Explained: Brothel and Escort Prices in Las Vegas

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So you’re at the brothel and you have chosen the girl that tickles your fancy.

When you start hearing the menu, and the prices, your jaw drops to the floor and you’re like “Say what?”

These women have reasons for the prices they charge. It is not to gouge your eyes out. The women have numerous expenses they have to pay to make your fantasies come true. So I am going to give you a rundown of the expenses that escorts working in brothels in Nevada are charged.

Please keep in mind, every brothel is different. This is just an average from data gathered.

Sheriff’s Card: $125.00 every three months
Business Licenses: $200.00
Rent: $40.00-60.00 a day depending on which brothel
Monthly Doctor Appt: $120.00
Weekly Doctor Appt: $100.00
Driver: $100.00 or more depending on which brothel the lady works for.
Taxes: 37%

The escort has to pay the house 50% of anything she earns from a client.

Let’s say you’re ballin and you roll up in there and drop $5000 for some time with a Las Vegas escort.

The escort will only get $2500 when it is all over. And do you think these girls wake up looking like they just stepped off magazine covers?

No, they have to pay to maintain the beauty they present. Because it is all a part of the fantasy. They have to get hair, nails, toys, condoms, lube, outfits etc. Some girls live out of state and they have to arrange their own airfare. They pay drivers to get from the brothel to the airport and from the airport to the brothel.

These ladies work hard and pay out the ass.

They pay so they can take care of you legally. They pay to have a place to take care of you. They pay to give you the fantasy you desire. So when you see that menu, you’re looking at a cost that includes all their expenses and a little left over for them after everything is taken out.

When you visit a brothel and look at the menu, do not embarrass the lady by asking why the prices are so high and if she could cut you a deal.

Honestly, the prices you see are a deal considering what she has to pay to take care of you without fear of law enforcements and dangerous clientele. So don’t be a douche and question her prices. And if you want to be really nice, bring a tip such as a little extra cash or a nice gift card.

Take care of your escort and she will take care of you.

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