Escort Agency Scams: Not the Right Girl?

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You call an escort agency to get the perfect Las Vegas escort. You meet with her and the escort you chose is conspicuously different to what you were expecting. It happens.

Don’t get scammed by an escort…

These ladies may have used pictures that were old, or pictures that weren’t even theirs. Maybe you pay the agency and the escort arrives and she starts upselling on services that aren’t included in the initial payment. So how do you handle these situations?

First and foremost, if you feel you have a legitimate claim, you have every right to feel how you feel. How do you go about dealing with it? Do you go ahead with a session that has already started on a bad note, send the girl on her way or walk out?

Below you will find some tips to keep in mind before the actual booking. Using these tips will help cut down on the chances of getting something you didn’t want.

Avoid Escort Agency Scams

  • All reputable agencies have terms of services like every other business. Read these before booking.

  • Research the agencies you wish to use for good experiences from other Hobbyists.

  • Read reviews on some of the bigger boards such as TER or Using these you will be able to make an informed decision as to which agencies are reputable and which are not.

  • Be on guard for the bait and switch. It happens all the time with independent escorts as well as agencies. They use false pictures. What you asked for and what shows up at your door could be two different things. Call it out before you accept any services.

  • If the escort is there and she is not what you requested, you can call the agency. Keep the agencies number on hand. See what they are willing to do to resolve the situation.

These are some tips that can help with booking a Las Vegas escort that you actually want.

It may seem easier to just go ahead and do the session, but don’t start any session on disappointment because it taints the whole thing. You won’t be happy. And if you find the agency is using bait and switch tactics, or their escorts are upselling, you have every right to let others know.

Using the review boards, go in and report your experience. Savage them if you must. The last thing is you are not obligated to go through with a session if you are not happy with what you get.

You can cancel a booking at any time as long as your claim is legitimate, assuming – of course – that the agency is actually legitimate too.


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