Sex Euphemisms in Las Vegas

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This is for the escort newbies or people visiting Vegas from other countries.

Something you need to know:

Escorts, and their clients, have a private language.

Here in the West, the escorting business is similar to an underground club known as The Hobby and frequented by escorts and the clients who are known as Hobbyists.

The following euphuisms and acronyms are used in reviews to avoid incrimination should law enforcement start to monitor boards and use them to set up stings.

So it’s best to at least have some general knowledge of terms used in The Hobby when meeting with a Las Vegas escort/provider.

Behold the Sex Euphemisms of Sin City!

Bareback: Sex without a condom.

BBBJ: Bareback Blow Job, blowjob without a condom

BBBJTC: Bareback Blow Job To Completion is a blowjob without a condom and the provider may spit or swallow your jizz.

Birdwatcher: A provider who swallows.

CBJ: Covered Blow Job

CG: Cowgirl

CIM: Cum in mouth.

Clockwatcher: A term for a provider who counts the minutes until the session is over. Usually used to describe a provider who rushes and does not enjoy her work.

Completion: Orgasm. e.g. She gave a bareback blowjob to completion.

Cover: A condom

Covered: Various measures, such as the use of condoms or dental dams

DATO: Dining at the O, Anilingus, oral stimulation of the anus

DATY: Dining at the Y, Cunnilingus, oral stimulation of the vulva or clitoris

DFK: Deep French Kissing, kissing with tongue

Donation: Payment to a provider

Walking/Walked the dog: Doggy style

Enhancements: Breast implants

French: Oral sex, on either party

FS: Full Service, Vaginal intercourse to completion

GFE: Girlfriend Experience, A very passionate, sensual experience. Most consider deep French kissing a baseline requirement for GFE.

Greek: Anal Sex

The Hobby: The patronizing of prostitutes.

Hobbyist: A man who patronizes prostitutes.

Independent, Indie: An escort who works on her own, without an agency affiliation. The escort manages her own calls, bookings, and advertising and finances

Interpreter: Condom (e.g. She spoke French without the aid of an interpreter = BBBJ)

Provider: Escort

Spinner: A very petite provider

TOFT: A man willing to see a new provider to give a review so other hobbyist will know she is worth seeing.

TUMA: Tongue up my ass

YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary = Catch phrase to remind that tastes differ, reviews are inherently subjective, and that providers have good and bad days, thus experiences vary.

So here are some terms you can learn or refer to when booking your Las Vegas escort. When you visit review boards you find these terms frequently and it’s good to know what they mean so you can be sure to get what you want in your provider.


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