Escort Reviews: What to Look Out For

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Escort review boards are where gentlemen go to be candid about their experience with a provider who they had the pleasure (or displeasure) of meeting.

What are these reviews? Well, they’re like the Amazon customer feedback of the escorting world.

Their sole purpose is for other gentlemen to get an idea of what they have to look forward to based on someone else’s experience. They are designed to connect you to good escorts, whilst steering you clear of the worst kind.

So there are some simple things to look for when using reviews on an escort you wish to see.

Firstly, so you know, the top review board in the US is TER (The Erotic Review).

Here you will find lists of thousands of reviewed girls.

Now the main points of interest in the review are pretty basic.

  • Did her photos match what she looks like in person?
  • Do her rates match her website?
  • What services did she offer?
  • Were there services she didn’t offer?
  • Was she neat and clean?
  • Did she have incall or did you meet at a hotel?

A review will answer all these questions if filed properly.

Other details covered:

Is she a clock-watcher? Is she friendly and pleasant company? These are things that you would want to know before handing over your hard earned cash, right?

So, check out how many reviews she has, and how she scores.

If you’re asking yourself, what if she has a bad review? Then what? It really depends.

Example: an escort has 15 reviews and her last review was a bad one. How much stock can you put into that one bad review? It could go any number of ways. Maybe she was having an off day. Or maybe she had to cut because the gentleman pushed her boundaries.

Guys are harsh when they don’t get their way.

What if her good reviews and bad reviews are pretty much the same? It more than likely means that it’s a crapshoot. You may get lucky, you may not.

Girls who have no reviews are pretty much a case of ‘enter at your own risk’. Sometimes those new ones are diamonds in the rough, but sometimes it could be a girl and her pimp waiting to rob you.

If the girl has no reviews, check out her website and see how legit she looks.

So these are the major factors to look for when you read a review.

If a girl has all bad reviews, don’t bother. There are lots of thieves and scammers out there that post on the boards looking for a target, so don’t become one. And do not use the reviews to retaliate again a girl because she said no.

If you want something and it was not listed on her menu, do not ask her to perform it. The reviews are there as guides, but you should respect that one bad review can affect her ability to attract new clients.

If you’re going to slate her in public, make sure you have good reason to.

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