Everything You Need To Know About Premium Snapchats

In case you didn’t know, Snapchat has an NSFW feature that is taking the adult industry by storm. Cam girls and adult models use Snapchat’s premium feature to make money for explicit videos or photos.

If you’re not sure how premium Snapchats work, we’ve got your back. Here’s everything you need to know about the platform.

What is Premium Snapchat?

Before you learn how to make a premium Snapchat, it’s important to know the difference between the regular platform and adult Snapchat.

It’s safe to assume you’ve heard of Snapchat, as the platform attracts 190 million active users each day. But premium Snapchat, an unofficial Snapchat feature, lets you charge viewers to access your sexual photos or videos. You receive payments via instant money services like PayPal or Venmo and clients only get access once they’ve paid.

Nudity goes against Snapchat’s Terms and Conditions, so you must sign up with a third party, like FanCentro, so you can monetize your content. In exchange for a percentage of your subscriptions, you earn money from your fanbase despite Snapchat’s policy.

Because of the explicit activity on your premium Snapchat, there is a risk of getting banned. But, sites like FanCentro streamline the process and transfer your current subscribers to your new premium account if this happens.

Once you’ve set up the account, you can charge your Snapchat “friends” a membership fee. It can be a recurring payment to access all content or a onetime fee for an explicit photo or video. There’s even a “Lifetime Access” option for those who are super keen.

What’s Required to Get Started?

It’s easy to get started. You need to be eighteen or older, have a smartphone and the Snapchat app. For a third-party facilitating site, adult models may have to provide a digital copy of ID for age verification.

How Much Money Can You Make From Premium Snapchat?

It’s up to you to drive subscriptions and provide quality content. The more subscribers you have, the greater the monthly income. Many models claim to be earning more from their premium Snapchat because of the subscription-based nature of the platform.

Models can bring in $10 – $40 per subscriber per month with their premium account, which can add up once more clients are interested. This gives you passive income as long as you provide clients with fresh content. Some models let their clients test their subscription service for $1 a week and after that, they charge them however much for a monthly service.

It’s also an appealing platform for clients because of its messaging capabilities. This means clients can interact with performers in a far more intimate way as opposed to watching a video.

Snapchat Access Pricing

It all depends on how much time and how much content you produce. The most common pricing is between $5 -$30 and as the price escalates, clients will expect more from you.

Many medium level premium models can earn between $200 – $400 a week. As you snap, it’s key to leverage your personality, looks, and photography skills to help you build a strong following.

Lifetime Access vs. Monthly Subscriptions

There are many ways to monetize your premium Snapchat account. Some models prefer an annual membership because it’s easier and less labor intensive, but clients are less willing to invest in a lump sum. If you want a steady income, it’s best to go down the subscription route and charge subscribers per month.

Ways To Promote Your Snapchat

Premium Snapchat networks are a great marketing tool. These directories have customer traffic who want to find new premium accounts to subscribe to. Every model should have a completed profile including a bio, stats, and network links so they appear in search results.

Social Media

Social Media marketing is crucial for Snapchat models. Not only does it help drive traffic, but it is also free to use. Twitter and Tumblr are both adult-friendly social networks so models can promote there. For other channels, find creative ways to market your accounts without being NSFW.

Social media let you provide a taster to your current followers. Add a naughty photo when you promote your premium Snapchat and let them know how much it is to gain full access to your content.

Snapchat Takeover

This is a very effective marketing strategy for premium adult Snapchat models. A Snapchat takeover occurs when you post under an influencer or well-known business’s account. For cam models, takeovers can use major adult industry accounts like Pornhub, YouPorn or RedTube.

For 24 hours, you can post under their name. You must do an interesting activity like hiking or attending a festival and share your experience throughout the day. The activity must not contain any nudity as it would compromise the original owner’s Snapchat account.

Takeovers are a great way to attract new eyes to your account so offer charismatic and entertaining content. Everyone you’re reaching has Snapchat and follows adult performers so it will help you upsell your premium account.


You should also network with other influential Snapchat users. You can do this by posting each other’s Snapcode to tap into new audiences. To find Snapchat accounts to reach out to, message any influencers to see if they want to collaborate.

Your Own Website

Like many businesses, websites are a crucial marketing tool to have. Models can list their services and networks they’re part of and take advantage of search engine traffic.

Forums and Communities

There are many adult forums and adult networks you can promote your services on. Many networks are free and you only need to register an account to promote your Snapchat. Advertising your services in as many places as it will increase your exposure and drive traffic.

Regular Snapchat

Even though you can’t monetize content this way, it’s wise for models to have a regular account. You should use this platform to humanize yourself and give clients an insight into your everyday life. Here, you can post where you ate last night or when you’re hanging out with friends.

This glimpse into your real life makes clients feel like they know you better. Strengthening this connection will make it easier to upsell your Snapchat premium account and increase your fan base but keep this account PG so it doesn’t get banned.

You can run both accounts in different ways. You can either use Snapchat settings to switch between Everyone and Friends Only (aka. premium subscribers). Or, to keep it simple, stories can be available for public or premium Snapchat.

Never Use the Term ‘Premium’

When promoting your adult Snapchat, refrain from saying “premium” as your account could get flagged. Use different terminology like “VIP”, “exclusive”, “private” or a “secret” snap. The term “premium” can also shatter your client’s fantasy and make their experience feel less natural. Try to find creative ways to hint at your subscribers for upcoming content.

Staying Safe on Snapchat

Privacy is paramount for adult stars and Snapchat is no exception. You must turn on ‘Ghost Mode’ otherwise the app will display your location to clients. Also, make sure you don’t take snaps near identifiable structures or landscapes that link you to your location.

The Different Camming Shows on Snapchat

The main ways models can engage with their premium clients are by:

Video Call: This is used for one-on-one shows. But it’s difficult to tell if you’re in the frame because you’re confined to a small circle whilst the client is full screen. Video calls aren’t the most efficient because the video can be choppy and both parties need a good signal.

Direct Messages: This is the most effective way to send snaps for a private session. The messages can be replaced once and then are automatically deleted unless your client screenshots the image.

Private Story: Snapchat is renowned for this feature and you can make stories visible to certain clients. So if you want your client to have access to your snaps for 24 hours, you can create a story only visible for them.

Are You Ready To Shart Sharing Premium Snaps?

You must understand the premium Snapchat world before sending premium snapchats. Before you start, you must sign up to a third party to facilitate your premium account so you can monetize your pictures and videos. Regardless of how successful your account is, it’s essential to stay safe and keep your location concealed. Good luck!

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