Chaturbate Review: In-Depth 2022 Analysis

First seen in 2011, Chaturbate has become one of the world’s most famous web cam sites.

A glimpse of the homepage reveals why. You’ll find row after row of amateur models performing for your pleasure, from all over the world – some in the middle of sexual acts, some stripping, others looking bored and forlorn. It’s a wild mix.

Imagine a one-way Zoom call in to a hundred different bedrooms. Or a YouTube for live sex.

The best cam sites are a guilty middle ground between a chat room experience and surfing for porn. Chaturbate is the KING of the cam site experience in 2022, boasting more shows and more interaction than its rivals.

The site serves up thousands of adult performers looking to titivate their audience – a skill that many of the models have perfected to a fine art with toys (e.g. distance activated vibrators), props and kinky outfits galore.

There are plenty of sites offering cam shows, just as there are plenty of social platforms offering networking. But there’s a reason why so many of us stick to the big sites (the Facebooks of the world) — and it comes down to the network effects. Where the crowd goes, the best shows follow…

In this Chaturbate review, we take a look at what makes the site such a mainstream success, what it costs to use the premium features, and how you can optimise your Chaturbating experience.

What is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is a 100% amateur only, live sex cam site offering free shows to view at your leisure.

Cam sites are a big market and there are hundreds and thousands of sites all trying to get in on the act, some better than others. Launched in February 2011, Chaturbate has grown into a large community of amateurs who either broadcast themselves or are regular viewers.

The term Chaturbate is, of course, a take on exactly what cam sites are about, “…the act of masturbating whilst chatting online”.

Performers are all amateurs and the site is free; however, what the performers do is usually subject to tipping with most girls setting a target (from the whole room) before pleasing her audience.

The action can get pretty raunchy with girls prepared to use toys, masturbate or (in the case of couples cams) get hardcore with cumshots.

live sex cam site chaturbate
With thousands of rooms to choose from, you will be like a kid in a candy store; guaranteed.

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What Sets Chaturbate Apart From Other Cam Sites?

Whether you are signing up to watch the shows, or to stream your own, there are clear reasons why you would choose Chaturbate over its rivals.

For Viewers

Quite simply, you are spoiled for choice.

Chaturbate boasts over 4.3 million visitors daily. This baying crowd attracts the best amateur models, along with a never-ending stream of aspiring models and couples looking to build a following on the site.

The reputation that Chaturbate has built over the years for being ‘Number One’ translates in to greater choice for the viewer: more models, more fetishes, different body types, different ethnicities, ages, and so on…

Chaturbate is the happy middle man in this arrangement – one that benefits from both sides. As a dominant player in the market, they have been able to invest heavily in their platform with high quality servers, a stable site, a raft of interactivity features and more filtering options for the discerning viewer.

Other cam sites may specialise in professional models (escorts, part time porn stars, etc) who put on high quality shows, but there is an addictive quality to the ‘homemade’ nature of the shows on Chaturbate.

It’s like being a fly on the wall of a thousand bedrooms.

The interaction feels more authentic, less ‘service-provider’ tinged.

For Broadcasters

Firstly, Chaturbate is all about amateurs and the site offers a really quick and easy way to start broadcasting yourself.

By setting up an account you agree to their terms and conditions (which should be read carefully to avoid any disputes!). Once you’ve submitted age verification, you are good to go. There is a detailed guide on how to get started with your broadcasting channel, which you can see below.

Once you start broadcasting you can earn tokens from your viewers.

In turn, these tokens can either be used on Chaturbate to access other broadcasters private shows or you can exchange them for cash. Which is the second thing that sets Chaturbate apart; plenty of people are using it to make some extra money. Top performers with regular subscribers are earning a lot of money on Chaturbate with even occasional broadcasters making enough to keep them coming back for more.

But the site is free to use so, how can you make money?

Well, Chaturbate users have free access to browse all of the cam channels but if you want your performers to perform then you have to make it worth their while. As a result, you can end up spending a lot of tokens in the form of tips to see more, get in private chats or even just to get the performers attention. Tokens can be spent in numerous ways across the site and there are other ways to earn them as well.

In terms of how much money you can make on Chaturbate, for every 100 tokens you receive in tips they are worth the equivalent of $5 in cash. Regular competitions are run with hourly prizes for the top cams being awarded $10 and $5.

With top broadcasters receiving, quite literally, millions of viewers the chances of making some good money are very high and is one of the big reasons that Chaturbate is so popular and successful for broadcasters.

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broadcast yourself chaturbate
Broadcasting yourself is easy and quick and could make you $$$.

The Room Options

Rooms are divided into Female, Male, Couples and Trans as well as Spy Shows.

Performers tag their rooms with keywords so you can search for your favorite styles, acts and fetishes before choosing a room to join in with.

Most rooms are open to the public with no limits on how many people can join in; the more people who do so, the faster that targets are reached so the action takes place quicker.

There is obviously the usual cam site etiquette that is similar to chat rooms; no harassing the performers or other users, no spamming and no demanding that they do things if you aren’t tipping. Equally, if you are tipping and your demands aren’t being met then it may be because the performer isn’t comfortable with your requests. Rooms are often moderated and the performers can request a moderator specifically in their room. You can immediately identify the users who are Chaturbate moderators as their name will be highlighted in red.

Spy shows are watch-only cams of private shows being performed live. You can’t interact with the broadcaster or comment but it is cheaper than paying for your own show.

Some performers restrict their shows to paying members but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Key Features

Chaturbate certainly isn’t revolutionary in terms of its offerings but it does offer a feature rich environment including apps and bots to customize your broadcast environment.

These handy automated tools can set tip goals for your viewers to aim for and include slot machines as well as Lovense interactive sex toy controllers and many more. Designed to help automate the collection of tokens you can choose from hundreds of apps and bots or even write your own.

You can save private broadcast shows as well as collect photos and videos from your favorite performers (if you tip for them).

Upgraded members can customize their channel including fonts and colors as well as being able to access multi-angle cams from some performers.

The settings area of the site is comprehensive and, if you are broadcasting, allows you to select from a range of ways your room is viewable; from blocking users in certain countries or regions to not appearing on network sites.

You can choose whether to broadcast your room to specific groups of people and even set a password for your room.

This last option makes Chaturbate a well-used site for couples wanting to share their exploits on a secure platform but without actually publicly broadcasting themselves.

Chaturbate Prices

So, the site is 100% free to join and to use.

All performers will offer a free preview show that you don’t need to tip for. Obviously if you want to attract attention and get the broadcaster to respond to your requests then you will need to tip.

Likewise if you want a private encounter then you will need to pay for it.

The costs for this varies by broadcaster as they set their own rates. Some performers will even respond to gifts purchased on their Amazon wish list. Some models have lists at other outlets so you can buy raunchy underwear or toys for the next time you log-on (LoveHoney, Victoria’s Secrets etc).

Chaturbate Token Costs

What do the premium features on Chaturbate cost?

To wield influence on the site, and to interact with the models, it all boils down to tokens.

You can purchase tokens at any time and use them how you see fit – to tip a performer, to ‘roll the dice’ in interactive shows, or to gain access to private shows that are not available to the free-viewing public.

Chaturbate token prices correct at time of publication:

TokensAVG Cost Per TokenTotal Cost
1000.11 USD per Credit10.99 USD
2000.10 USD per Credit20.99 USD
5000.09 USD per Credit44.99 USD
7500.08 USD per Credit62.99 USD
10000.08 USD per Credit79.99 USD

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Become a Chaturbate Supporter / Premium User

If you are a fan of the site, you may find it worthwhile to upgrade to a premium membership.

Is Chaturbate Worth It?

You can upgrade your basic account to a premium membership for $19.95 per month.

Is it worth it?

For this subscription fee you get an ad-free experience, a customised chat screen, the option of multi-cam angles and you can also engage in private messaging. The site runs regular promotions to sweeten the deal and often the upgrade will also give you 200 free tokens (worth $20.99).

You can also earn tokens by broadcasting yourself and receiving tips and gifts as well as by referring friends. Chaturbate also offer 200 free tokens for all members who verify the spending limits on their credit cards.

Payment Options on Chaturbate

Privacy is an understandable concern when depositing money to any cams site. Nobody wants **LIVE SEX SHOW** plastered across their bank statements!

Thankfully, Chaturbate caters to a number of different payment methods, including cryptocurrency.

The full options include:

  • Credit or Debit Card (by Visa, Mastercard or Discover)
  • Paysafecard
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)

For reference, the bills will appear on your statement as from or Nice and discreet.

User Experience and Scam Reports

A word about scams and negative user reviews.

Firstly, the most frequently asked:

Is Chaturbate a scam?

No, this is a legitimate service with a large member base of over 7 million users — most of whom are either perfectly satisfied with the site, or mildly indifferent. Depending on what they’ve just witnessed!

Whether it’s worth paying $X to interact with the shows is a matter of personal taste, but it’s clear: you don’t have to. You can watch 95% of the content on this site for free, without ever registering an account.

However there are several familiar complaints from paid users noting incidents such as having accounts banned shortly after paying tokens, or being kicked out of private shows from models (having tipped to watch them).

Some of the models may indeed be unscrupulous token grabbers with less than perfect morals – in a marketplace of this size, it’s inevitable – but the incentives are for models to take good care of the users who tip them.

The top three reasons why users end up banned from private shows, or banned from the site altogether are:

  1. Rudeness. Insulting the performer, or spamming requests. (Please remember there’s a human being on the other side of the camera!)
  2. Fraudulent Card Activity. The site attracts a lot of bad eggs who sign up using stolen credit cards, or fake payment details. Chaturbate uses a two-tier verification check to avoid false negatives. If you have a flagged card + you don’t verify, you’re likely to find your account suspended.
  3. Multiple Banned Accounts. If you get banned from the platform and re-register, Chaturbate is capable of detecting the second attempt and will likely ban you again.

If you feel that you’ve been wronged by the platform, the best bet is to submit a support ticket and resolve the issue through email.

If you’ve been banned from a private room by a model, the first question to ask is obviously: was I rude or offensive? If your behaviour was reasonable, then take it up with the support team and you may be able to get any used tokens refunded.

These issues are not unique to Chaturbate. They are problems faced by just about every major cams website. It’s the nature of a marketplace where currency is exchanged for ‘services’.

Most of the time the fault lies with the expectations from one party: either the viewer or the model.

From our experience, Chaturbate is ambivalent. It’s in their interest to keep paying customers happy whilst ensuring the broadcasters have a safe and friendly work environment.

Top Performers on Chaturbate

The best performers on Chaturbate attracts thousands of devoted fans.

Although amateurs, performers on Chaturbate have gone on to win awards at sex industry awards shows with some big names even breaking into the professional porn markets.

Recent winners in XBIZ Cam Awards include:

  • Best Cam Model – Latin America: Sure Cakes
  • Best Male Cam Model: Dave Slick
  • Best BBW Cam Model: LOVERAQUELXO
  • Best Trans Cam Model: Mrs. Kelly Pierce
  • Best Cam Duo: Blonderider and RobXXXRider

Performers are regularly featured in mainstream magazines including Penthouse.

adult chat chaturbate cam sex
Good performers interact well with their audience and give them what they tip for.

There are over 40,000 cams available on the site and around 5-10% of these are being broadcast at any one time. Performers vary in age, shape, size and type of show so that there is, pretty much, something for everyone.

Not only that but users come from all over the world but are predominantly English speaking and mostly from the US, Canada, the UK or Australia and New Zealand. However, there are cams from across Asia, Russia and Europe.

Performers all offer different things they are prepared to do for tips but some of the better things we’ve seen include connecting for life on Kik or Snapchat, selling actual panties and some extremely intimate but kinky videos.

A growing trend for models is to combine Chaturbate with the exclusive OnlyFans platform.

Savvy performers have realised that Chaturbate is a great marketing vehicle for selling their own adult content elsewhere – even their own monthly subscriptions.

Cam Quality

The vast majority of cams are pretty good with an increasing number in HD.

We’ve noticed a trend since we first published this review for an increased uptake in HD shows.

You will often find the most watched broadcasts (spots 1-10) are in high definition with extremely clear close-ups that rival anything on the HD channel of your favorite tube site. And best of all, this is a standard free feature.

Of course, at the other end of the spectrum, you will find dozens of low quality streams by models in what look like run-down agency back-rooms somewhere in Eastern Europe. YMMV!

Finding The Best Cams Using Tags

Chaturbate offers a range of ways to find cams to suit you.

When you initially log in the choice of cams will default to the ‘Featured’ cams and give you the option of selecting from these by Male, Female, Trans, Couples or Spy Shows.

If you navigate to the footer, cams are available to filter by age range, region or status. You can even select from paid private shows by your price range (6 tokens per minute up to 90 tokens per minute.

Additionally, you can browse the cam sites using a tag such as #anal, #teen, #squirt or #lesbian. One of the most popular tags is #lovense indicating those rooms where performers offer interactive sex toys where you can control the intensity of a vibrator (or other device) used by the broadcaster on themselves.

You can search by keyword if you know where to look and it took us several logins before we found it. Under the sub-menu there is a selectable hidden menu called, ‘Advanced Options’. This drop-down menu allows you to search by keyword, filter by geographical location and even prioritize the search results for HD cameras.

Chaturbate Review: Our Verdict

There is no doubting that the key selling points for Chaturbate over other live sex cam sites is the fact that it is free and exclusively broadcast by amateurs.

create account chaturbate
Signing up with Chaturbate is 100% free, easy and quick.

The site is quick and easy to navigate but does lack some intuitive basics like a readily accessible search function. The fact that the rooms are categorized does help but Chaturbate could do better on this front.

The shows you can access for free are a lot more hardcore than the free previews you get from a lot of cam sites and they can last a lot longer too.

Your tips go a long way on Chaturbate and performers will do a lot for their money. We also like the fact that you can ‘pool’ your resources with other users and get a group/private show.

Overall, the quality of the cams and what you can access is very good. There are rooms you stumble across where broadcasters are uninteresting and look, frankly, bored. To be fair, there are quiet times at the start of any broadcast but they won’t get people to stay by chewing their fingernails or texting.

The best thing about Chaturbate is that there is nothing to lose. It’s free to sign up, so give it a shot and let us know what you think.