Club Viva: Host the Ultimate Adult Party in Vegas

There are many reasons people go to Las Vegas but one of them is definitely not to sit in your hotel room. The ultimate party city is a popular destination for singles, couples, bachelors and bachelorettes and groups looking for a wild weekend in the Nevada resort.

The problem is that there is just so much choice; it really is like being a kid in a candy store and wherever you go in the city, it can feel like you might be missing out on something else more outrageous and fun.

That’s where having a party planner can help. In this guide, we review Club Viva: one of Sin City’s best adult VIP party planners.

Club Viva Review: VIP Adult Parties in Vegas

Club Viva Las Vegas Review

Club Viva Las Vegas Review

Club Viva knows the Entertainment Capital of the World like the back of their hand and have made it their speciality to organise events and parties to ensure that everyone has the time of their life.

Established in 1994 and with offices in the USA, UK and Europe, the company is licensed with both the State of Nevada and the City of Las Vegas as well as bonded with the Nevada Consumer Affairs Division to offer complete peace of mind.

One of the main selling points about using a service like Club Viva is the transparency of their service.

So many of the venues in Las Vegas offer ‘exclusive’ this and ‘VIP’ that with such casual indulgence that it ends up a rarity to be anything but an ‘exclusive VIP’.

Club Viva do it differently and differentiate their clients by only offering deals that aren’t available anywhere else at prices that make a difference and where you actually get treated differently to other guests.

That means no waiting in lines with your ‘guaranteed door passes’, no sharing your ‘exclusive VIP lounge’ with hordes of other people and all at a price that won’t break the bank.

The other distinguishing feature of this friendly and professional service is that they actually care about their clients. Having been around for over twenty years they understand the importance of a good reputation and they also know the damage a bad one can cause.

The result?

A team of party planners who take your enjoyment seriously and who go to extreme lengths to make sure everyone is happy.

From dealing with last minute changes and demanding requests to fielding problems so your party doesn’t even know they are happening the team has experience in handling anything that is thrown at them and all with an unwavering smile.

They run a whole range of packages with price discounts being run depending on the season but we’ve outlined their bestselling promotions below with full details of price and what’s included.

Club Viva Packages

Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties

Bachelor Party Packages in Vegas

Las Vegas wouldn’t be the same without the staple scene of bachelor/bachelorette parties making the rounds of the nightclubs and strip clubs. Grooms or Brides, accompanied by a group of their best mates, looking for the ultimate in hedonistic final flings are about as stereotyped as the city gets and Club Viva know exactly how to please.

There is no standard Las Vegas bachelor/bachelorette party package but rather the team will design a suitable night (or nights) for you and your group.

Organised in advance, most parties of this nature opt for a mix of Gentleman’s clubs and nightclubs over the course of two nights, expecting guaranteed entry to the clubs of their choice and all with the stylish transport of a limo service thrown in.

Trying to organise this without the services of a party planer is almost impossible as most sizeable groups of all males aren’t guaranteed entry to many clubs in the city.

With Club Viva, you get guaranteed entry to any Las Vegas club at a fixed price so there are no surprises.

And, when you book a party of 10 or more people, one person goes free. They can certainly cater for groups of this size with passenger limos capable of taking 6, 8, 12, 14 or 20 people available as well as a party bus that holds 35 guests.

Your custom party will include a VIP host who will remain with you all night to make sure the transport arrives on time and that you get into the clubs of your choice without any problems.

Payment is straight forward and includes all entrance fees, taxes and even the gratuity for the driver. The only thing it doesn’t include is a tip for your host.

Prices start at just $59 per person and can be designed around your own requirements.

The Vegas Nightclub Crawl

ClubViva Las Vegas night crawl

One of their best sellers since it was introduced in 2004, the Vegas Nightclub Crawl (or the Club Hop Party) is available for $75 for one night or $110 for two nights.

When you consider that the cost of the covers for four venues is $100 for one night, that is staggering value.

Ideal for singles looking to meet and maybe to hook up or couples wanting to make the most of a weekend away, the crawl starts with drinks specials at the meeting point before catching luxury limousine transport to the first of 4 venues per evening.

Drinks on board the limousine are free.

The group visits an ultra-lounge first before heading to three different nightclubs. There is no waiting in line when you arrive as your host will get you straight through the door in true VIP style.

If you are booking a large group then you get a further discount of one person free for every ten guests that pay.

Be aware that the crawl doesn’t operate on Sundays or Wednesdays.

The major selling point of this Epic Club Crawl is the fact that you can avoid that niggling feeling that there is a better party going on somewhere else in Vegas by hitting up more than just one venue.

What’s more, you don’t have to schlep around the city or waste time trying to catch a cab. All the arrangements are seamlessly dealt with by your host and you just get to enjoy the night of your life.

The line up of venues varies all the time depending on what events are being hosted and how lively each club is likely to be. Whilst some people have their hearts set on one venue we recommend going with the itinerary as Club Viva know where the party is every night.

Video: Club Viva Las Vegas: The Best Vegas Club Crawl

Gentleman’s Club Special

Offered at all of the big-name gent’s clubs in town including Spearmint Rhino, Sapphire, Cheetahs, Crazy Horse III and Paradise, the Gentleman’s Club Special is just $49 per person.

The cost includes a limo pick-up from your hotel and a 30-minute tour of the sights along the famous Strip. During the tour, the limo is stocked with complementary bottles and mixers.

Once you arrive at the club of your choice the cover charge is included and you will be able to gain entry ahead of any queues. Your VIP host will remain with you until you are in the club whereby the rest of the evening’s entertainment is down to you, your guests and the ladies in the club.

Bookings for clubs like Palomino and Déjà Vu do incur an extra $10 due to the fact they are located outside of the main drag.

A minimum group size of six is required to make a booking and one person is include free for every ten paying guests on larger groups.

Recession Buster

Recession Buster Vegas Club Crawl package

Perhaps one of the best value packages they offer, the Recession Buster is $110 for 2 nights of first-rate entertainment in six top Las Vegas venues.

That’s three top Vegas nightclubs and three of the best gentleman’s clubs in town in just two nights.

The cover charge for all six establishments is normally $180, saving $70 alone of the price of entry. On top of guaranteed VIP transport straight to the head of the queue, you also receive free drinks inside your limo as well as half price drinks at the meeting point.

This package is great for anyone who is only planning on spending a few nights in Las Vegas and wants to experience as much as they can.

Other Packages with Club Viva

Club Viva has a huge range of custom designed and standard packages to give you the best experience of the city’s nightlife without the failed promise of guaranteed entry or having to wait hours for those infamous free limo pick-ups that turn out to be a minibus.

With guaranteed VIP access to clubs including a tour of the strip, actual limo transportation and complementary drinks starting at just $79 per person there is a package to suit every budget, taste and occasion.

Have you organised a party through Club Viva? How was the experience?

Let us know your reviews below.

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