How To Hook Up In Reno

Heading to Nevada and looking for some no-strings attached fun?

Reno is a great example of why the best things often come in small packages. Yes, hooking up in the Biggest Little City in the world is pretty easy as long as you know where to look and how to approach casual dating. In many ways, this city is pretty typical of other North American hotspots but there is a hedonistic vibe here which visitors can capitalize on.

In this Reno Hookups guide, we’ll give you a run down of some of the best ways you can improve your chances of hooking up in Nevada’s second biggest party city.

How Easy Is It to Hook Up in Reno?

Let’s cut straight to the chase here and find out what your chances are of picking up in this city.

As we know, Reno itself isn’t a large place and the population here is around a quarter of a million people. Most of these locals work in the service sector at the city’s hotels, casinos and bars. As a result, most local girls are generally pretty busy during the working day and at night they tend to shy away from the bright lights of Reno’s tourist trappings.

reno hook ups casual

That being said, at the weekends and evenings there is always a chance of picking up a local girl.

So, the main game here in Reno is with the visitors and tourists and here is where it gets interesting…

Since 2018 this small city plays host to around five million visitors every year and although this has taken a hit since the global pandemic, business is slowly starting to return to normal.

Tourists come here from right across North and Latin America as well as from Asia, Europe and Oceania.

And what’s special about Reno’s tourism over anywhere else in Nevada (except Las Vegas, of course) is that the majority of the visitors to this city are here for a party.

Drawn by the big neon lights of the casinos and clubs, the tourists in Reno are more open to a good time than anywhere else in the United States.

Along with Las Vegas we think Reno is one of the best and easiest places to hook up and your chances of success are high.

Day Game in Reno

You can usually split your chances of hooking up anywhere into a game of two halves; day time and night time.

But Reno is a little different because the night and day here can often have the same opportunities.

With many casinos being open 24/7 (pre-pandemic) and bars and clubs offering daytime opening hours, there’s a huge crossover of ways to get a pick up.

For us, the best places to hook up during the day at Reno are in hitting one of the hotels that has a pool.  

day game reno hook ups casual
The Sierra Grand Resort Hotel, Reno.

The Sierra Grand Resort & Casino is one the most popular and they’re open from 10.00am to 7.00pm. With two bars, an infinity pool, fire pits and a grill restaurant it gets busy with kids and families which is why we’d recommend upgrading to a cabana or day bed on the Serenity Deck or Infinity VIP Pool Deck.

The Peppermill also has a great pool as do plenty of other hotels and resorts.

Away from the pools, we can definitely recommend the city’s hookah bars as a good day game opportunity. These artisan boutique lounges have become pretty trendy over the last few years and you get plenty of hipster types here but also a lot of the ‘just curious’.

The casinos themselves are all great places to find single women but you do have to be careful here as the gaming floor security aren’t keen on single men prowling for game. Particularly if you have your eye on someone who’s winning!

And as with any city, the day game in Reno’s malls and cafes are also pretty good. The Outlets at Legends and Firecreek Crossing are two top spots but also check out The Summit Reno, Meadowood Mall and Sparks Galleria Shopping Center.

If you want to up your game to try and hook up with some more mature types or just want to try your hand in a more cultural part of town then the Museum of Art is worth a visit.

And finally, Midtown is a very decent area to head during the day and this trendy/hip part of town has a lot of attractions for alt-singles.

Chock full of tattoo parlors, body piercing salons, cannabis stores, junk shops, funky cafes and gastropubs it’s a real pick and mix of potential hook-ups.

night game reno hook ups casual

Night Game in Reno

Alongside Las Vegas, Reno could well be one of the best places in the world to hook up at night.

It’s a city full of clubs, bars, casinos and entertainment venues which are pretty much open until daybreak. And most people who come here do so to get in the party spirit.

The result is a huge selection of places to find singles and as long as you are within spitting distance of a neon light then your chances of pulling a casual date are extremely high!

Whatever kind of night game you are used to, here are options here from cocktail lounges with elegant, professional and mature singles to glitzy casinos hosting a mixed bag of bachelorettes and foreign visitors.

The Lex Nightclub is one of the biggest and best nightclubs if you prefer the music scene but there are also a couple of other great places including:

  • The Point Nightclub
  • The Bluebird Nightclub
  • Faces NV
  • 1UP
  • 5 Star Saloon

All decent enough options, there are also some clubby lounges in the casinos and hotels including The Fireside Lounge at The Peppermill and Novi at Eldorado Resort Casino.

night game reno hook ups fireside lounge peppermill
The Fireside Lounge @ The Peppercorn. Image via TravelNevada.

If you’d prefer to avoid the dark clubs and loud music then bars are probably your next best bet and there are tons of choices.

Our best bets for singles are:

  • Our Bar
  • Chapel Tavern
  • Death & Taxes Cocktail Bar
  • Red Rock Bar
  • 1864 Tavern

We’d also recommend the West Second Street Bar which often has karaoke nights and this dimly lit pub can be a great place to find fun-loving game.

Another great way to hook up is a one of the city’s late night pool clubs. The Grand Sierra Resort & Casino has great Friday and Saturday night parties which run from 10.00pm to 2.00am. Not ideal for late night leisure swimming but the ladies use it as an excuse to get their bikinis out. Hey, no complaints from us!

An alternative to the touristy neon lights of Reno itself is to head to the hipster area of Midtown.

With more of a locals vibe, the neighborhood has fast become one of the most trendy places in Reno to spend your evenings. Littered with industrial chic cafes, late night bars with DJs and live music it’s a great place to people watch and offers up a lot of ways to hook-up.

The Z Bar is a classy cocktail lounge which has a great atmosphere and seems to always attract some of the best looking game in the city.

Best Hook Up Apps to Get Laid in Reno

Not everyone is good at hooking up on the fly and many people go cold at the thought of hanging around bars and clubs making small talk with every girl in the room.

Fortunately there are some great ways to dip your toe in the water to find out who is actively seeking a casual encounter in Reno.

There are tons of hook up apps and casual dating websites covering this Nevada city and most are free to use or, at least, are pretty cheap.

reno hook up apps

Adult Friend Finder is one of our top go-to sites for finding no-strings attached fun and you don’t nee to pay to get some success with the platform. However, if you are regular city-hopper and hooking up is often on your mind when you stay away then it really does pay to become a member.

Monthly costs start at around $40 which might seem a bit pricey but, trust us when we say that, this is an investment well worth spending.

Known for being used by swingers and adults looking for a quick hook up, AFF is the world’s largest community of people just like you.

App-wise, all of the major platforms have a great coverage in Reno and the ubiquitous Tinder is still one of the best shouts for casual hook ups but you can also try:

  • 3nder
  • Blendr
  • Bumble
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • Disckreet
  • Down
  • Mimitate
  • Pure
  • Sexy Vibes
  • Skout
  • Tiki Talk
  • Tingle
  • Whiplr
  • Wingman

We have a summary of the pros and cons of these apps in our Las Vegas Hookup App guide.

Tips for Getting Laid In Reno

So those are some ideas of where to set up shop to get your best game action but how else can you improve your chances?

Dress to Impress

Okay, okay we know that this one goes without saying and we don’t expect everyone to be booted and suited but if you want to improve your chances here then you need to look the part.

Dress casual or dress smart but dress clean and make sure you look sharp. Oh, and always make sure you smell great too.

Pay Attention

A lot of people who play the field tend to be used to being the one to make the first moves but here in Reno it can be pretty common for women to take the initiative. At very least, they’re more prone to giving off ‘come-on’ signals.

In this way, you really do need to be paying attention as there will probably be more opportunities  than you’re used to.

hook up tips reno
Game in Reno can be pretty forward so keep your spidey senses primed for signals.

Be Wary of Professionals

Although prostitution is legal in Nevada there are some counties where it isn’t and Washoe is one of them.

This doesn’t seem to stop a lot of hookers from trying their luck, particularly around the casinos where they know its easier to pick up. Not always easy to spot and often more high class call girls than your street walker type, just try to be clued in to when you might be being played for a punter.

The general rule of thumb here is that if a hook up seems too good to be true….it probably is!

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Although Reno is a late night city for action, we think the best chances of success here are early afternoon for the day game and between 10pm and midnight in the evening.

Best Alternatives For Reno Hookups

If you struggle to pick up a casual date in Reno then this city has one of the best fallback options in the whole of the U.S.

As we know, prostitution is legal in some parts of Nevada and Reno is well serviced by several brothels just half an hour outside of the city.

reno hook up alternatives brothel
Image via Kit Kat Brothel (Facebook).

The Mound House area of Lyon County sits a few miles to the east of Carson City and you can find four great brothels:

  • The Bunny Ranch
  • Kit Kat Guest Ranch
  • The Love Ranch
  • Sagebrush Ranch

At all four you can find a warm welcome and a guaranteed chance of hooking up as long as you have the dollars to cover your bill.