Men’s Men: Top 8 Male Cam Websites

With 30% of the entire Internet made up of porn and more than 2 billion web searches for porn annually, it’s safe to say that Internet porn isn’t new.

What is a newer advent is cam websites. Since the invention of high-quality computer cameras and easily accessible Internet, a revolution of new porn has made its way online.

Sex cam sites involve sex workers performing on a video live stream for watchers and audiences around the world.

These performers will strip for you and perform sexual acts on camera, like “regular” porn. The twist with cam sites, though, is that the video live streaming allows for interaction with the audience.

You can speak to them in a live chat and they’ll respond to you directly. You can request (and pay) for them to do or say certain things. It’s a more personalized and interactive sort of porn experience.

Most of these sites feature female sex workers, models, and porn actresses. But what about sites for men who love men? Or perhaps women who love men?

Lucky for you, we’ve scoured the Internet for the best cam websites that feature male performers. Keep reading to learn more before you log on.

1. CameraBoys

CameraBoys is number one on our list because it’s free to join, it has diverse options for a wide variety of tastes/preferences, and it offers awesome features.

CameraBoys lets you search for models based on their amateur/professional status, age, race, sexual orientation, language, body type, and more. You’ll also be able to “save” your favorite performers to a favorites list so you won’t have to go searching again once you find “the one”. 

CameraBoys is free to join, but you’ll want to invest a bit of money into it in order to use the features. Each performer is basically controlled by “tips” provided by you, the audience. If you want them to do something, say something, remove clothing, etc, then you’ll likely need to throw them a tip.

You can interact directly with the performers through live chat services, voice messaging, and even video chat/messages. 

You won’t have to worry about poor video quality, either. Almost all the models/performers on CameraBoys use high-quality cameras. You can even search for performers based on whether they use an HD camera or not.

The best part of all? You can get started with a 10 dollar value of credits for free as long as you verify your credit card info. This gives you a chance to try out the site and see if it’s the one for you.

2. Cam4

If you thought that CameraBoys was specific in terms of their search options, you’ll be amazed by Cam4’s filtering choices. You can filter based on the classics (age, race, body type), but you can also filter based on where in the LGBT+ community they identify, their hair color, by country, by location, etc.

This isn’t a “boys only” site, so you may see some naked ladies pop up.

As with CameraBoys, Cam4 is free to join. However, many of their awesome perks require their gold membership, which costs 19.99 per month, or 119 dollars every year.

Some of these premium features include:

  • Full-screen viewing
  • Watch multiple rooms at one time
  • Private chats with performers
  • Private viewing rooms

Also like CameraBoys (and with most cam websites), performers on Cam4 operate and perform for “tips”. On Cam4, these tips are given via tokens, which you have to pay for.

The downside is that the gold membership is a separate cost from the tokens, meaning you’ll have to pay for two things in order to get the most out of this site.

3. Chatterbate

Catterbate features almost only amateur models. This is great if you want to see “real” guys on camera instead of solely perfectly built porn stars.

As one of the most popular cam sites on the Internet, you’ll have hundreds of choices for who you’re going to watch on any given day. You can choose between women, men, couples, transwomen, transmen, etc, with performers from all over the world of all different races, looks, and ethnicities.

Each performer lists certain actions they’ll do when their virtual tip jar is filled with tips. That’s right: this is another site that requires the use of tips. These acts get more sexual and risque as the jar gets fuller, but be wary of overspending!

It’s free to join with a cost for tips (what they call “coins” on this site). 

Our favorite feature? Many performers have their tip jar linked to a vibrator or sex toy that will turn on every time you add coins to their tip jar. This lets you virtually pleasure your favorite models.

4. LiveJasmin

If you’ve ever watched porn online, chances are you’ve had a pop-up ad for LiveJasmin appear. It’s the most expensive option on our list: you have to pay for every minute you watch along with purchasing tip credits.

If you have the money to spend, though, it’s worth it. LiveJasmin offers great filtering features that let you search for men by race, eye color, hair color, body type, age, amateur vs porn star, etc. 

The best feature by far is the filter titled “willingness”. This feature indicates whether the model is willing to do anything for you on camera. If you tip them enough, they could perform a specific sexual act, play into one of your fetishes, say your name, etc.

You’ll also have access to chatrooms, high-quality video, and a loyalty program.

A downside besides the cost is that you’re essentially forced to buy credits in bulk. This works out for you if you frequent the site, but could hurt your wallet in the long run. 


Like Chatterbate, is one of the most popular cam site options on the Internet, which means you’ll have hundreds of models to choose from. Like most of the other sites on this list, it’s free to sign up, but costs money to buy tokens to tip the performers.

And with this site, you definitely want to tip. There’s one feature in particular that makes stand out amongst the rest: Connexxion. 

Connexxion is a feature that allows you to connect the performer’s sex toy to your own. That gives you a more direct and personal connection to the man you’re watching, which some people love.

Private shows and action requests are purchased with tokens. The good news? You get 100 free tokens for entering your credit card information!

6. ImLive

ImLive is the best budget option on the list. It allows you to watch and chat completely free. The only time you would need to pay is for a private showing, which is charged per minute you watch.

However, the downside is the aesthetics aren’t as high-quality or polished like other sites on this list. The other downside is ImLive lacks the diversity that many queer men desire. You can technically search based on race, body type, and gender, but most searches give you the same white gay men.

It’s essentially made for straight people and mostly skews towards women. While there are men on the site, you’ll usually only find the classic white jocks and a clear lack of queer input on search terms.

7. ChatRandom

If the private and one-on-one shows are what you want most out of a cam site, then ChatRandom is probably your best bet. Simply turn on your camera and you’ll be instantly matched with someone anywhere in the world.

It’s free and easy to use. There’s even a special “gay chat” setting so you can ensure you are matched with a gay man.

However, because it is indeed “random”, that means you don’t really get to pick who you get matched with. If your match isn’t your type, simply click “next” to go on to the next guy in line.

This is awesome if you want genuine interaction and to take a direct part in what you’re seeing. You can also upgrade from the free version to “ChatRandom PLUS” to gain access to more options like filtering and extended chat options. 


Besides the amazing name, this site is awesome because it’s specifically tailored towards gay men. While tokens/credits are standard as they are on the other websites, doesn’t require you to buy packages of tokens.

It’s a “pay as you go” model where your credit card is on file and it charges you for the things you pay for. This gives you control over what you spend, and it doesn’t rope you into expensive package deals that you don’t want.

It’s especially nice since it gives you the option to limit daily spending so you don’t accidentally go overboard.

It has decent quality and some good variety of models. In short, Streamen is great for the budget spender who knows what he wants.

Best Cam Websites for Men Who Love Men

Cam girl sites are everywhere, but cam boy sites are harder to find. These 8 cam websites are some of the best online today with hot guys waiting for you to check them out.

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