LiveLinks Review: The Best Personals Chat Line?

If you are looking into the world of personals chatlines and also interested in hooking-up then LiveLinks (Call Now: 844-699-2904) might have the best of both worlds.

This free, locals telephone dating service is a crossover service that often gets overlooked by many people as simply a phone sex hotline. However, LiveLinks can offer so much more.

In this review, we take a look at exactly what LiveLinks is all about and just how you can go about using it to good effect in your area today.

What is LiveLinks?

LiveLinks could be mistaken for a phone sex hotline and, probably, some people simply use the service like this. However, LiveLinks offers an alternative to hook-up apps, phone sex and online dating by combining all three in a ‘back-to-basics’ approach.

Ostensibly, LiveLinks offers a telephone dating service that appeals to a lot of women who would prefer to talk rather than type when it comes to getting to know someone. The major benefit to LiveLinks is the instantaneous connection that can be lost when using a web-based or app-based service. For this reason, LiveLinks is pretty popular with women and THAT is no bad thing.

The service has been operating since 1990 and has a good reputation for never using paid operators to ‘bulk’ their service.

How Does LiveLinks Work?

Operating a toll-free (initially) number in over 1300 locations across the US and Canada, LiveLinks connects local singles to chat over the phone. Sound like a blast from the past? Well, it sort of is.

Though we are more used to using web or app based technology to arrange hook-ups or start connecting with people, casual dating in the 80s and 90s would often start with the telephone using box numbers taken out in newspaper personal ads.

livelinks chatline

Not better, but different. Chatlines are a good alternative to hook-up apps. Image via Flickr.

LiveLinks works by your calling their toll-free number to register your profile.

You can get started here:

Call Now: 844-699-2904

You will be prompted to leave a greeting describing yourself and what you are looking for before you get a chance to browse the greetings left by other callers that are online and available now. Once you find someone you like the sound of you can leave them a message or request a live conversation.

And that’s the basic premise. You call, you create a profile and you get connected to singles in your area…..however, there’s more.

What Kind of Features Does LiveLinks Have?

LiveLinks has a couple of additional features that you can use to help you navigate the world of casual phone dating. Firstly, there is an ‘ice-breaker’ option; these are pre-recorded messages that you can use to kick off a conversation if you are too shy to start one yourself.

Additionally, you can add a user to your hot list so that LiveLinks will notify you when they are next online as well as blocked lists so you can remain hidden from certain users if you so choose.

How Much Does LiveLinks Cost?

LiveLinks is free for all women to use and men can benefit from a free trial that lasts seven days. However, after the seven days are up, guys need to buy time packages (in advance, not pay per minute) to continue using the service.

The prices of time packages are as follows:

  • $29.99 for 90 minutes
  • $9.99 for 60 minutes
  • $4.99 for 10 minutes

Packages that are purchased are not eligible for refunds even if you have a complaint.

Is LiveLinks Any Good for a Hook-Up?

The beauty of LiveLinks is that it is an established service offering good privacy and safety plus free memberships for the ladies making it appeal strongly to women.

Unlike a lot of web-based services the fact that they can speak to you and chat properly before meeting is a selling point. As a result, there tends to be a lot more women using this kind of service than app or web based chatrooms/hook-up services.

livelinks telephone dating

It might seem a bit outdated but telephone dating can still be useful. Image via Flickr.

The problem of course is that neither of you get a chance to see what the other one looks like until you meet; unless, of course, you send pictures by text.

That element is down to the individuals concerned and many guys prefer an element of surprise and women seem to like connecting on a personal level before judging a book by its cover.

As for whether the service is any good for hook-ups. The simple answer is yes.

However, there are some caveats to this.

LiveLinks is definitely used by women who are looking for more than just a bunk-up and you need to select your connections carefully based on the greetings you browse as well as listening carefully when you are talking to your chosen connection. Our best advice is to make a good impression and then test the water. Doing it the other way around may seem more efficient but is just guaranteed to get you blocked by the majority of women.

The bottom line is that LiveLinks has garnered a reputation for itself in the world of chat lines and a good percentage of women who do use the service do so for the same reasons as you.

They may just be bored of app service or have, as they say, ‘a face for radio’. To put it bluntly, there are some women who use this service whose profile would be swiped left so hard on Tinder, they’d end up in the Pacific. But then again….there are some pretty good prospects too.

LiveLinks: The Verdict

The LiveLinks chat lines are a good alternative to online dating and using hook-up apps and offer an opportunity to tap into a different source of women who are more keen to connect with a real person that to continually be swiping left and right on various profile shots.

Whilst dating could be on the cards, there is something more wholesome about the way connections are made and, even if you are simply looking for a hook-up, there is a genuine chance that you might actually do it again.

In this respect, LiveLinks could be a good option for men looking for regular casual sex or men who find it difficult to get their profile noticed on apps like Tinder.

The cost is pretty reasonable too but a package of 90 minutes soon runs out when you consider how long each greeting message is and how many you will have to browse through to get to someone you want to know more about.

Overall, LiveLinks is a great service that delivers well on what it says it will; connecting your voice to local singles in your area.

The only problem is that there is nothing to hide behind in a real-life conversation.

No ‘Delete’ key, well-taken profile shots or clever cut and paste from other conversations.

Some men stay clear of chat lines like these because they lack the confidence in themselves to be able to get a date from their wits alone. Perhaps, fortune favors the bold as there are definitely good opportunities on LiveLinks.

Try it for yourself:


Featured image via LiveLinks Twitter.

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