Gamcore Review: It’s Free, But Is It Any Good?

Sometimes you want a little more than a quick wank to yet another run of the mill porn video clip. That works for during the week when you have things to do. But you’ve got some free time, and you want to savor the experience.

Let it build slow, delaying the sex. Interact with your porn, get to know the characters first. If you’re the type that enjoys a challenge, you’ll love Gamcore’s virtual sex games.

Enjoy high-quality imagery with entertaining storylines. You get to choose your adventure, letting you play the same game over and over with a different experience each time.

Half of you probably already play video games, so why not play Gamcore games? Interested? Keep reading for a detailed review.

Gamcore Sex Games

The name is weird, did they mean to spell Game Core and had a major typo? The name doesn’t give us any indication of what you’re about to discover. Don’t judge this site by its name.

This site should be on the top of your list for free virtual sex games. Sure, you could pay for sex games on sites like Patreon. But it seems silly when you can get quality gaming for free.

How the Gamcore Site Works

The website is laid out well with you starting out your adventure by choosing a game that tickles your fancy. There are a ton of categories for you to choose from.

Setting up Your Account

Once you find your game of choice, you may want to set up an account. You have the option of connecting your Facebook account.

Not sure you want Facebook to know about your self-love alone time? Yeah, we didn’t want to connect them either, and no worries, you can sign up with a username and email instead.

Adobe Flash Player

You may find that some of the games won’t work. The site will tell you that you aren’t running the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

This shouldn’t slow you down though. Just download the latest version through Adobe and you’re good to go.


Having trouble looking for just the right game? You can organize the games by newest, best, or most popular. You can even have them listed by top rated by other users.

Maybe you’d rather look for games that cater to your own personal brand of kink. You can search by threesomes, anal, Asian, and even Christmas for that holiday-themed wanking.

Since these games are animated, the laws of reality do not exist. The laws of nature and physics no longer apply.

Think women with boobs so huge they wouldn’t be able to stand in real life. Or male members so large that they would permanently injure and deform an actual woman. There is even the possibility where that prized “money shot” happens over and over and over.

Tags and Ratings

As you browse you will notice that each title has a rating. This lets you know what other users on the site think of a particular game.

Next to each title you will also find a series of icons. These will let you know if the game is HTML, recommended, or animation.

What’s Your Interest?

You will find a lot of the same categories that are on the porn video sites. These would include anal, anime, big dicks, big tits, and lesbians.

What sets Gamcore apart though are the categories that you won’t find on your standard porn sites. This is because they are either illegal or just plain impossible. These categories would be things like animals, aliens, monsters, and zombies.

What’s Your Game of Choice?

Instead of searching by all of the methods we just mentioned, your final option is to search by game. Are you a pro at shooter games? They have one where you play an ass and have to shoot the penises out of the air. Can you guess what happens when you fail?

Maybe gambling style games are more your speed. You have your choice of cards, craps, or slots.

Finally, you could choose to play some good old-fashioned sex-themed arcade games. Think your classic online arcade game, but with an X-rated twist.


Role Playing Games (RPG) is where you will assume the role of one of the characters. You become a part of the storyline on your quest for that sweet release.

Graphics Style

There are a handful of different styles of games depending on what you are looking for. Some use the latest in computer animation technology.

Others are more retro in their design. You may have to try a few before you find the style of game suits your tastes.


These games are the most realistic in style and design. The characters are three dimensional with detailing to make them seem as real as possible.

They may not be as immersive as virtual reality porn, but it’s as close as you will get. These are also the games that will have the most detailed creativity when it comes to porn that defies reality and physics.


These games look a lot like your typical cartoon. Think Family Guy or the Simpsons. There are also plenty of Henti animated games.

Not surprisingly, you’ll find games featuring your favorite animated characters in this category. Maybe you’ve secretly fantasized about what it would be like to have Lois from Family Guy riding you.

Another standout for us was the “Summer’s Birthday” from Rick and Morty. In both of these games, you are presented with an animation of each character accurately drawn in compromising positions.

You then get to control the details. Adjust their breast size, clothing, sounds, and other details to customize the animation to your taste.


Not sure what HTML is? Well, it’s the language that makes websites look and act the way they do. Think of these games as a choose your own story erotica series.

You’ll start with a premise: therapist, school, the office. You then read through a lot of text following a story. Some of them will have you fill out a form of info so the game can have customized fields just for you.

As you read through the story, you will have to choose between options on how to proceed. For example, your new employer has her piercing blue eyes locked on you.

Do you shrug it off, apologize for staring at her ample tits, or match her stare? Depending on what you choose you may improve your relationship or manage to make the other character unhappy.

The Pros of Gamcore Games

The best part about Gamcore is that it’s free, that’s right you read free. There are no hidden costs, no hidden memberships, no last-minute catch. The saying you get what you pay for doesn’t apply to this site either.

You have a massive selection of different styles of games featuring about 130 different niche categories. This will give you hours of entertainment and virtual sexual satisfaction.

The games are quality in their design too. They aren’t so easy that it feels pointless. But they aren’t so hard that you can’t reach that sweet release either.

There is no waiting for lagging load times either. Every game we clicked on loaded and was ready for action within a few seconds. Once in gameplay, we didn’t experience any freezing or lagging either.

The Cons of Gamcore Free Games

The downside of Gamcore is that there are plenty of banner ads. You should expect this though right? The games are free, so they are going to make their money somewhere.

You also need to have Adobe Flash to be able to play the games. Which means there is no mobile support.

You also can’t download the games. This is a bummer for that time when you just need a release but don’t have internet access.

The whole website has an outdated feel and design. Does this really matter though? The website is ugly, but that’s probably because they are dedicating all their resources to creating some awesome looking games.

You will also find that while some games you can play without an account, others require you to validate your age. This wouldn’t be so bad, but they ask for a credit card. We don’t know about you, but we aren’t down with that.

So Is It Worth It?

Gamcore is totally worth it for when you are looking for more of an experience. It is the perfect remedy for when you want to get involved and feel like you are a part of your porn.

With the wide selection on Gamcore, you’re sure to find something that will tickle your fancy and get your blood pumping. The best part is that it is all free.

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