Purrfect LV: Swingers Club Review

Looking for a Las Vegas swingers club with a difference? Purrfect might have just the parties for you.

Purrfect does not have a fixed address but, instead, organises upmarket parties across Las Vegas for its members. Events take place at popular and iconic hotels and casinos including Caesar’s Palace and the Mandalay with guests being able to enjoy a safe and private environment to enjoy adult fun.

In this review, we take a look at what kind of swingers club Purrfect is, the kind of events being run and give you all the information you need to make a booking.


Purrfect is a private but free members only club based in Las Vegas that organises events across the city in popular casinos and prestigious hotels. Their events are for couples, single females and limited single males and are mainly a socialising and networking opportunity.

Parties are held at a range of locations and the main events are often a pre-cursor to an after party held in a private suite in the casino or hotel. Whilst some of these can be organized, it is common for members to hold their own impromptu parties in their own private rooms afterwards with the people who they have hit it off with during the meet.

swingers party las vegas purrfect

The beauty of Purrfect’s parties is their diversity. Summer Soirees are particularly popular. Image via Facebook.

The club is an excellent way for visiting swingers to connect with other like-minded couples staying in Las Vegas and the events are very popular.

The age range of members is mostly between 20 and 40 years old with guests often being from out of town but with a base of regulars who know the city. It is this diverse mix which helps keep the club fresh and appealing.

Overall, the reviews for the events held by Purrfect are very commendable and most visitors are impressed with the choice of location, the mix of people and the atmosphere created. Few swingers who visit Las Vegas will not be tempted by what’s on offer with Purrfect parties.


Facilities for each event vary depending on the venue chosen for the party. The club chooses prestigious and upmarket locations from across Las Vegas including:

  • The Other Room @ The Caesar Hotel
  • Embassy Suites @ The Hilton Resort
  • Foundation Room @ The Mandalay Hotel
  • Voodoo Night Club @ Rio Hotel

Parties are private and guests can enjoy whatever facilities each venue has to offer. This often includes the use of a night club, pool or, in the case of the Mandalay, a roof top terrace.


Events are held most Thursday and Saturdays throughout the year with some themed occasions tying in with holidays like Halloween, New Years Eve and Memorial Day.

You can full details of the upcoming events by checking out the website.

You must be a member of the club to purchase a ticket and attend an event. Signing up is free and takes a few minutes on the website.

purrfect las vegas swingers parties

Purrfect events do vary each week so always check your ticket for details of the venue and timings. Image via website.

Opening Times

Purrfect runs parties on Thursday and Saturday nights, with the general opening hours being as follows:

  • Thursday: 7.00pm to Midnight
  • Saturday: 9.00pm to 4.00am

However, event times do vary so it is worth checking the website for full details.


Prices for attending the events varies depending on the location and the date but in general you can expect admission to be charged at the following rates:

  • Couples: $60 ($40 for locals)
  • Single men: $20-$100
  • Single women: Free – $20

Most events have VIP tickets available which often include a private table and a bottle. These also vary in price but can be as little as $120 or upwards of $350 for four people.


Purrfect run their parties at some of the top venues in Las Vegas including the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Hilton Resort, Caesar’s Palace and the Rio Hotel & Casino. The location for events varies each week with full details being available on the website when you purchase your tickets.

purrfect parties las vegas swingers club

Guests can enjoy all the facilities as laid on by the venues. Image via Facebook.

Contact Details/Making a Booking

You can get in contact with the party organizers by telephone on (702) 743-1170 or via email on info@purrfectlv.com.

You can also follow Purrfect LV via social media as follows:

All prices are correct as of May 2018 but may be subject to change. Please check the website for the latest prices and deals.

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