Massage Parlor Lingo Explained

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So if you read my previous post on massage parlor etiquette, I thought it would be best to get you up to speed on the massage parlor lingo. So you know exactly what to say, and what NOT to say.

The Business: This refers to the massage parlor or the spa itself. It’s where clients can go to get a relaxing massage with a happy ending. The Business is not to be confused with a full brothel. Massage parlors *usually* do not offer full service.

Therapeutic: This term refers to a client who wants nothing more than a normal massage. It is quite likely the people coming in for this are unaware of the happy ending offerings.

The Choice: This phrase is used to describe different services of the massage parlor, such as do you want: topless, g-string or nude. You can choose to have a mutual massage, where you massage each other. The masseuse will present all available options to you.

Session: Session refers to the actual process in which the massage is taking place.

Happy Ending: Happy ending refers to male ejaculation. It can be released in several ways, the most common is hand release better known as the handjob. The other releases are known as breast release and butt release. Pretty self explanatory.

Full Service: This term refers to anything beyond a hand job. As stated, it is rare you will find a massage parlor that offers full service, but there are some out there if you know where to look.

Outcall Massage: This is different from massage parlors by virtue that the masseuse will come to your house. Those who offer this service are:

LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist): They are licensed to practice and provide medical benefits with their services. There are LMTs who give happy endings.

FBSM (Full Body Sensual Massage): Mainly escorts offer this form of massage. There is nothing therapeutic about it. But you do get a happy ending typically by hand release or oral.

And there you have it. The terminology used in all massage parlors. Not too hard to grasp!

I wish you a relaxing massage and a happy ending!


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