Kama Sutra for Beginners: 11 Sexual Positions That Will Blow Your…Mind?

Did you know only around 30 percent of women orgasm in the missionary position? This is because most women climax from clitoral stimulation.

Don’t panic. There is a way to step your game up. Kama Sutra is a 2,000-year-old Indian text filled with acrobatic sexual positions designed to spice up things in the bedroom.

Depending on your level of flexibility (and the strength of your back) you can find sexual positions guaranteed to blow your…mind.

The idea of sexual gymnastics might sound like way too much trouble for the payoff. However, we can assure you there are many hard-to-reach sensations you’ve missed during sex that you need not miss out on again.

Check out our guide to kama sutra for beginners. The following 11 positions offer basic twists and turns that make way for unforgettable sex.


The Kama Sutra details more than sexual positions.

The ancient text also explains sex trends by region and social class serving as a sexual travel guide of sorts. For example, one account offers how a group of men can please a single woman.

The text explains that women from Tajikistan who spent lots of time in apartments would sometimes invite young men to ‘keep them company.’ Multiple men might be invited if the woman had a large sexual appetite and wanted group sex.

The positions below are best for one on one sexual encounters.

#1 – The Sammukha

The Sammukha position is a great place to start because it can bring your sex life out of the bedroom and into other parts of the house.

To get started, she stands up against a wall. Have your partner spread her legs as wide as she can so you can enter her. Widening her legs means she is getting lower to the ground. Use something sturdy like stacked sofa cushions or an ottoman to stand on.

Ultimately, this position works best when your partner is taller than you.

#2 – Virsha

Great minds think alike.

Americans adopted Virsha long ago and named it the Reverse Cowgirl. With this position, your partner straddles you facing your feet. She then leans forward to grip your ankles while riding on top.

Your benefit is the view from behind while she enjoys a different angle of penetration. This is one of the easiest positions for Kama Sutra beginners looking to spice things up.

#3 – Blossoming (Utphallaka)

Here’s a position where her experience with pilates will pay off.

Have your partner lie on her back, raise her pelvis in the air and spread her legs so you can enter. The magic to this position is getting the vulva above her head. According to kama sutra, if a penis and vagina aren’t well matched in size, it can create problems during sex.

This position helps a smaller vagina accept a larger penis. If she’s not that physically fit, a stack of pillows can help her pelvis stay elevated.

 #4 – Peasant

The Kama Sutra text matches some sexual positions with a person’s rank in society.

Lower class members of society seemed to enjoy a more acrobatic position during sex.

In the Peasant position, a woman sits on her lover’s lap and opens her thighs for penetration.

She then does the reverse cowgirl from a seated position. Be warned that the Peasant position might require some flexibility and a pair of strong knees.

Probably also a good idea not to bring a beer belly to this party.

#5 – City Dweller

The Kama Sutra goes into detail about the ways different regions enjoyed sex.

City Dwellers, according to the Kama Sutra, are all about eye contact. With this style of sex, a woman sits on her partner’s lap facing him and wraps her legs around him.

The rocking motion of both partners brings her clitoral stimulation and penetration at the same time. The City Dweller is a classic for partners who like making out during sex. The opportunity for eye contact deepens your connection with each thrust.

#6 – Tripadam

When there’s no time for props or foreplay, Tripadam may be your best bet.

You may not get the chance for deep penetration but this quickie will be fun and fast. Start by standing facing each other. Grab under one of her knees and raise it off the floor so you can enter her.

The name of the position means ‘tripod’ since you have three legs remaining on the floor.

This quickie might feel clumsy if you are not the same height. Consider using the bottom step of a staircase for elevation.

This position is a great choice for that one night stand or a new partner you’re not ready to get adventurous with just yet.

#7 – Lateral box

There are more than a few Kama Sutra positions that are so easy you may have fallen into them by accident.

If you’ve ever had pillow talk and suddenly found your jewels pressed up against hers, you have experienced the lateral box position. Lateral Box, or parshva samputa, means doing it face to face.

To make it official in Kama Sutra terms, there must be both nudity and eye contact. The rest of the move is up to you.

#8 – Jrimbhitaka (Yawning Posture)

Some positions get their sensations from the fantasies they bring to mind.

The Yawning Posture brings to mind a fantasy of bondage. This is a good option if you know your partner well enough to test her limits. Have your partner lie down on her back and spread her legs into a wide V-shape.

Place your knees on either side of her hips, kneel over and pin down her hands with yours. The weight of your body gives her a sensation as you thrust.

If you’re a big guy, maybe try one hand at a time to ease into the move.

#9 – Dhenuka II (Cow-Like)

The Dhenuka II is a “lazier” version of another Kama Sutra position called the Advanced Cow.

Though it doesn’t require physical fitness, the steps are plenty and may require a few rounds of practice.

She lies on her stomach, legs straight and slightly spread. Stretch yourself over her placing your legs outside her.

Then, press your pelvis against her butt to penetrate. She can then squeeze her legs around your genitals while you angle yourself to thrust with an arch in your back.  He then stretches himself over her figure, placing his legs outside of hers and pressing his pelvis up against her buttocks.

Once he has penetrated her, she can squeeze her legs around his penis, while he angles himself to thrust with an arch in his back. Rock back and forth to get the most sensation from this position.

If you keep slipping out, consider placing a pillow under her pelvis for stability.

#10 – Advanced Cow (Dhenuka)

Not all of us were born with a giant package.

If you are in shape, the Advanced Cow is a great position for deeper penetration. Have her stand with her legs apart and bend over to touch the floor.

In the Advanced Cow, hold her waist and lift her feet off the ground for an angled thrust.  Only try this position if you are sure about your upper body strength and muscle control.

There’s nothing sexy about dropping her on her face when you climax.

#11 – Indrani

This position helps your partner experience multiple pleasure points.

She lies on her back arms cradling her knees.

You kneel, facing her and penetrate. The position might require a little assistance from your partner because of the high amount of friction it creates. If so, have her pull you into her by your buttocks.  Her bent legs press into your chest creating a contraction in her vaginal muscles.

Pure bliss.

Kama Sutra Tips & Tricks

Kama Sutra sexual positions are made for trial and error.

Everyone’s body will respond to stimulation differently, but there are a few secrets to maximizing her pleasure. To get the maximum the sensation from each position, consider these tips:

  • Right before she is about to climax, place both hands flat on the area above her pubic bone and rub outwards towards her hips.
  • If the position is purely penetration for her, use your hands for clitoral stimulation
  • Touch three erotic points on her body at the same time.

Until you are a Kama Sutra master, each position might require a little extra help. These tips will help ensure your props and acrobatics are not used in vain.

Sexual Positions for Everyone

Kama Sutra is great for beginners because there are sexual positions that work for everyone.

Our online guides can help you navigate where to find your next partner to try out your new moves. Vegas is filled with opportunities to help you further explore.

From legal brothels to virtual reality porn sites, you can launch an erotic adventure you won’t find anywhere else.

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