How to Tell if an Escort is an Undercover Cop?

When you use an agency or independent escort in Las Vegas, be aware you are engaging in illegal activities.

The brothels on the outskirts of the city are safe and legal but maybe a bit pricey for your liking. So you may decide to go with either an indie or an agency for your Las Vegas escort.

How do you know if it’s a cop?

Cops set up stings to trap not only escorts but the clients as well. I will be sharing with you ways to spot potential stings and dispel myths that for whatever reason people rely on.

So, you call an escort to schedule an appointment. Before you hang up, you think better safe than sorry and you ask her if she is a cop. There is a myth going around that police officers have to identify themselves if asked. People still believe in entrapment laws. The story with entrapment laws in this instance is… there are none. A police does not have to tell you if they are affiliated with law enforcement. Police lie!

If you think that asking your escort if she is a police officer will somehow protect you from the law, think again!

Another situation. Let’s say you have invited a Las Vegas escort to your room. I have had many clients ask me if I am a cop as soon as I walk into the room. No, you have nothing to worry about with an escort coming to you.

Cops do not go into outcall situations.

There are two main reasons for this. First they have to maintain control of the environment from the beginning. The second reason why its crucial for the police to keep control is to help the prosecutor to build an airtight case.

“Show me the goodies…”

Now if you show up at someone’s incall, it’s different. Cops like using hotels with adjoining rooms. There will be recording devices already in place when you arrive to make sure they get everything they need. When you go into an incall situation, the first thing is ask to see the goodies. It is the one myth that is in fact true. Police cannot show private parts under no circumstances.

If they don’t show, don’t say another word.

One new thing that is becoming popular with LE is arresting the girls and using her ads and phone to lure clients in so they can arrest them. Law enforcement is always coming up with new ways of trying to arrest escorts and clients. And they are way harsher on the ladies who make a living off of this.

I know for fact that a cracked street walker will get a lighter sentence than your girl paying her way through college.

Personally, I think they get a kick out of it. All they do is sit around looking at naked girls all day scratching their balls. It’s American tax dollars hard work.

Be careful!

If you don’t want to run the risk of getting busted for using escorts, a good alternative is to use adult cam sites instead. It’s not sex, but it’s a much better alternative to porn!

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