It’s A Match! How To Get More Likes On Tinder

There are tons of different dating apps out there these days. They range from the general and popular (Bumble) to the hyper-specific (Farmers Dating), but for many would-be swipers, there’s no replacement for the original: Tinder.

When Tinder came onto the scene in 2012, no one knew quite what to make of it. Fast forward a few years later and almost everyone has given it a go on the app, whether they’re looking for love or looking to get laid.

No matter your aim on the app, the goal is always the same: get likes and meet women. And when it comes to the interest of these women, a well-curated profile can make all the difference.

Is your dating profile up to snuff? Read on and we’ll walk you through how to get more likes on Tinder.

Picking Your Profile Pictures

There’s a lot of steps to meeting the right person on Tinder. You’ll need to find someone you vibe with, who you find attractive, and who shares the same intentions as yourself. For example, if you’re a swinger, it’s probably important that your potential partner on the app understands that.

Not only will you need to find this person, but you’ll have to do this in a rather casual and flirtatious fashion. But before that back and forth starts, they need to get your attention, and you need to get theirs.

Why Your First Photo Is Key

The profile picture you choose can decide everything when it comes to your Tinder success. The main photo you choose to represent yourself is key, and the ones you choose to include after that one are pretty important as well.

Sure, everything else you include about yourself is also important. But don’t forget the popular saying: a picture is worth 1,000 words. Humans are quick to make judgments, and a woman is likely to get a good or bad impression about you within a second of looking at your given photo.

Let’s not forget, also, that many swiped don’t even take the time to fully open profiles. The only way that they’ll see that carefully crafted bio of yours is if they like the look of your picture.

Choosing The Right Photo

Since we live in the modern era and people are snapping photos all the time, you should have no problem pulling a number of photos to choose from. But which one is the right one to choose?

Let’s lay some ground rules. First and foremost, always choose a picture that shows your face. This might sound like an obvious pointer, but you’d be surprised at how many men think a mysterious presence will help them get more likes. In reality, it’ll have women swiping without a second thought.

What can you do then to help you stand out besides choosing a photo that helps you look your best? If you have a favorite furry friend around, including them in your initial picture can help make a stellar impression.

Outside of this kind of addition, it’s probably best to just go simple. Find the most attractive looking, simple photo of yourself and make it your go-to. For your later pictures, you can include photos of activities you enjoy or yourself in a group setting to help get some more personality across, but keep your first photo simple.

There are a few more photos to NOT choose. Anything with children is a no-go, even if it’s your niece or godchild. Save it or you’re going to send people running for the door. Avoid mirror selfies which give a bad impression or using pictures that have too many filters on top.

You want to present yourself as straightforwardly as possible. As much as we might like to think there’s a quick trick to grabbing people’s attention, it’s best just to stay on the straight and narrow.

Writing The Best Bio

You stare at the blinking cursor but the words just don’t come: it’s a familiar feeling. Writer’s block when it comes to writing a Tinder bio is all too common. It can be intimidating to try to sum up yourself in just a few words. What can you say to grab someone’s attention?

The biggest thing when it comes to your bio is not to overthink it. Going overboard in your bio is one of the easiest ways to let interested parties keep swiping on by. Instead, settle in on something that isn’t too polarizing.

Make a quick joke, or offer some sort of casual ice breaker question for those reading. You do want to give them a glimpse of your personality, but the key word here is GLIMPSE. They can get to know you further once you’ve started chatting. Trying to get across every aspect of yourself in your bio is going to feel over-loaded and scare women away.

It can be good to think of your bio in Real Life terms. If you were to approach a woman at a bar, would you make a joke and break the ice or start listing off everything about yourself? Hopefully, you said the former. That’s the same strategy you should employ when writing your Tinder bio.

Whatever you do, don’t leave the bio space blank. It can be tempting to just skip this challenging task altogether, but a lack of bio might make people feel suspicious or uncomfortable. Push yourself through the task and get something written down.

Working Tinder’s Algorithm

Most social media feeds these days work off what we call algorithms. That means there is a computer equation working behind the scenes to determine what users see or don’t see, and in what order.

This is true of Tinder as well. And if you understand the algorithm, you can increase your chances of getting a lot of likes.

The Tinder algorithm essentially determines how high in the stack you’ll appear for other Tinder users. Your account is ranked based on how others respond to you. If other people who get liked often like your profile, it’ll increase your score. If only people who don’t get liked often swipe on you, then you’ll have a lower score.

Your score is initially decided by your first day on the service. Your profile will be placed high on everyone’s stacks, and their swiping patterns will determine your score. That means your first day on the app is huge!

It’s a good idea to have your photos and bio planned out before launching your account to take advantage of this period. The last thing you wanna do is lose swipes because you took several hours to add any photos of yourself.

If you’re already far past your first day, you can still work at improving your place in the algorithm. If you’ve added a new photo and are receiving more likes, for example, you’ll slowly move your way up in the ranking system.

Don’t Over-Swipe

There are a few actions that you can take that hurt your presence in Tinder’s algorithm as well. Being aware of what not to do can be just as vital as having the perfect profile.

Swiping right on everyone all the time is one way to sink your ranking in the system.

It can be tempting to swipe right on everyone and see what kind of results come back. But constant right swiping can actually get you labeled as a ‘bot’ in Tinder’s system. That means your profile will be sent straight to the bottom of most people’s stacks.

Get Chatty

Tinder also monitors if you talk to the matches that you do get from the service. People who get matches but don’t chat with them, or chat very little, are slightly bumped down in Tinder’s overall rating system.

People who carry on conversations with their matches are slightly bumped up. So even if you don’t think you have great chemistry with someone you match with, it can be worth keeping the conversation going to help ensure your profile is out there for others to see.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll end up finding something to talk about that excites you. And you might just end up getting lucky after all.

How To Get More Likes On Tinder

Whether it’s your first time on the app or you’re looking to improve your game, it can be worth educating yourself on how to get more likes on Tinder. If you know how the algorithm works and what the ideal profile looks like, you’ll have a better chance of making great matches on the service.

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