How to Get Laid on POF

Forget Tinder, forget Bang With Friends (!). POF is still the easiest way to get laid on the Internet, besides fishing at a brothel.

Here we’ll dissect the crucial factors that affect your chances of getting laid on POF.

May the force be with you!

Getting laid on POF

Learn how to get laid on POF, the world’s biggest free dating site

Getting Laid on POF

1. Be Prolific

The online dating landscape is skewed to such an extent that a hot woman will always receive more messages than a hot guy. That’s a rule that applies offline too, but particularly so on the web.

If you want to get lucky, you have to get prolific.

That means sending more messages, viewing more profiles, and doing more donkey work than the little ego inside your head says you should.

Most women will ignore you.

No self-help or ‘perfect profile’ guide book is capable of changing this fact.

So by increasing the number of women you contact, you’ll slowly increase your chances of falling in to one of those priceless traps we call a conversation.

2. Get to the phone fast

Another point to consider, knowing that women receive more messages than men, is the natural ‘churn rate’.

Even if you’ve rambled through a polite conversation for a week and you feel you’re on the right track, the chances are her mind has already slipped to the aggressive guy who messaged her earlier this evening and has been pushing for a date ever since.

Once you get talking to a girl on POF, aim to exchange phone numbers pronto. Communicating by text is much more personal and intimate than logging in to a dating site and wrestling with other egos.

Of course, you’ll want to prove that you’re not a complete sideshow freak before asking for her phone number. That’s why it’s important to…

3. Keep your cards close to your chest.

Women will argue until they are blue in the face that ‘honesty is the best policy’ in winning them over.


Ask those women how they would feel about messaging a guy who posts on his profile, “I’m here to fuck. Hard and fast. The more the better.”

You know that you’re on POF to get laid. There’s a good chance she knows you’re on POF to get laid.

And here’s the catch. Many women want to get laid too.

But they will never ever advertise it.

And neither should you.

Play a neutral game and remove any hint that you’d be interested in a ‘long term relationship’ from your profile. Looking for dating is fine. Looking for marriage is a complete contradiction.

Know your market!

Various studies from the likes of OKCupid have shown that mystery is most definitely a good thing on a guy’s profile.

4. Add a couple of inches to your height.

Height is one of the first attributes a woman will look to on your profile.

Having eavesdropped on a number of women discussing their profile yays and nays, I can tell you that height is a stickler. It’s like the ‘body type’ attribute when a guy is scouting a girl.

In a perfect world, nobody would give a shit.

But this isn’t a perfect world, and it does matter.

Going forward, you are at least two inches taller on POF than you are in real-life.

I know, I know.

It’s terrible to lie, right?!

Put it this way. If she is as keen on personality over the superficial qualities, then she’ll soon forgive you. 😉

Most women won’t even notice. The nerves of a first date are likely to overwhelm any suspicion that you are two inches shorter than you said on POF!

5. Get alcohol involved.

Is it even possible to get laid after a first date spent teetotal at an art gallery?

Alcohol is lubrication.

It settles your nerves and loosens everybody’s pants.

6. Be forward, avoid sleaze.

There is flirting, and there is sleazeballing.

For many guys hoping to get laid on POF, they blow their chances with the latter.

Even if sex is your objective, you shouldn’t be suggesting it openly.

I’ve heard horror stories of guys ‘asking to come over to her place’ for fun and frolics without previously meeting.

No woman thinking clearly is going to allow a complete stranger in to her home, and being this direct is unlikely to seduce her either.

Beyond that, you don’t seriously expect the first move to be made at HER place, do you?

It sounds like you live with your parents. A total cop-out.

I’ve spoken to several women who were quite happy to take things further with guys they had been messaging frequently, but the idea of ‘coming over to her place’ was an instant turn-off. It oozes cheap, easy sex.

You’ve got to chase a little harder.

They would have taken things to the bedroom if only their men had arranged a meet on neutral territory where the suggestions of sex were less direct.

It’s not much to ask when you think about it.

Make a little effort and getting laid on POF isn’t just a pipe dream.

Sex on POF: Final Thoughts

It’s courting controversy to suggest that singles should be entitled to run wild chasing sex on POF.

Does it offend you? Are you wondering what the world is coming to?

Well, if the moral argument is your concern, you’ve come to the wrong website!

POF remains a fantastic place for both guys and girls to get laid.

Be safe, and try not to be a total bag of dicks about it. 🙂

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