How To Tip on Chaturbate For A Better Show

Ever wondered who tips tokens on Chaturbate and why they bother when the channels are free?

Chaturbate was one of the first live cam sites to establish the free model of watching broadcasts. Models can sign up and start broadcasting for free and the audience don’t have to pay a single penny if they don’t want to.

In this feature, we look at how to tip on Chaturbate to get a better show – and why you would bother even though you can watch most channels for free.

Is the Chaturbate tipping model successful?

In a word: yes!

On the surface ‘free shows’ sounds looks like a recipe for a sure-fire disaster when it comes to generating revenue for both the site and the performers, but the model has been widely copied for its enormous success.

Whilst free traffic dominates much of the viewing audience, there are plenty of guests who are more than happy to dip into their pockets and pay to see more, get some acknowledgement or to get interactive with the cam models.

Why Pay On Chaturbate?

how to tip on Chaturbate

This is a common response about the porn industry in general and there are pros and cons to both sides of the argument.

At a very basic level, Chaturbate provides a free service and lots of audience members benefit from the fact that models continue to broadcast and perform whether they, as an individual, are paying for it or not.

So, what makes some people tip whilst others don’t?

First of all, if we were all freeloaders then Chaturbate (and sites like it) wouldn’t exist.

Some people recognise this and place a value on the entertainment they get and are willing to pay for it.

Some people may call this ‘stupidity’ or ’naivety’ but others will recognise this as a principled response.

Morally and ethically, when you watch a live sex channel, you are receiving a service and if you enjoy that service, it is the right thing to do to, pay for it. Most of us wouldn’t dream of paying the check without leaving a 15-20% tip.

We don’t know about you but most girls on Chaturbate give a lot better service than you get at Denny’s!

Consider that for many of these girls, Chaturbate is their primary source of income.

For every tip you make, they will earn a percentage which means they will continue to broadcast. There is an entire sub-industry of performers looking to improve their Chaturbate earnings.

If you find a good performer and like their regular streams, then tipping is the only way you can guarantee they will continue broadcasting. Don’t tip and those girls just might be around the next time you log in.

So, on a basic principle of economics, the transaction of tipping is simply one of offering fair value for a good service.

chaturbate tokens why tip
Tipping on Chaturbate? Basically, it’s rude not to when these models are going out of their way to entertain their audiences.

Secondly, and this is a strong motivation for many, is that most camgirls on Chaturbate will set a menu of responses that she will perform for a certain level of tip.

This could be as simple as showing her nipples to something more explicit like inserting a sex toy.

Some camgirls also set milestones for the broadcast promising certain acts once the combined tip total reaches certain levels. It’s one of the reasons Chaturbate is so popular that group contributions can reduce the amount an individual has to pay out to get a great show.

A third factor is the recognition that you get from the camgirl you are tipping.

All camgirls will (or should) acknowledge people who tip them, and this makes the experience more interactive.

After all, if you are simply watching a show then you might as well be streaming amateur porn.

Some performers keep records of who tips them generously and frequently and might have a Hall of Fame for their favorite customers. If you are following a camgirl and enjoy her broadcasts, then this kind of fan appreciation is a nice acknowledgement of your contributions.

To some degree, there is also an element of competition between other users on the site. In the same way as guys likes to dominate when they are out on the pull by buying drinks, being attentive and sticking close to his target, guys online do a similar thing when it comes to tipping.

It’s the alpha-male equivalent of marking their territory. A good cam model will always be appreciative to any user who tips (regardless of the value) but you are damned sure to get more focus if you are a regular, or generous) tipper.

Of course, tokens in themselves will also buy you very specific things and there are other ways to pay on Chaturbate that isn’t just about the tipping etiquette.

Tokens can allow you to play with the interactive sex toys that many models have available as well as getting you a private show or even buying a previously shown broadcast. Tokens and tips are a way to extend the kind of viewing pleasure you get from a basic show with some saucy extras.

chaturbate what can you buy
Chaturbate models sell videos or you can use tokens to buy private shows.

Lastly, tips are a way of getting specific requests met.

You might have a very common desire to see a girl play with herself and tipping will get this done for you. It puts you in the driving seat to control the action on screen.

However, some models are willing to do more niche things for their audiences including some unusual fetish requests.

If you want to see a woman squash vegetables barefoot then the free porn sites might not be able to help you, the chances are that, for a good tip, there’s a model on Chaturbate who’ll make your dreams come true.

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Cost of Tipping on Chaturbate

For every token you spend on Chaturbate tipping a model, regardless of what you paid for it (see below), is worth $0.05 to the broadcaster. The rest goes to Chaturbate.

That means that the individual being tipped gets between 45%-63% of the money you spend on Chaturbate.

Depending on how popular a channel is and how well the broadcaster promotes their work, cam models can earn as much $200-$1000 per day.

This will of course depend on what they are doing and how long they are performing for.

How To Tip On Chaturbate

It’s easy to sign up for an account and purchase some tokens.

Chaturbate sell their tokens in a range of packages with each token roughly costing between $0.08 and $0.11:

  • 100 tokens for $10.99
  • 200 tokens for $20.99
  • 500 tokens for $44.99
  • 750 tokens for $62.99
  • 1000 tokens for $79.99
  • 1255 tokens for $99.99
  • 2025 tokens for $159.99

Once you join a room, you can send tokens to the performer of your choice.

Tip her for what you enjoy, contribute towards a ‘menu’ of actions, and enjoy the extra attention that comes with not being just another freeloader…

How Much Does a Cam Show Cost?

So, watching a show on Chaturbate is, and always has been, 100% free.

If you want to get involved and start tipping to see more or get involved with the action then that is up to you. In this way, the audience is very much in control of their spending.

Unlike cam shows on a pay per minute site, you never run the risk of running out of cash or time just when things start getting interesting on-screen.

The only limits you have are the performance times of the cam model you are watching.

A last word on tipping cam performers on sites like Chaturbate…

As with anything good in life, you get what you pay for and the most successful models on cam sites understand that they need to earn their tips.

It’s an important part of the culture that can be very enjoyable and rewarding.

By all means, browse some channels for free until you find one that you really want to settle down to watch and then show your appreciation with your tokens.

In the same way that you can watch a strip show without tucking dollar bills inside a dancer’s G-string, the experience is vastly enhanced once you get more involved. Trust us, it’s all part of the show!

Image via Chaturbate Blog.