Naughty America VR Review

Never backwards in coming forwards, the porn industry is hot on the heels of any new technology, particularly virtual reality, and every big production studio wants a slice of the VR action; including Naughty America.

Naughty America VR has become one of the most popular virtual reality porn sites over the last two years, and we wanted to know why…

With its own stable of VR content and a good offering of big porn stars we take a look at what you get for your membership to as well as the quality of their videos.

A History of Naughty America VR

The parent company of Naughty America VR is the popular porn website of the production company, Naughty America. Founded in 2001 and formerly known as SoCal Cash, the company changed its name in 2004.

Now one of the biggest studios around, Naughty America has produced over 70 feature length DVDs from its San Diego based studio and continues to populate its website with exclusive content.

Naughty America VR review

The site has exclusive content and is filmed in high definition with innovative angles.

The parent website is ranked as the 2,283rd most popular site in America (3,454th globally) with its VR website ranking at 40,567th (81,814th globally).

Launched in 2015 to complement its existing customer offerings, most of the traffic for Naughty America VR is from the US (30.8%) with Japan and Spain being the second and third most popular visitors (11.2% and 5.9% respectively).

Naughty America VR is a natural progression for the studio with the continued uptake in VR porn demonstrating the natural development of global porn viewing trends.

Naughty America VR: Overview

Naughty America VR has a good sized library of content covering a wide range of viewing tastes but specializes in mainstream content featuring teens and MILFs. Most scenes are shot using the talents of popular porn stars that the main studio regularly works with.

There are currently 170+ true VR films available in their library covering a wide range of tagged keywords including:

  • Deepthroating (58 scenes)
  • High Heels (35 scenes)
  • Foot Fetish (10 scenes)
  • Group Sex (7 scenes)
  • Anal (13 scenes)
  • Big Dick (48 scenes)
  • Tattoos (83 scenes)


Porn stars of Naughty America VR

As a big studio, Naughty America has some exclusive access to the biggest names in porn.

The scenes are shot in a range of locations and include doctors’ offices, bars, hotels and the great outdoors.

As a major production company, Naughty America can bring some big names to the VR world and the videos can be filtered by porn star. Models include Rachel Starr, Alexis Adams, Kayla Kayden, Bridgette B and Riley Reid.

Though hardcore in action, the majority of scenes are for a mainstream porn audience and do not cover niche areas like fetish or extreme porn. There are some fetish and BDSM offerings but aficionados of the genre may find these more ‘vanilla’.

The studio is aiming to add content to the site twice weekly with the focus being on great quality and not just quantity. Certainly all of the new movies being uploaded feature the latest in VR filming technology.


Films available on Naughty America VR are compatible with iPhone and Android, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear.

Most of the content is filmed in 60 fps and is a mix of 180-360 degree camera angles (mostly 180 deg.).

Naughty America Virtual Reality porn

Featuring 180 POV, the films are high def and have binaural sound.

Basic technical help is available on the website but you can also contact Naughty America customer support for further assistance. They are usually pretty good at getting back to people quickly, particularly if you are a paying member.

Naughty America VR: Costs of Membership

There are various perks and benefits of subscribing to NaughtyAmericaVR, the main one being that you also get access to the main site. This means that, in addition to the 170+ VR movies, you will also be able to access over 7600+ videos from their extensive archives.

You have several options for subscribing to the site including two types of trial as well as regular membership and the Fantasy Bundle package. Costs for membership are as follows:

  • 3 Day Trial: $1.95 – you can stream as much content as you want and download one full VR movie.
  • 7 Day Trial: $4.95 – as above.
  • Monthly membership: $24.95 per month – access to 47 porn sites (see Naughty America VR: Bonus Content), unlimited downloads and mobile support.
  • Annual membership: $71.40 (equivalent to $5.95 per month) – as above
  • Fantasy Bundle: $139.40 (equivalent to $19.95 per month) – as above but with an additional access to 8 exclusive partner sites

Payment can be made by a number of traditional methods including check, PayPal and major credit cards but you can also pay by Bitcoin.

Bonus Content

All members (with the exception of trial memberships) receive additional access to 47 porn sites. Though most of the content is duplicated from the parent site, it does make finding a niche area of interest much easier. Sites include those that specialize in lesbian, Asian and Milf content as well as those with a more general appeal.

Naughty America's bonus content

With access to 47 sites, the content isn’t different to the parent site but is easier to find. Image via website.

The Fantasy Bundles includes all of the above but additional access to the following sites:

  • MILF Sugar Babes
  • Randy’s Roadstop
  • Perfect Fucking Strangers
  • Creampie
  • College Sugar Babes
  • Real Teens VR
  • Tonight’s Boyfriend
  • Tonight’s Girlfriend

Naughty America VR: Our Verdict

There is no doubting the might of Naughty America as one of the world’s largest producers and archivists of adult content.

Though some might not be a fan of the Hollywood production qualities and immaculate porn stars, the range of scenes and interests is not to be sniffed at.

As far as the VR offering goes, it looks as though their foray into Virtual Reality will follows the same trends – porn for the masses with high-production qualities and big name stars.

When it comes to prices, the subscription costs for Naughty America VR are competitive compared to others on the market but where NaughtyAmerica goes one better is their ability to offer their substantial back catalog too. This is definitely a deal sweetener and should provide most people with the temptation they need to try VR out.

In terms of the back office, Naughty America also has the edge over competitors. The company employs 60 staff and they can easily service their large membership community and respond to problems, questions and issues quickly.

Overall, there’s not much wrong with Naughty America VR and, with cheap trial memberships available, we’d be hard pushed to find a reason to stop you trying it.

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