Escort Stings: What To Do If You Are Arrested

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Okay, it’s highly unlikely this will ever happen to you.

However, I feel the need to prepare you for it.

Let’s say, in a hypothetical world, you show up to see one of the private companions of Vegas and it turns out it is a police sting. What was on its way to being a magical evening suddenly becomes a trip to the clink.


The Escort Sting: Damage Limitation

When you accept the fact that yep, this really just happened, then you can focus on the goal. The goal is to get out as soon as possible. However you can set yourself up for a vacation by doing things you don’t realize are hurting you legally. Follow the list below and remember these points in case you stumble on to the wrong side of a law enforcement officer!

1. Stay put, don’t run. You certainly don’t want any more charges. Fleeing is a big one so grow some balls and deal with it. Shit happens, and it’s already happened.

2. Don’t try to express your innocence to the officer. Don’t do it. You’re going to want to but don’t. These officers don’t give a crap if you’re innocent or guilty. They are just doing their job. Antagonising them is likely to work against you.

3. Exercise that right to remain silent. Don’t give them anything and they will try to break you.

4. If they ask to search your premises, tell them to fuck off. Politely, of course. You simply state that you are not granting permission to search your property without a warrant. If they get the warrant, so be it.

5. If they manage to search your property, look away. Don’t look in any direction where you don’t want them looking.

6. If law enforcement comes to your door and you open it, do not let them in. And if they ask you to step out, don’t do that either. Think of them as modern-day vampires. They can’t touch you if you don’t let them in and you don’t go out.

7. Don’t fight it. Don’t resist arrest. It’s done. You’re going, deal with it. The difference being one night can turn into who knows how long if you try to run or resist.

8. Officers are going to play mind games with you to get you to talk. Keep your mouth shut. They will tell you if you just tell the truth it would be easier. Bullshit! You will have just made their case for them. So just keep quiet.

9. As inviting as it is, don’t mouth off to the officers. These officers are capable of taking the smallest charge and bumping it. Look at it this way: do you want to leave with a felony or misdemeanour?

10. If the police arrest you butt naked outside, do not let them take you back inside the house to get clothes. You will be inviting them in to take a sneak peek in your domain. Who knows what they’ll find? Not to say you’re guilty of anything!

Adhere to these steps if anything should happen. If your lawyer gets involved, and you have not obeyed any of these steps, you could have already sealed your fate without knowing it.

Important! I am not advising that you break the law here. The law is the law, and any decision you make should be yours.

We have many readers asking us about Vegas hookers and street prostitutes, and unfortunately, there’s not much advice we can give you.

But if that knock on the door should arrive, I hope this summary of your rights is helpful!


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