Most Realistic VR Porn and Virtual Sex Experiences in 2022

Want to know how realistic virtual sex can be? Looking for the most realistic VR porn experience?

In this guide, we take a look at the wide range of services and products that can help deliver a virtual sex experience like never before. This space is growing fast. Some products are getting to be so lifelike that they are already being used by brothels to replace their sex workers (or give them a night off at least).

We’ll start with some classic VR porn to ease you into the options, before exploring some alternatives which might just blow your socks off…

What Is The Most Realistic VR Porn?

Combined with a good headset and, where available, an interactive sex toy, virtual reality porn is one of the most widely available virtual porn experiences.

The cost of the technology required has fallen significantly over the last few years and an entry level device can be yours for under $100.

In fact, Google Cardboard offers a VR headset at next to nothing.

Of course, the quality of the experience very much depends on the quality of the gear so if you want to enjoy premium viewing then it is worth forking out the extra cash for the best headset you can afford.

virtual real porn VR most realistic virtual sex experiences
VR porn brings the action that bit closer for a more immersive feeling.

Most of the premium porn sites now offer a great selection of movies that have been shot in either 180 degree or full 360 degree and the choice now extends to thousands of great titles.

If you want a truly immersive experience, the sites offering 360 degree coverage are great for ‘escaping’ the room and dumping you right in the middle of the action.

However, from our experience, it’s the fidelity of the movie that matters most.

The best VR porn studios are those that shoot in the highest definition (and FPS) using the latest equipment. (And trust us, that equipment does NOT come cheap…)

If we had to recommend one service specifically for quality, it would be the so-called ‘Netflix of VR Porn’… Sex Like Real.

Sex Like Real - most realistic VR porn site

Sex Like Real aggregates some of the very best VR porn scenes from some of the biggest studios in the world.

It has plenty of categories and tags for you to find the scenes that tickle your fancy, but one of the best filters is the quality tagging.

Most realistic scenes

Here you can search out the highest quality productions at up to 120 FPS.

With a huge selection of VR porn and an intuitive platform, our dear researchers have sunk many hours in to exploring the ins and outs of the Sex Like Real platform.

And we like it a lot.

For volume of movies, value for money, and an altogether immersive VR porn experience – we highly recommend you check it out.

Most Immersive VR Porn Sites

The following sites have the best and biggest range of movies and most offer a couple to preview or, at very least, a cheap trial.

However, all are premium subscription sites so you should expect to pay a monthly fee of around $30 to access all of the content available.

If you enjoy VR porn then it is well worth signing up as a member so you get instant notification of brand new titles plus most sites offer some great bonus sites to sweeten the deal.

Best Interactive Porn

VR porn is just one way to get a realistic experience but is principally a submersive way to enjoy a regular porn film.

What VR lacks is interaction and that is just what is offered by these two sites.

The interactive porn genre is a style where you get to choose how the action unfolds. Though the basic idea is similar to a ‘Choose your own adventure’ game, the content is very immersive.

Life Selector

The first website to offer this kind of adult entertainment, Life Selector provides pre-filmed porn videos that have a variety of different journeys and endings depending on how you choose each scene to play out.

life selector interactive porn most realistic virtual sex experiences
Choose your own porn adventure with Life Selector.

You choose the character you want to play and then direct the action at key points. Movies are filmed in POV and allow you to choose the style and position of how sex takes place.

The site has worked with some big names in the porn industry to bring you high-definition videos featuring the hottest models. As well as Riley Reid, Mia Malkova, August Ames and Dillion Harper you can also enjoy action featuring new faces.

You can watch and play some of the porn for free but access to the good stuff is via purchasing credits.


A similar offering to Life Selector, Saboom is a new website offering interactive porn but on a subscription basis. All of the movies are filmed in full HD and there are over 200 titles to choose from. Members also get access to additional content.

Much like Life Selector, you get to choose how the on-screen action unfolds but, more, you can also put yourself in the shoes of a porn producer and completely personalise your own adult movie.

Nominated for an AVN and XBiz Award in 2012, the site is quite popular in Germany as well as in the U.S. and Australia.

Best Immersive Porn Experiences

Offering a similar experience to interactive porn, an immersive porn experience with these two sites gives you all the benefits of Life Selector and Saboom but with plug-n-play sex toys to deliver an extra kick.

The idea is that you will both see and FEEL the action as it unfolds.


uFeel is the first interactive adult channel that provides quality porn filmed in POV coupled with fully interactive speed control for a compatible sex toy (see below).

As well as choosing the speed you get a choice of the positions available so you can enjoy an experience that is fully synchronised with the on-screen action.

You can download a free video to trial the service but access to the video store is only available with a membership. Subscription fees start at $29.95 per month with discounts available if you sign up for longer.

ufeel tv most realistic virtual sex experiences
With uFeel, you can feel the difference.

Feel Me

Feel Me is another immersive, interactive and synchronised porn site that works with your Bluetooth enabled sex toy to give you one of the best virtual sex experiences around.

Ostensibly a curated library of the best VR and interactive porn around, Feel Me brings you content from other sites such as ImLive, We Vibe, Feel Porna, Red Light Center, Cam4 and other premium sites.

The archive of movies works with your sex toy so that you can feel what you see on screen, some with full 360o VR content.

Compatible with most major brands of sex toys and VR devices, you can join Feel Me for free but access to content is for subscribers only.

Most Realistic VR Sex Games

For some, virtual reality games offer the best kind of realism when it comes to a virtual sex experience.

This is often less to do with the graphics which, although very well rendered for animation, aren’t nearly as realistic as HD video. What many people enjoy for an interactive sex experience is the fact that they can ‘meet’ real people and have virtual sex with them.

3dx chat most realistic virtual sex experiences
3DX Chat is one of dozens of virtual worlds online that offer an adult experience.

There’s a lot of 3D sex games out there, some of which offer a very good playing experience and it depends on what kind of genre you like as to what you will enjoy.

From fantasy and adventure gameplay to parodies of popular movies, console games and cartoons there is something for everyone.

We’ve selected those games that offer the best virtual sex experience where you can enjoy the company of real life humans and/or that offer more by way of interactivity.

3DX Chat

3DX Chat is a, wait for it, MMORPG…a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

Yes, the game is virtual world populated (in the main) by real people. You can just explore the environment to socialise and network with the community but the real fun is in the interactions you can have with other players.

Voted Most Innovative Sex Game and winning praise from popular online adult magazines for offering the ‘Best Virtual Sex’ and ‘Best MMO Graphics’, 3DX Chat is one of the most popular 3D adult games of its kind.

Consider it an extreme and adult version of Second Life or the Sims and you will understand why it is so popular and addictive. You get to choose your own online personality and avatar and then have as much sex as you like. The game is pretty complex and reflects some of the real work dating etiquette and culture such that many people have active virtual relationships on 3DX Chat.

You pay a subscription fee for membership which can be as low as $7.67 per month if you sign up for a full year in advance.

It’s not as immersive as interactive porn but certainly gives you more choice in how you spend your time and what you get up to.

3D Sex Villa 2

3D Sex Villa 2 is very similar to 3DX Chat in terms of what you get here; a multiplayer virtual world that you can explore to your hearts content and enjoy a lot of sex in the process.

What 3D Sex Villa 2 has that 3DX Chat doesn’t have is sex toy support. Yes, you can plug-n-plunge with this game by connecting your Fleshlight vStroker. For this reason, 3D Sex Villa 2 offers a far more interactive experience and you can enjoy the synchronicity of the on-screen action using this popular sex toy (see below).

3d sex villa 2 most realistic virtual sex experiences
For sheer variety, 3D Sex Villa 2 is a winner. Virtual sex doesn’t come in more choices of position, location and range of players.

3D Sex Villa 2 has a huge online community with whom you can share content, experiences and tips plus there is a huge amount of variety in what you get. The 100,000 items you can access as a member include:

  • 52000+ virtual models
  • 4900+ sex toys to use in-play
  • 15000+ sexy clothes
  • 60000+ sexual poses
  • 4500+ user submitted scripted scenes

Member can also watch more than 25000 recorded movies from the game that the community have shared.

The game is available to download for free but the expansion packs and community access all come at a cost.


A similar offering to 3DX Chat, YaReel is a more basic version of these two games which you can play for free.

yareel sex game
Explore this interactive world of the casual hookup with up to 20000 users. Image via website.

As long as you play often enough you can build up your points without having to pay for tokens. It’s not the best 3D game on the market but it might whet your appetite for something a little more realistic whilst you save your paycheck.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive list of realistic sex games, see our dedicated adult games guide.

Most Realistic Virtual Girlfriends

Yes, virtual girlfriends are a thing and, no, they are not just a sex doll.

AI technology has advanced to such a level that having a girlfriend could become a thing of the past if you prefer your romance fully customised.

The most advanced candidate we’ve seen in this space is Virtual Mate.

virtual mate VR game

You can see a full breakdown of the Virtual Mate tech in this review, but to summarise:

Currently being crowdfunded through IndieGoGo, it’s technically an adult VR game complete with a male sex toy device.

Synchronized using revolutionary technology, they link up the latest in teledildonics with incredible 3D (or 2D) graphics to deliver an immersive, virtual girlfriend experience.

The Virtual Mate is a multi functional VR sex toy that claims to be able to offer seamless interactivity with an array of virtual women using some of the finest and highest definition 3D imaging.

Source: Red Light Network

There are other apps, like Invisible Girlfriend, that are powered by real humans that will make it feel as though you have a significant other.

Or there’s the version of ‘Alexa’ (Azuma Hikari) that gives you a much more personal welcome there are plenty of options to bring some GFE to your virtual sex experience.

Lifelike Sex Dolls

Of course, sex dolls have been around for decades and most of us aware at just how far they have come since the 1980s when your cheap inflatable doll lasted all but a few days.

Modern technology has allowed the humble love doll to evolve from a basic PVC model to fully reticulated, posable skeletons covered by cyber skin.

If you have the budget for one, you can even purchase models that feature artificial intelligence, heaters to pre-warm the orifices and sensors to allow virtual responses to your best seduction moves.

There is a huge range of love dolls available to customise online and the best models start at around $2000. Most are manufactured in Asia but you can get some that are made in the USA.

Our current top recommendation for quality and realism is the RealDoll company.

Their sex dolls are on a completely different level to the competition.

sex doll most realistic virtual sex experiences
Sex dolls have come a long way since the 80s and offer a realistic sex experience.

Best Virtual Sex Accessories For Added Realism

Of course, none of these virtual sex experiences would be possible without technology and it is thanks to the advances in virtual reality, artificial intelligence and manufacturing that means we can get closer to the real deal so much more conveniently.


If you want to enjoy the best VR porn experience then you will need to ensure that you invest in a good headset.

Yes, you can pick up some cheap varieties at the electrical store but compatibility here is key and most of the content available on the premium sites is tried and tested with one or more of the following models.

They aren’t budget range, but you can pick them up second-hand or at a discount if you shop around.

However, it’s not until you compare a cheap model with one of these back-to-back that you can really appreciate the difference. Trust us when we say, you will be glad you spent a little extra.

  • Samsung Gear
  • Playstation VR
  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Rift
  • HOMiDO V2
VR headset most realistic virtual sex experiences
A quality VR headset doesn’t have to cost the earth with some models being under $100.

Interactive Sex Toys

A lot of the content on the sites we’ve reviewed above come with a more immersive experience via the use of Bluetooth enabled sex toys.

As long as your sex toy comes with this function then it should work with the site, however, we have our favorites and, again, these are often tried and tested with the developers to bring you an optimum virtual sex experience.

The Fleshlight vStroker is an obvious choice and is one of the most popular interactive sex toys on the market.

A trusted brand, the toy also comes with access to an online video store where you can try your product out using content specifically designed for use with this device.

Kiiroo and Lovense have both developed sex toys that offer couples a virtual sex experience with matching technology to make long distance relationships even more intimate.

The Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl and Loveens Nora and Max use wireless technology and a mobile app to deliver phone sex like you’ve never tried before.