Escorts For Couples in Vegas: What You Need to Know

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Today escorts aren’t just for dudes.

There are escorts who offer services to other women as well as couples. Yes gents, if you’re lucky to date or marry an adventurous open-minded lass, you can find an escort who offers services for couples.

Escorts for Couples in Vegas

Escorts for Couples in Vegas

Vegas has a number of independent escorts, escort agencies and brothels that offer services suited for the modern day couple.

These can be very fun and exciting times!

Now, when you and your significant other are choosing an escort to join you as a 3rd party for some freaky fun you need to know what to keep in mind…

I’m sure your first thought is to find the foxiest babe and just have some fun. Why not, right? But if you want a really good time – and to avoid disaster – you have to choose wisely. I say this because it’s awkward sometimes with just two people, throw a third into the mix and a fun night can turn into pandemonium and not in a good way.

So let me share some of the things you want to look for when choosing a 3rd for your ménage trios. It may seem easier to just jump right in, hop online, or open a phone book and dial a number, but if you want an escort that is suitable for your situation – follow these steps:

  • Communication is key. It’s two of you. So you need to come to some sort of agreement. What do you expect? What does your partner expect? How far are you two willing to go? You need to know each other’s boundaries. Top priority.

  • Look for companions who actually offer a couple’s session. I would be leery of calling a girl or agency that doesn’t mention it as a service in their ad. Some girls will do anything for a buck including lying. Once those girls are in that room, it’s hard to get them out without payment of some sort.

  • When you schedule, make sure you and your girlfriend, wife or whoever is a part of the session is also involved with making the appointment. Most girls won’t take you seriously otherwise. They will want to hear from both parties.

  • Make sure your escort is well aware of what’s expected of her. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Is she bi? Does she go down? Does she mind having a woman go down on her? I would never say avoid the questions, but with the couple’s session straightforwardness is always the best.

  • If you still have reservations, ask your chosen Las Vegas companion to meet you and your partner for drinks or dinner. Have a bit of a meet and greet to break the ice. You can meet and feel each other out. Compatibility is a must in a couple’s session.

These are definitely things to think about when choosing a Vegas companion if you’re doing it as a couple.

I have had some of the most amazing experiencing with couples. You do have to pick wisely in order to have the best time. I know it’s easy to choose some hot chick in Vegas. However in this case you want quality. You want 3 people to leave with their heads collectively blown.

If you take nothing else from this fantasy, remember communication is key!


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