, it depends on who you are and what you want so, in this guide to the best Las Vegas strip clubs, we take you on a tour of the some of the most popular clubs and give you our reasons why they top our list.

From the biggest to the cheapest, the liveliest and the most famous, this is a guide you won’t want to miss.

The laws in Vegas mean that you can have a booze license or a fully-nude license…not both. With  the exception of Palomino’s that is Vegas’s only fully nude bar serving liquor, clubs have a choice between serving alcohol and only having topless dancers or a fully nude, alcohol free venue.

We’ve put together our favorite strip venues in Las Vegas, in no particular order, with the reasons they make our Top Ten.

….the largest strip club.

Sapphires Gentleman’s Club

Address: 3025 Sammy Davis Jr. Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702-869-0003


As the world’s largest strip club covering 71,000 square feet, Sapphires is a behemoth of a strip club. The venue is a popular tourist attraction and regularly caters for several thousand guests at a time with an equally impressive 400+ entertainers across various lounges, private boxes and showroom. Sapphires is also home to an equally popular day club which creates a party atmosphere for visitors to Sin City to enjoy the Nevada sun.

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sapphires strip club las vegas

Beware! You could lose yourself forever in this giant strip club. Image via website.

…all nude, licensed strip club.


Address: 1848 N Las Vegas Blvd, North Las Vegas, NV 89030

Phone: 702-642-2984


Palomino’s has the honor of being the only strip club in Las Vegas with a liquor license meaning you can mix business and pleasure here. One of the city’s oldest strip clubs, Palomino’s has been open since 1969 and regularly crops up in entertainment shows including Playboy TV and even the National Geographic channel. The strippers perform totally nude and the club also has an all-male act for the ladies…or just curious!

palomino strip club vegas

All nude and alcohol, Palomino’s is one of a kind in Vegas. Image via Google Earth.

…best value.

Chicas Bonitas

Address: 1818 N Las Vegas Blvd, North Las Vegas, NV 89030

Phone: 702-256-7894

At Chicas Bonitas getting a class act needn’t cost the earth and the club has a reputation for its excellent value. As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for and the club is definitely offering a ‘spit and sawdust’ by comparison to the glitz and glamor of Vegas. That said, the strippers are still fine-looking and work hard for tips.

The atmosphere is loud and usually has a good crowd going at the weekends. Open from 11pm to 2am daily (4am, Thursday to Sunday), Chicas Bonitas won’t break the bank especially if you go at happy hour.

chicas bonitas strip club las vegas on a budget

How to do Las Vegas strip clubs on a budget…Chicas Bonitas. Image via Google Earth.

…best atmosphere.

Treasures Gentleman’s Club

Address: 2801 Westwood Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702-257-3030


A visually stunning club, Treasures is set across two floors and is an opulent venue with an old-world charm that tends to attract a crowd that creates a great atmosphere. Featured on E! Entertainment Television as the place to host outrageous bachelor parties, the club describes itself as the most luxurious gentleman’s club in the world. Though we couldn’t confirm if this is true (so many clubs, so little time…), Treasures does consistently receive excellent, independent reviews. Whatever the management are doing, they are doing it well and long may it continue.

Happy hour runs from 4pm every day and the club also runs a very popular steakhouse.

treasures best strip club vegas

Treasures is like partying in a private mansion. Image via website.

…most visited.

Spearmint Rhinos

Address: 3340 South Highland Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Phone: 702-796-3600


If you ask anyone to name a strip club in Las Vegas the chances are they will come up with Spearmint Rhinos first. A landmark club that was voted the nations favorite strip club in 2013, Spearmint Rhinos is one of the busiest clubs in Las Vegas. The brand operates clubs at 16 worldwide location and as a company won the 2016 Club Chain of the Year as well as Best Gentleman’s club in Las Vegas, 2015.

The club runs to around 20,000 square feet and has several stages that are always jam packed with some of the finest strippers in the city. It’s recently been refurbished and is still spearmint fresh with more space than before.

The club sets the bar for other venues in town and has an excellent reputation for the quality of its performers, extravagant choreography and friendly staff.

… bachelor party favorite.

Crazy Horse III

Address: 3525 West Russell Road, Las Vegas, NV 89118
Phone: 702-673-1700

Crazy Horse III offers a bachelor party mecca and lives up to its reputation as a wild venue for groups of guys hitting Vegas for their pre-wedding rituals. Not only does Crazy Horse III have some fine strippers to entertain the fellas (across several stages) but it is also home to a huge sports lounge that shows UFC fights and all the football games. The 50’ long bar is big enough to ensure that no-one goes thirsty and the food here is also a big crowd pleaser.

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crazy horse 3 las vegas strip club

Crazy Horse III is a perfect venue for wild bachelor parties. Image via website.

…most convenient.

Centrefolds Cabaret

Address: 4416 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169
Phone: 702-767-8757

Once known as Club Paradise, the strip club that closed over allegations of credit card overcharging, Centrefolds has one of the most convenient positions in the city….right opposite the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Perfect if you are interested in the Oscars of Porn as Hard Rock hosts the AVN Awards show.

It’s a big club and the new owners have done a great job presenting a stylish and chic gentleman’s club aimed at mainstream tourists and visitors to Vegas. The club serves food late into the night and runs regular events to attract the crowds.

centrefolds cabaret strip club

Centrefolds in the centre of Las Vegas is perfectly situated. Image via website.

…home of the ‘Showgirls’.


Address: 2112 Western Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89102
Phone: 702-384-0074

If you want to do a pilgrimage to where the ‘Showgirls’ was filmed (that French-American erotic classic) then head to Cheetahs. Owned by former pro-wrestler, The Godfather (AKA Charles Wright), Cheetahs is a quirky but friendly strip club that has a lot of regulars. Perhaps in a bid to maintain the 1990’s vibe of the film, Cheetahs has a retro edge that celebrates the dimly lit neon interior of strip clubs from our youth.

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…best all-rounder.

Little Darlings

Address: 1514 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Phone: 702-366-1141


Little Darlings doesn’t try to compete with the high-end glitz and glamour of clubs like Spearmint Rhino or Sapphires. What this club does is offer something more niche. An alcohol free venue, Little Darlings is a fully nude joint and claims to be the largest all-nude strip club in the USA.

As a result, Little Darlings is always busy being a popular place to see all the action. You can get private dances in intimate booths to really set your pulse racing but be warned they can get a bit pricey.

The reason we think Little Darlings is the best all-rounder is because, despite (or maybe because) of the lack of alcohol, the venue sets just the right atmosphere. It doesn’t get stupidly rowdy in spite of the large numbers of guests and it hits a sweet spot with the entertainment. They run a regular amateur night as well as themed nights, special guests and, of course, the unlimited hookah. If you can, don’t miss College Night; it’s well worth arriving in Las Vegas early for.

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little darlings strip club las vegas

Get to Vegas for Thursday night so you don’t miss College Night. Image via website.

….most laidback strip club.

Diamond Cabaret

Address: 3177 S Highland Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702-731-2365

This club on Highland Drive gets some bad reviews occasionally and it really isn’t the most salubrious of strip clubs. However, it does have a refreshingly laid-back vibe about it. What it isn’t is a high-end, glitzy or glamorous gentleman’s club. What Diamond Cabaret offers is a fully nude, alcohol-free strip joint with a hookah lounge and VIP rooms where you can get a private dance to make you explode. Some of the girls are very fine indeed and there is a hint of more than just the erotic at play when you take them up on a little one-on-one time. No. We are not suggesting that Diamond Cabaret is a ‘Red Rooster’ but it certainly pays to be friendly…and generous.

The venue is open Sunday to Thursday, 6pm to 5am and stays open an extra hour on Friday and Saturday nights.

diamond cabaret strip club vegas

Fully nude means no alcohol but you can get a good virgin cocktail at Diamond’s. Image via website.

Featured image via Palomino’s Strip Club.

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