Custom Sex Dolls: Design Your Own Sex Doll

Want to customize your own sex doll but don’t think you can afford it?

With advanced design, realistic (but widely available) materials and low-cost manufacturing, silicone sex dolls are no longer the preserve of the wealthier man.

In this guide, we look at the various options you have when it comes to customising your own sex doll and just how realistic they are.

A Guide to Designing Your Own Custom Sex Dolls

If you visited a sex store in the 1980s your choice of sex doll would have been restricted to a simple inflatable with a comic open mouth, fixed position and chances of deflating (or puncturing) mid-action a distinct probability.

The design of all sex toys has advanced in the last thirty years with new materials, creative customisation and advanced technology bringing more pleasure in the bedroom than ever before.

And the world of sex dolls is no different with manufacturers providing the ultimate in realistic sex dolls at budgets that can be more affordable than you’d think.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best options for customising a sex doll on the market today…

One thing you’ll notice, however, is that the custom choices are not cheap.

Non-Custom Sex Dolls

Before you splash out hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on a personally designed doll, you might want to consider some of the cheaper non-custom options on the market.

Nationwide stores such as LoveHoney have fantastic discounts available on their sex doll ranges, where you can find a variety of inflatables, ‘natural flesh’ models, and other doll types.

Many of these toys are not full dolls, in that they are realistic torsos, vaginas, asses and mouthes… but not the full body experience.

However, LoveHoney does stock a couple of full body ‘LuvDollz’ such as the popular Jenna Ultra model.

Worth checking out.

For those of you looking for fully personalised options, here are the top services we’d recommend:

OV Doll

Looking to design your own sex doll? This is one of the best places to start.

With a simple custom designing process, the OV Doll comes in a range of 9 heights, A to E cup breast size as well as offering choices in eye, hair and skin color, pubic hair style and heads.

Of course, you’ll start with a blank naked canvas…

Custom sex dolls with OV Doll

Prices range from $750 to $3,399 with some options (such as self-heating or standing feet) having an extra charge.

Like discounts?

Good news…

You can help yourself to a $100 discount by entering the code ‘OVDOLL’ at the checkout with free international shipping.

Despatch is within 10 days and you can expect to take delivery of your customised sex doll within 3 weeks of order placement.

OVDOLL Demo sourced from Vimeo.

They take a deposit when you order and the balance when the doll has been manufactured.

A Japanese company (with a Chinese factory!), OV Doll use soft elastomer (TPE) over an articulated solid metal skeleton allowing the dolls to be fully posable.

Some of the best technology, and some of the best custom sex dolls on the market today.

Be sure to check them out.

Silicon Wives

These aren’t fully customizable, but the dolls from Silicon Wives are about as high quality and realistic as you’re going to find.

Silicon Wives sexy dolls

All of their dolls are made with premium silicone and TPE materials, set on a durable metal skeleton that comes with flexible joints.

The Silicon Wives are designed and hand sculpted by professional artists with attention paid to every last inch of detail — inside and out. You’re not restricted to buying entire sex dolls… you can buy single body parts, from realistic silicone feet (with vaginas!), to half bodies, torsos and breasts.

“Lifelike” is the guarantee.

All products come with free express shipping (worldwide) with discreet packing and delivery tracking all the way to your door. An excellent selection of high quality dolls.

Silicone doll body parts, custom made

Sexy Sex Doll

Another Hong Kong based business offering dolls produced in mainland China from branded manufacturers including WM, YL, 6YE Doll, DS and CM.

The Sexy Sex Doll website has a wide range of customization options including:

  • Body
  • Head
  • Skin color
  • Hairstyle
  • Eye color
  • Fixed or removable vagina
  • Manicure and toenail color
  • Areola size and color
  • Labia color
  • Pubic hair style
  • Standing feet
  • Storage options (case, couch or suspension kits)
  • Outfits (includes one free)

Some of their doll heads also have realistic tongues.

custom design sex doll

Like a kid in a candy store, select exactly what breasts you want to play with.

Also made from TPE over an articulated metal skeleton, the Sexy Sex Doll range is super comprehensive but their website isn’t as easy to navigate as My Silicone Love Doll.

However, they do offer a custom head making service for an extra $2300 on top of the basic cost of $1000-$3000 to fully mold and create a head based on exacting specifications. Simply send images of who you would like the head modeled on and they do the rest.

They ship internationally and don’t send the doll until you have seen a ‘proof’ which you are happy with.

Sexy Sex Dolls has some good customer feedback and product reviews as well as offering a good after-care support service including Live Chat on their website.

My Silicone Love Doll

Based in Hong Kong, My Silicone Love Doll ships free across USA, Canada, the UK and Australia as well as some other select locations.

Their position in Asia exploits a lower cost of raw materials and manufacturing costs to bring a quality product to the market at an affordable price.

They have been operating since 2011 and have a good reputation for their customer care and, if you happen to be in China, you can even visit their factory to see how the dolls are produced. They have an excellent level of reviews from independent and certified customer feedback, ranking as 4.5 stars out of 5 from YOTPO.

Their dolls are made using a metal skeleton that allows the structure of the doll to be posed in a variety of realistic positions (and stay there). This is then covered with either a layer of silicone or TPE to create a realistic, and comfortable, flesh and skin texture. Most dolls have an outer layer of skin made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) for a smooth and more natural finish.

The company sells a range of ‘off-the-peg’, ready-made sex dolls that start from $790 and range up to $2,490. However, it is the company’s custom-made dolls that make them stand out.

What Parts of the Doll Can I Customise?

Designing your custom sex doll is pretty easy using the site but does require a little imagination of how the end result will look. You start by choosing either a body or a head and then select:

  • Body Shape, including Breast Size
  • Hair Color and Style
  • Eye Color
  • Skin Color
  • Toenail Color
  • Fingernail Manicure
  • Built-in or Removable Vagina
  • Shaved or Pubic Hair
  • Standing Feet (optional at a cost of $100)

You can also purchase additional accessories for your love doll including extra heads that are easy to replace and can bring a refreshing change to your play times together. Accessories include wigs and outfits plus cleaning and repair kits.

my silicone love doll custom made sex dolls

You can customize the body, head and breasts of your love doll.

For those people who know exactly what they want but can’t seem to be able to find it. The company offer a service whereby you can simply send images of what you would like and they can create a doll for you to match your needs. There is no extra cost for this service but if you have something specific that they cannot match then you may be asked for an additional fee.

And Just How ‘Realistic’ are Custom Sex Dolls?

And so, we get down to the important question of what kind of fun can you have with your sex doll? Well, we’re not going to teach anyone to suck eggs but all dolls come with a usable ass and vagina. The mouths are realistic and can also be used for your pleasure.

The company also sells a range of body parts should you simply require a realistic torso or vagina and ass. Why pay for limbs when it’s the holes you are after is the selling point here? Whilst they are certainly cheaper ($350 for the ass/vagina), they are no substitute for a full-sized sex doll. Each body shape has different dimensions when it comes to the depth of the sexual holes but are a pretty standard depth of:

  • Oral: 4.7” (12cm) deep
  • Vaginal: 7” (18cm) deep
  • Anal: 6.7” (17cm) deep

Do check the specifications of your doll though as some of the shorter models have less room. This is particularly important if you are a big boy as the sexual holes are made a little snug and girth could be an issue. In this instance, you should opt for a replaceable vagina; a sleeve that can be better customized to suit your individual size.

my silicone love doll sex dolls custom made

Featuring three sexual holes, a custom love doll can be a good investment. Image via website.

How Quickly do they Despatch?

Once payment has been received via their secure online payment portal, your order ships within 3 days with many customers reporting receipt of their doll within 7 days from order date.

Overall, My Silicone Love Doll has a great range of sex dolls that can be customised to suit your needs. Their customer feedback gives a positive reassurance that the product offers a high quality and satisfactory finish.

Real Love Sex Dolls

An American based supplier using a Chinese factory, Real Love Sex dolls offers a similar service to My Silicone Love Doll. Their dolls are fully customizeable from body, head and features plus outfits and wigs. They will even supply interchangeable heads.

However, they do offer slightly more by way of choices when it comes to skin color, pubic hair shaping, areola size and color and even labia color.

Accessories include a vagina warming rod so you don’t get a frosty reception, vaginal irrigation kit and care accessories.

Despatch is usually fulfilled within a week and prices start at $999 up to around $3000.

Overall the company has some good reviews and feedback with an excellent range of dolls offering great customisation.

Featured image via My Silicone Sex Doll.

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