Making A Good Impression: A Guide On What To Talk About On A First Date

For many people, first dates are unforgettable and not for the right reasons. They are often unexciting, awkward, and tortuous, especially for men on whom a huge burden is bestowed.

First dates can be anxiety-producing and nerve-wracking situations because it is difficult to tell if it will lead to burning love or will burn down in flames. Whether you meet your date in person, or through online channels, it is critical to make the best first impression on dates.

As a man, the role you have to play is huge. You need to come up with the right topic to talk about, or you may not get a second date. With the right topic, you will also avoid those awkward silences that are common in first dates.

One thing you must avoid is talking too much about yourself. Girls don’t want to date self-absorbed people who only think about themselves.

On the other hand, try not to look like an FBI agent collecting evidence. As much as you’re asking questions to keep the conversation going, contribute some parts, and talk a little about yourself too. This article will tell you what to talk about on a first date.

1. Who Are the Most Important People in Your Life?

This is a question that can be an ice breaker. A great plus is that your date will not ask you a question back, instead, they may have an instant reaction and will tell you who these individuals are and how they make them feel.

This could lead to a fascinating story about what these people have done for them and how they have worked in their lives to improve them.
In addition to understanding the other person better, you will also assess their abilities and how close their relationships are.

2. Where Is Home?

Your date may be living and working in a town where they are not originally from. In 2014 alone, there were over 120,000 moves in all the 48 States in the country.

Also, it important to know where they have traveled to and where they would love to travel in the future. It is also a great place to ask about their best memories of their home state and where their family lives currently. What are their favorite adventures with family and friends?

It allows you to understand where your date’s heart is tied. It will also give you something about their most treasured memories.

3. Maintain the Right Amount of Eye Contact

This is not a topic to talk about, but it is an important part of the conversation. While eye contact allows your date know that you are listening to them, too much eye contact could have you come off as a creep.

According to psychological science, you don’t have to maintain eye contact for a long time to be persuasive in conversations. This study has shown that when you lock eyes for too long, the other person may think you want to assert dominance. This is not a feeling you want your date to have, especially on your first date and it is also a tactic that is losing precedence.

It is no longer as persuasive as it once was. It may actually be counterproductive. Balancing eye contact is just as important, if not more, than finding the right topic to discuss.

However, this does not mean not looking at your date. According to the wall street journal, the right amount of eye contact is 7-10 seconds. Hold your gaze and briefly look away at the window, the other tables, your food and drinks, and the waiter before returning your eye contact.

4. What Is the Best Food You Have Ever Had?

Food is always a great topic to bring up. This question is also way better than asking about their favorite food. This is mainly because it targets a specific response. You are also more likely to get more than just one-word answers.

The person may also have an elaborate story about the occasion and the place where they had this meal. They may also give you a couple of reasons why it qualified to be their favorite meal. It may also get you an answer to what their favorite food is and why.

5. What Is the One Thing I Wouldn’t Guess About You?

This is a question that is a great ice breaker. It will take your date by surprise, but it will be a good question because it may not be something they have answered countless times while on dates. It will also help you know them better and find out something about them that is not on the surface.

This question could go one of two ways. It could be serious and help you know something about your date that no one knows.

It may also take a different route and help your flirtation game. This is also a great way to ensure that your date feels more confident opening up to you.

6. What Would Be/Is in Your Bucket List?

Do you want a fun question to ask that will tell you the long-term and short term goals of your date? This is it. You can learn about their desires, celebrity crushes, qualities, sex fantasies and biggest dreams in just one question.

It will also tell you whether their goals align with yours. Knowing their bucket list is a perfect chance to know what you have in common and whether they qualify to be your girlfriend and maybe wife.

Pay close attention. You will learn a great deal.

7. What Is Your Most Attractive Quality?

This question will tell you about their confidence level and self-love or lack of. You will also know if your date is arrogant. An arrogant person will reel off and list 20 or more things without even taking a breath.

Either way, you will understand better what the person is like and what they think of themselves and you will also know how they carry themselves and how humble they are.

8. What Would You Do If You Won a Million Dollars Tomorrow?

This is a fun question that will take the edge off and make it a light-hearted conversation. You will also understand what matters most to them and how sensible they are when budgeting their money and see how close they are to their dream life.

If they are happy with who they are, they will probably not make extreme changes to their lives and you have a chance to know those in their lives they wish to help out more and make their lives more comfortable.

9. What Are You Afraid Of?

Here, be ready for any type of answer. Their greatest fear could be anything- an insect, darkness, heights, and it may be something deep, death failure or losing certain individuals in their lives.

Of course, this question will not tell you much about what their lives are like, but at least you will understand what makes them cringe.

10. If You Are Stranded on an Island with Only Three Things, What Would You Want Them to Be?

This is a quirky question that will show their playful side and put them on the spot. You may not gain sight into what matters to them most, but you will see their reasoning. It will also tell you how deep their train of thought runs.

11. What Did You Dream of Becoming as a Child?

The truth is, kids have wild imaginations. These can lead to adorable and funny stories of how easy life is for children. You will also see whether they followed up their desires as kids into adulthood.

It will also give you the chance to ask what they were like as children; were they nerds, shy or bullies or was she popular and part of the cool kids in school. She will tell you more about where she grew up and how much she loved her childhood.

12. What Is Your Favorite Chore?

It is interesting to learn that some people enjoy some chores and loathe others. Does she love doing the laundry and hate cleaning the dishes?

It will tell you something more about what to expect if you two end up dating for the long term. It never hurts to preplan things for the future. However, do not mention that you have already pictured your life together, it may freak her out.

13. Still Wondering What to Talk About on a First Date? Never Pour Your Heart out on Your First Date

The main reason you are going on this date is the urge to enjoy your partner’s crime. A little mystery when dating goes a long way. So, do not turn this date into a therapy session remember to be forthcoming and real but also skip some details for the future.

Go out with Confidence

You do not have to worry about what to talk about on a first date with these questions. The best part is that these questions are not cliché and boring. They also beat asking your date what they do for a living.
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