The Best Virtual Sex Games in 2022

The best virtual sex games, worlds and parodies: A beginner's guide

Looking for the best virtual sex games? Want to join a interactive sex world?Play 3D sex games with a complete stranger?Simulate sex with a virtual girlfriend? Our guide showcases the best NSFW sex games in 2022. Live out your fantasies playing the hottest porn games on the planet. From 3D sex games, to virtual adult worlds, to … Read more

The Best Las Vegas Hookup Apps

Tinder best sex app

In these connected times, your phone or tablet could replace your wingman when it comes to finding a quick hook up – yes, even in Sin City! In the world of hooking up, the digital age has brought about a host of new tools to make finding the perfect casual encounter even easier. From apps … Read more

How to Find An Orgy: A Guide to Group Sex

orgy sex

Wondering how to find an orgy? The more, the merrier! While sex with a partner (or two) can be fun, sometimes you want to kick things up a notch. While there’s some stigma surrounding orgies, the truth is that they’ve been around for thousands of years. In fact, orgies were religious ceremonies in certain regions, … Read more

12 Weird Porn Categories and Bizarre Fetishes

types of porn

With porn outperforming Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter combined in terms of visitors, it’s a safe bet to assume you count yourself among the millions of people getting their fix via the Internet. If so, you’ve no doubt encountered some weird porn categories on your merry rounds, but maybe not the weirdest. However varied you think … Read more

20 Best Pornstars Ever: The Top Female Adult Stars

best porn star ever

We all have our favorite female porn stars – but which ones are considered the greatest of all time? Judging the best pornstar ever is a tricky business as it’s a totally subjective area. Some adult actresses are well known because of the number of films they’ve starred in, others because of their wider exploits … Read more

10 Most Famous Male Porn Stars In The World

male pornstars

You’re on a first-name basis with your favorite female pornstars, and you probably know much more about them than you’re willing to admit.  But why is it that male porn performers are so often seen as accessories? In truth, they’re stars in their own right — and just as worth paying attention to as female … Read more

Chaturbate Review: In-Depth 2022 Analysis

chaturbate cam sex

First seen in 2011, Chaturbate has become one of the world’s most famous web cam sites. A glimpse of the homepage reveals why. You’ll find row after row of amateur models performing for your pleasure, from all over the world – some in the middle of sexual acts, some stripping, others looking bored and forlorn. … Read more

Chaturbate Tips From The Most Successful Models

Lesons From the Most Successful Chaturbate Models

Want to know how the most successful Chaturbate models make their fortunes? With over 300 million hits to its site every month, Chaturbate is one of the top live sex cam sites in the world. It is ranked the 6th most visited website in the adult category (according to the latest data from SimilarWeb) and … Read more

How To Tip on Chaturbate For A Better Show

chaturbate tokens the benefits of tipping

Ever wondered who tips tokens on Chaturbate and why they bother when the channels are free? Chaturbate was one of the first live cam sites to establish the free model of watching broadcasts. Models can sign up and start broadcasting for free and the audience don’t have to pay a single penny if they don’t … Read more

8 Best Sites Like Chaturbate

Sites like Chaturbate: Our guide to the best adult live cam sites.

We still remember the days when live adult cam shows were a novelty. These days, the web is cluttered with hundreds of portals where you can watch sexy performers offering all kinds of adult shows… Of course, the most famous of the bunch is Chaturbate: home to some of the sexiest live adult cams on … Read more

How Does Chaturbate Work?

how does chaturbate work

What is Chaturbate? How Does Chaturbate Work? We’ve got the answers for you below… As the name would suggest, Chaturbate is a website that combines the art of ‘conversation’ with masturbation. It has become one of the largest adult cam sites in the world. (You can read our full review here.) In our guide below, … Read more

10 Best Strip Clubs in America

Luxury, opulence and sexy dancers at the 4Play Strip Club...

Strip clubs are big business in America, accounting for annual revenue in excess of $3.1 billion across an estimated 4000 clubs and 400,000 dancers. With this many venues across fifty states, judging the best is always going to be tricky but there are some venues that stand out from the crowd, and for obvious reasons. … Read more

Group Fun: What Are the Best Apps for Swingers?

apps for swingers

Are you getting enough sex to stay healthy? Being sexually active doesn’t only make you feel happy, it makes you healthier. The moment you have sex your entire immune system improves. That’s why people who have sex every week are less likely to catch a cold. Not only will you get sick less, but you’ll … Read more

The 10 Hottest Adult Games on Patreon

adult games on patreon

We’re experiencing a sexual revolution. Movies and books like 50 Shades of Grey have taken the taboo-ness out of BDSM, married couples are more open than ever to kink and swinging, and people are using their imagination to explore what they really enjoy. However, one of the biggest parts of this revolution is happening in … Read more

Adult Rental Review: The Netflix of Porn?

adult rental porn studios

Looking for an online streaming service for porn? Offering more than 85,000 adult movies to stream online, Adult Rental is being hailed as the Netflix of porn. But, with so much free adult content available to watch online, how can an adult movie streaming service make money? What are they offering that is going to … Read more

Kasidie Review: Erotic Dating for Couples

kasidie review erotic dating for couples

Looking for erotic dating opportunities for couples? Kasidie is an adult community website much like Fetlife or a swingers Facebook offering adventurous couples (and singles) the opportunity to network, share information and join communities. With a tagline of ‘Remember by name, you’ll be screaming it later’, it is little wonder that the site has a … Read more