How To Get Laid In Vegas

Hitting Sin City and want to get laid in Vegas?

Nevada’s party capital is full of singles and most are here for a good time. From bachelorette parties to the newly divorced on a mission to re-enter the world of singledom – this is one crazy party town. Yes, Las Vegas is one of the best places in the world to get casual sex, but just because there are lots of opportunities doesn’t make it easy.

In this guide we’ll show you how to improve your chances of getting laid in Vegas. From the best day and night spots to hit, as well as locally used apps for meeting women.

How Easy Is It To Get Laid In Vegas?

This world-famous city is home to only 600,000 or so residents and the vast majority of these work in the service sector.

Entertainers, administrators, tour guides and serving staff, there are so many locals working in the city that you can’t blame them if they prefer to head home after their shifts are done.

As a result, Las Vegas game is predominantly made up of visitors and tourists and, boy, are there plenty of those to have a crack at! If you’re single in Vegas, you are not short on options.

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Sin City tempts more than 40 million people to its neon-lit desert trap every year and even in 2020 in the eye of the global pandemic storm there were still more than 19 million visitors!

And the best part of these numbers are that the vast majority of people who come to this city are doing so for a wild weekend or crazy getaway.

Vegas is THE place for bachelor parties, as well as bachelorette and divorce parties or for singletons on the hunt. Its proximity to California makes it an easy destination for a quick weekend fling.

And the city makes it ridiculously easy for casual daters to find each other. There are hundreds of great clubs, bars and entertainment venues that are perfect for finding a hook up.

An intoxicating place to be, there is nowhere like Las Vegas in all the world where finding casual sex is easier.

Tempting as it is to stay inside your own mega resort, the city offers tons of opportunities to find a hook up.

But just because things are easy doesn’t give you any guarantees so you’ll still need to bring you’re A-game and hit the right places,

To help, we’ve got you covered (day and night) for the best places to hit up so you can maximize your chances of success.

Day Game in Vegas

The party capital of the world is always buzzing but day game doesn’t start proper in Las Vegas until the mid-afternoon at best.

We’ve all seen The Hangover and the nights here can get pretty wild so the morning is for recovery time. If you’re an early bird then we can recommend the casino malls at lunchtime for a spot of day game and the city has plenty of these to spare!

For regular mall shopping game, check out the Boulevard Mall or Las Vegas North Premium Outlets. Neither are top-class pickings but if you have to get out of bed before midday then these might prove fruitful.

For us though the best day game opportunities are at one of the many dayclubs, particularly those that run pool parties.

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Image via Kalooz/Flickr.

Las Vegas has a lot of these and although some are more family-friendly there are enough adult-orientated ones to make it worth your while pulling on those Bermudas.

From early spring to late autumn, most hotels have their own outside pool but we think these are the best for trying your luck:

  • Marquee Dayclub @ The Cosmopolitan
  • Sapphire Pool & Dayclub
  • Wet Republic @ MGM Grand
  • Encore Beach Club @ Wynn Encore
  • Liquid @ Aria
  • Daylight & Moorea Beach Club @ Mandalay Bay
  • Bare @ The Mirage

A lot of these pool clubs run into the night time so you can easily show up late in the afternoon and stay til after sunset.

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Of course, the casinos themselves are decent enough day game venues but when people are focused on their gambling they may not always be in the mood for a pick up. It can be a bit hit and miss approaching people this way. Plus, security can get a bit funny if you’re loitering without gambling away your inheritance.

It’s far safer to stick to the casino and hotel bars and often you can latch on to those early starters in a group who are gathering for a big night out. Asking for a phone number is easy enough and, you never know, when you try it later that night, you might get lucky.

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Shops in The Bellagio are high class and so is the game.

Night Game in Vegas

Heading into the night time in Vegas and the action really hots up.

And your options are almost limitless with casinos, clubs and bars as far as the eye can see and ALL pretty much FULL of potential good times.

Whilst we would never normally recommend sticking to one place if the game is slow, here in Las Vegas you don’t want to abandon somewhere too quickly. By all means, move on if you’re having no joy but don’t spend all night traipsing between casinos and bars only to spend half an hour, fruitlessly, at each place.

Definitely make a plan before you head out and have a couple of back ups of other options in your head but persistency is key. And remember that the landscape will change throughout the evening so be patient.

As far as the main casinos go on The Strip, there aren’t any we wouldn’t recommend setting up camp in but for us, we think these are definite hotspots for getting laid:

  • Aria Resort & Casino
  • The Mirage
  • The Cromwell
  • MGM Grand
  • Bellagio
  • Mandalay Bay
  • Caesars Palace
  • The Venetian
  • Wynn Las Vegas

Whilst all the resorts have their own nightclubs, the ones here are just a touch of class above the rest.

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Best Hook Up Apps and Websites to Use in Vegas

Not everyone is comfortable chatting up in person and prefer to narrow down their options remotely using apps and hook up sites.

And Las Vegas is well covered by all the usual platforms including Bumble, Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel plus:

  • 3nder
  • Blendr
  • Disckreet
  • Down
  • Mimitate
  • Pure
  • Sexy Vibes
  • Skout
  • Tiki Talk
  • Tingle
  • Whiplr
  • Wingman

See a complete summary in our guide to the best Vegas hookup apps.

Whilst these are all great apps for using out and about whilst you are checking out the game, we can also highly recommend the Adult Friend Finder site.

With a huge international community of casual sex seekers and swingers, there are always members online ready to hook up in a heartbeat.

You don’t need to be a paid-up member to get some success with the service but it does help. Monthly rates start at around $40 but is well worth spending, particularly if you city hop.

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Tips for Getting Laid In Vegas

So, those are some of the best spots to try your luck in Vegas but how can you increase your chances of success in these locations?

Be Bold, Be Persistent

The game here in Las Vegas (just like in nearby Reno) is one of the easiest in the world because visitors are in the perfect frame of mind. Men and women are often all actively looking for a one-night stand so you can throw away the usual caution and just make your move.

In Vegas, it’s a numbers game and you will be rewarded for sticking at it.

What we don’t mean by persistency is to keep plugging away at the same venue OR with the same women. If you get a “No” then move on and if game is slow then just up change your location.

Beware of Gold Diggers

It should go without saying but we’re gonna say it anyway; Las Vegas is a prime spot for women looking to hook up with a high roller.

And that’s no bad thing but you should factor this in.

If you’ve decided to game in the casinos and having a good spell at the tables then you can certainly expect to be joined by some women. And oftentimes they’ll be attractive, elegant and stylish but their company comes at a price.

Sure, you’ll get the come on but they will expect to join you for champagne and a slice of the high life but this is no guarantee of any hook-up to make it worth your while.

Just be cautious of any attention you get when you’re winning.

night hook up tips vegas

Watch Out For Bachelorette Cock Blockers

Bachelorette parties or other large groups of girls having fun are always a good place to try and hook up.

And you can have a lot of success by latching on to these groups to find the singletons but there’s usually one or two in these ‘packs’ who object to a guy crashing their party.

You know the type? Usually unattractive and always the one who is staying sober, they’ll do what they can to make sure their friends don’t split ranks.

Smell Good, Look Good

And finally, our usual rules of engagement apply here and whatever time of day you head out into Sin City, you should be looking sharp and smelling great.

Can’t Get Lucky In Vegas?

If you’re off your game in Vegas for some reason or just fancy skipping the preamble then you could always pay for sex with a prostitute at one of Nevada’s legal brothels.

Vegas itself sits in Clark County where prostitution is banned but if you head out of the city an hour north west then you’ll hit the town of Pahrump.

Here you can find two of the state’s most infamous cathouses, Sheris Ranch and the Chicken Ranch.

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Alternatively, sightseers might want to head a little further into the Nevada desert to the Alien Cathouse. Not far from the notorious highly classified Air Force base of Area 51, this brothel is also pretty popular with day trippers from Vegas.

If you’ve been lucky with your high rolling in Sin City then you can always get yourself washed clean here with some great deals on full service with a smile!

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