How to Tip an Escort in Vegas

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Las Vegas, the famous Sin City, is where people go to cut loose.

Vegas is host to some the world’s best night life and people travel from miles around to visit. Most gentlemen, when visiting Vegas, will more than likely want a nice girl a night or two for some behind closed-doors fun.

Now, agencies in Vegas work a little different from agencies anywhere else.

Take the tip for instance.

Most guys pay a girl a tip when the fun is over and he has had a great time. Well, it works a little different with Vegas agencies.

Scenario: you call an agency and book a girl for $X. The girl arrives and you have idle chat until she asks you about ‘the tip’. Most Vegas agency girls makes their money from tips. What you initially paid was for the agency – not the girl. The girl will see very little of that money. And if you want a top-notch Vegas escort, be prepared to spend anywhere between 650+ dollars.

Now if you viewed the escort on the website and it’s obviously not the same person – something that happens quite often in Vegas – do not continue.

You can certainly say NO with any explanation, and politely ask them to leave. Spend your money on what you want, not what someone sends you. These agencies already know typically once the girl is through the door, most guys will still her.

As I stated earlier, Vegas escorts are quite pricey. But note when you are making arrangements with the girl in person, what you paid previously she will see very little of it. That’s for the agency.

So do not put the wallet away when you book. You will need to “tip” your escort and of course the more you tip, the more you get. The first fee you pay to the agency is just to get her to the door. After that, she is a free agent.

And if you have high roller taste and want the foxiest VIP babe Vegas has to offer, a siren to set the sheets on fire, be ready to spend well over $1500 at least. These women get paid top dollar for the services but also for maintaining that perfect body. If you want a really good time with an escort of this caliber, you can expect to spend a lot more.

That’s Vegas, baby.

In Vegas you are going to spend more.

You want the best, you are going to pay for it.

Most people who frequent escorts in other areas sometimes do not understand how things work when it comes to tipping in Vegas. And that can lead to the many horror review stories you see littered around the web. In most places, the girl gets a set rate and you tip if you like her at the end of the session.

Tipping has a whole new meaning in Vegas. The best way to look at it is just assume the escort has not gotten paid. She has bills to pay too, right? So don’t be offended if she gets a little disgruntled if the tipping etiquette gets lost in translation…

Take good care of your Vegas escort and she will take care of you.


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