The Thriving Brothels of Mound House

Want to know more about legalised prostitution in Mound House, Nevada?

Prostitution may be legal in parts of Nevada but not all communities have ready access to a licensed brothel with bordellos in some areas of the state being as rare as hens’ teeth. It therefore seems a little unfair when you consider that some parts of Nevada have a huge choice, including Mound House in the west of the state.

In this guide, we take a look at the brothels of Mound House and consider why business is still booming, despite other areas of Nevada considering a ban on the traditional state brothels (see Are Brothels Going to Be Banned in Nevada?)

Community of Mound House

Situated in Lyon County, about 50km to the south of Reno and lying adjacent to Carson City but beyond the state line, Mound House is an unremarkable area of Nevada. The community is a relatively small but vibrant one with a population of around 18,800 people. It is a rural part of the state mainly denoted by mining, industrial and commercial businesses and a handful of residential areas.

brothels of mound house

Mound House is a rural part of Nevada but with plenty of tourists. Image via Flickr.

However, it is the precise location of Mound House in proximity to the state capital of Carson City and the popular tourist destination of Reno that makes it a prime spot for one of the community’s most famous assets; four popular brothels.

Lyon County is one of a handful of counties in Nevada where prostitution is legalised, the others being:

  • Churchill County – Legal but currently no active or licensed brothels.
  • Elko County – 8 licensed brothels all currently active.
  • Esmerelda County – Legal but currently no active or licensed brothels.
  • Humboldt County – Legal only in the community of Winnemucca but no active or licensed brothels.
  • Lander County – One licensed brothel.
  • Mineral County – One licensed brothel.
  • Nye County – 4 licensed and active brothels.
  • Storey County – One licensed brothel.
  • White Pine County – Two licensed brothels

Mound House Brothels

However, brothels are only licensed in the community of Mound House with the Lyon County Code restricting the number to a maximum of four bordellos.

At present, the licenses have been issued to the following four brothels.

Bunny Ranch

69 Moonlight Rd, Carson City, NV 89706

Also known as the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, this Nevada brothel is owned and operated by the infamous ‘Trump from Pahrump’, Denis Hof. He also owns all of the other three ranches in Mound House (see below).

bunny ranch mound house brothel

The Bunny Ranch is one of the most famous brothels in Nevada. Image via website.

The ranch has been continuously operating on its existing site since 1955, long before legalisation of the sex-industry came into place for Nevada in 1971.

It is often referred to as the most famous of all of the state brothels and has featured in the HBO series, ‘The Cathouse’. The star of the programme is the long-serving ‘Bunny’, Air Force Amy. Now 53, she has worked at the Bunny Ranch since the 1990s and reportedly earns the business about half a million dollars a year.

The ranch operates like a sex resort with a full-service bar, sex bungalows, VIP suites and lush bedrooms. It’s a high-end operation where Hof and his ‘Bunnies’ put on a high-end experience for customers, offering a comprehensive ‘sex menu’.  From oral sex and erotic massage through to BDSM, fetishes and porn star experiences the Bunny Ranch has dozens of courtesans and is considered one of the finest brothels in Nevada.

The Bunny Ranch is open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Love Ranch

95 Kit Kat Dr, Carson City, NV 89706

Formerly known as the Bunny Ranch Two, the Love Ranch is situated with the Kit Kat and Sagebrush ranches on a cul-de-sac that is known locally as the Madame Suzette and Denis Hof’s Red Light District.

mound house brothels love ranch

The Love Ranch sits on a bend in Kit Kat Drive with two other brothels and a strip club. Image via Google Maps.

It is another high-end and luxurious experience with a great line-up of girls including some porn stars like Sunny Lane, Lexia James and Helena Price. In fact, the stable has over 500 licensed ladies on their books although there are usually 40-50 available at any given time.

As with the Bunny Ranch, there are VIP suites available as well as a fully licensed bar.

You can find a full and more detailed review of the Love Ranch in our online guide to this Nevada brothel.

The Love Ranch is open 24/7.

Kit Kat Ranch

48 Kit Kat Dr, Mound House, NV 89706

Completely refurbished in 2012 to become part of Hof’s Cathouse stable, the Kit Kat Ranch reopened in 2016 to offer some truly luxurious accommodation. Most of the rooms are styled in a boutique theme and there is also a full two-bedroom apartment overlooking the ranch for big-spenders to stay on site.

The line-up of ladies can be taken from across all four brothels with one or two dozen available each day at the Kit Kat.

The business house of the Kit Kat Ranch are 24 hours, seven days a week.

Sagebrush Ranch

51 Kit Kat Dr, Carson City, NV 89706

Formerly run by ex-Bunny Ranch prostitute, Linda Fondren, the Sagebrush is the fourth brothel owned in Mound House by Denis Hof.

It is self-styled as ‘a full service sex vacation spot’ complete with luxurious accommodation, bar and a nearby restaurant.

mound house brothels sagebrush

The accommodation at Sagebrush has been completely renovated. Image via website.

The set-up is similar to all of the other three ranches in town with the same stable of girls available to rotate around the brothels but with about a dozen being on hand at Sagebrush. Services range from simple hand or oral relief to erotic massage, GFE, threesomes and orgies. You can also have most fetishes catered for as well as having a private sex tape made.

The Sagebrush Ranch never closes and is open 24/7.

Mound House Brothels: A Thriving Business?

Just like those brothels in Nye County that benefit from their proximity to Las Vegas, the location of Mound House close to Reno and Carson City makes it an ideal location. Both counties are also well-placed on the western edge of Nevada close to California, the most populous state in the U.S.

Nevada has a world-famous reputation for its brothels and as being the only state in the U.S. where prostitution is legal. The combination of the twin sin cities of Reno and Vegas offering 24/7 gambling, strip clubs and readily available adult entertainment therefore make the state an ideal destination for hedonists seeking all kinds of pleasure. It certainly makes Mound House (and other counties in Nevada) popular with tourists.

And, with just four licensed being permissible in Mound House, those brothels listed above have a happy monopoly between them on the business. Although customers can choose, the girls’ rates are all kept very much in line with the other houses.

However, though just a 30-minute drive outside of Reno and being the closest location for a taste of legalized prostitution, it is estimated that the vast majority of visitors looking for sex in Nevada choose not to visit a regulated brothel. In fact, a study published in 2011 showed that more than 60 times the amount of money spent on prostitution in Nevada is transacted illegally rather than through a brothel.

brothels mound house denis hof

Denis Hof (L) faces a troubled future if anti-prostitution campaigners get a victory in Novembers vote to ban brothels in Lyon County. Image via Wikimedia.

With the latest action from anti-prostitution campaigners, the bordellos of Lyon County face an uncertain future as voters take to the polls in November 2018 to decide whether to end legalised brothels.

What lies ahead for the whore houses of Mound House will soon be decided for them and, if they lose their status quo, there will no doubt be huge ramifications for the rest of the sex-industry in Nevada. So, for the time being at least, now is the opportunity to hit Mound House and maybe get a last taste of what these ranches have to offer.

Featured image via Flickr.

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