Little Darlings Las Vegas: Inside the All-Nude Strip Club

Little Darlings has carved a reputation as the largest 18+ fully-nude strip club in the USA, and one of the top hookah lounges in Las Vegas.

Are you thinking of visiting Little Darlings? Want to know what to expect once you get there?

We’ve compiled a guide of everything you need to know about the Little Darlings nude bar; including prices, getting there, VIP packages and key booking information.

Little Darlings Strip Club in Vegas

Little Darlings Strip Club in Vegas, courtesy of their Facebook page

Read on for our 2016 guide to Little Darlings Las Vegas.

What’s Inside the Little Darlings Strip Club?

First things to know: this club is deceptively big, tinted in pink and purple shadows with a classic strip bar vibe, and likely to get very very busy on weekends.

Despite the crowds, it does not serve alcohol.

The venue is made up of a large main area with plenty of seating and two stages — one of which only comes to life during peak hours (once the sun sets on Sin City).

There are various VIP seating booths for parties both small and large.

The ladies that work here are plucked from all over Nevada and beyond; some are even known to do a little Vegas escorting on the side. Little Darlings has a roster of exotic dancers to satisfy every taste: blondes, brunettes, black, asian and more.

The clue to what sets this strip club apart lies in the title.

These dancers are ready and willing to drop their panties, or whatever outfit they’re wearing for the night (there are plenty of themes). Sit back and watch the show as every last inch of flesh is bared, while the dancers strut their stuff and work some mesmerizing moves on the dance poles.

If you find a girl who takes your fancy, there are private booths available for couch dancing, as well as ‘private bed dances’ for those who really want to raise their temperature.

Exactly what you see inside Little Darlings will depend on what night you visit.

There is a packed events calendar and the club arranges a number of themed nights, involving sexy outfits, amateur dancers, unlimited hookah and the famous ‘college night’.

Events and Themed Nights at Little Darlings

Little Darlings hookah strip club

Little Darlings club: If you like naked women, and hookah, you’re in luck…

Every Monday and Tuesday is Free Hookah Night. They have over 50 hookah flavors available, making this one of the best hookah bars in Las Vegas.

On Wednesday, it’s Amateur Night. A chance for fresh talent to perform and show exactly what they’ve got, with the chance to win a $500 top prize.

Any would-be ‘little darlings’ reading this who want to take part, please remember to bring a valid ID and social security card. You won’t be able to take part without them.

Thursday is College Night, which is essentially a boarding call for any man with a fetish for school uniform.

Sundays is Lingerie Night. This is when your waitress will be tending to you in sexy thigh-highs and tight lingerie.

Little Darlings Pricing, Cover and VIP

The club has a cover charge of $35, but you can get in for $15 through their ‘Locals and Pass’ pricing (see here). This deal comes with a free limo pickup, taking you and your friends from the strip straight to the Little Darlings Gentleman’s Club.

Here are the best deals at Little Darlings:

Standard VIP Admission

  • Admission for one person
  • Free limo pickup included
  • ‘2-For-1’ Dance Coupon
  • 1 free drink

Couples Experience

  • Admission for two
  • Free limo pickup included
  • VIP booth
  • Bottle of non-alcoholic Champagne

Silver Package

  • Admission for five
  • Free limo pickup included
  • VIP booth
  • ‘Stage Roast’ experience (including picture)

Gold Package

  • Admission for 10
  • Free limo pickup included
  • VIP booth
  • ‘Stage Roast’ experience (including picture)
  • 2 non-alcoholic Champagne bottles

Platinum Package

  • Admission for 20
  • Free limo pickup included
  • VIP booth
  • ‘Stage Roast’ experience (including picture)
  • 4 non-alcoholic Champagne bottles
  • Special VIP Dance for the Guest of Honor

Note that admission is not included, or extra fees apply, if arriving by taxi or third party limo service.

Once inside, the drinks menu includes:

  • Sodas — $4
  • Bottled drinks (non alcoholic) — $6
  • Coffees and teas — $6
  • Slushies — $12

In the absence of booze, Little Darlings makes for a great Vegas hookah bar instead. You can get ‘Hourly Hookah’ for $30, or Unlimited Hookah for $120.

We recall the unlimited hookah deal being previously available as part of the Gold package. It’s not currently listed on the website, but this may still be the case. Check when you visit!

Little Darlings Opening Hours

Little Darlings strip club is open during the following hours:

  • Monday: 11AM to 6AM
  • Tuesday: 11AM to 6AM
  • Wednesday: 11AM to 6AM
  • Thursday: 11AM to 6AM
  • Friday: 11AM to 6AM
  • Saturday: 11AM to 6AM
  • Sunday: 6PM to 4AM

Getting To The Club

Here’s a map of where Little Darlings can be found on Western Ave:

If you are planning to go VIP (starting at just $29 for basic admission), then you can book a free limo pickup.

The free limo is how most people get to Little Darlings.

Little Darlings Dress Code and Exclusions

If you want to actually get in to Little Darlings, you’ll need to abide by their dress code, which is as follows:

  • No beanies / do rags
  • No baggy pants
  • No boxers showing
  • No baggy shirts
  • No visible chains
  • No plain white t-shirts
  • No sleeveless shirts
  • No team jerseys

This is subject to change, but the moral of the story seems to be: dress smart, dress to impress, and try not to look like an urban gangster.

Booking Information

Ready to party at America’s largest all-nude strip club?

Here’s some important links, resources and contact info:

Text LDLV to 702-767-8118 for VIP admission and a free limo (after 8pm only).

Little Darlings Vegas: Our Verdict

Little Darlings has a nice friendly vibe, and — of course — it stands out for its fully nude dancers, some of which are absolutely stunning.

The lack of alcohol may disappoint some revellers, especially anybody who is nervous about taking up the private bed dance invitations. This is more of a hookah ‘chilling’ kind of club.

It’s an expensive night out, just like most trips to a strip club in Las Vegas. But you get what you pay for.

The Little Darlings roster is well worth seeing up close, live and personal in the flesh.

The Good:

  • It’s the biggest 18+ fully nude strip club in America.
  • Girls are friendly and eager to please.
  • Lots of theme nights providing variety; from Hookah Night to Military Night, including other days dedicated to couples and ladies.

The Bad:

  • No alcohol — If you are looking for a ‘wild’ night, best to get your booze in before you reach Little Darlings.
  • It can get expensive fast: $250 for a 30-minute private bed dance. Not for those on a budget!

Note: For other nude bars nearby, check out our Las Vegas Strip Club guide.

Have you been to Little Darlings Las Vegas? What did you think?

Let us know whether you think it is worth the visit.

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