More About Summertime Saga: A Crowdfunded Adult Sim Game Like No Other

We’re in the gamer age, where people of all ages and backgrounds are enjoying taking time out for some digital fun.

If you’re looking play one that is free, story-based, and very adult, it doesn’t get better than one game — Summertime Saga.

Summertime Saga is a lot of things but think of it like a XXX Grand Theft Auto-style RPG, with lots of heart and story. You’ll have to use strategy and the game keeps you enthralled and engaged every step of the way.

There’s a reason that this crowdfunded game is taking the web by storm. To learn more about Summertime Saga and why this game is a great mix of fun, raunchiness and strategy, keep reading.

An Intro to Summertime Saga

First things first, let’s get it out of the way — Summertime Saga is an adult game in every sense of the word.

It doesn’t just have a bit of sex and nudity as part of the progressing story, sex and nudity are a huge part of the progressing story. This is an offering in the dating sim genre, in which strategizing to get characters into bed is always a huge part of the focus.

In this particular game, the play and story are reminiscent of offerings like Grand Theft Auto, in that it mixes lighthearted, fun animation, with in-your-face adult content and situations.

With that said, it’s crystal clear that the developers put a lot of time and effort into making it a quality game first, even though nudity and sex are at the forefront. Flat out, it’s a fun play, with lots of character development, solid gameplay and fun quests to embark on.

The story involves a young man whose life is rocked by the recent death of his dad, just as he’s getting ready to head into his freshman year of college. Not only does his dad die, but the circumstances surrounding his death are suspicious and mysterious.

The boy soon learns that his dad carried a tremendous amount of debt with a criminal organization.

From there, stories unravel piece by piece, with the boy setting out to find answers, while also enjoying life as a young man in the process.

See, doesn’t just sound like a porn game does it? While it is very much a porn game, it’s not a cheesy quick play that you’d use to scratch a horny itch. It’s a deep game that features close to 70 different characters and 30 different locations.

It’s packed with fun mini-games and the world continues to grow because hours upon hours of brand new, playable content are constantly offered by the developers.

While there’s more about Summertime Saga than adult situations, the game developers don’t shy away from the sexual content at all. On the game’s site, they mention specific fetishes that gamers will enjoy, to include sex in public, spanking, glory holes and MILF sex.

So yes, there’s a little bit of something for everyone, no matter your kink.

Gameplay and Style

While hot sex scenes might pique your interest, it’s the gameplay of Summertime Saga that will keep you.

The graphical interface is top notch, as every character is rich with color and detail. Most of the action takes place with RPG style text conversations, and point and click decisions that guide the way that your journey plays out.

Since you’re moving forward with specific missions, each conversation leaves clues for ways you can advance. For instance, if your character is looking for ways to make money, you’ll notice that conversation text hinting at money making opportunities will be bolded.

The animation in this game is limited and fluid, and the minimalist approach pays off big time. You’ll find yourself hooked and drawn into the world because of how seamless everything is.

For instance, when you first start out, the character is in the middle of a cutscene at his dad’s funeral. From there, his new living arrangement is revealed, along with his objectives. By the time you fast forward to your room, along with items to interact with and places in the house to explore, you’ll find yourself thinking of the possibilities.

You’ll train yourself to scan every room for items that can be manipulated or clues that can further the story — or your fun.

There is lots of innuendo, which adds to the tease of the game. By interacting with characters early in the game that you’ll want to bed, your mind will turn to potential scenarios for dates and conversations you might want to explore later.

All of this is made possible since the developers chose to keep it simple, stick with what works and make the interface and gameplay as user-friendly as possible. The learning curve is virtually nonexistent since you can quickly jump right in and hit the ground running.

Building Your Attributes

When it comes to learning more about Summertime Saga, you’ll definitely want to figure out how to build your character’s attributes to the fullest.

This game focuses on four main attributes — strength, dexterity, intelligence and charisma.

While you don’t immediately need to be concerned with these attributes, they become important and necessary depending on the mission. You’ll also need to find the right characters that will serve as your Yoda to build these attributes.

Once you figure out how to lift weights and train Muay Thai, you’ll find yourself participating in these mini games so that you can watch your character level up into a bonafide winner.

Sex With the Volume All the Way Up

And course, Summertime Saga wouldn’t be Summertime Saga without the overt emphasis on sex.

Virtually every character you meet and interact with has enormous 36G boobs spilling out of her top, or six-pack abs. They’re very much sexy caricatures, which adds to the fantasy and appeal of the game.

The game is filled with sex cutscenes that you get for successfully employing your dating strategies and lots of sexual humor and innuendo in between. In fact, when you first start the game, it offers you the choice of clean mode, where you start from scratch and earn everything you get, and cheat mode, which lets you power through the game and gets to the sex scenes quicker.

This game is very porn oriented and doesn’t shy away from it, as the sex factor is loud and proud, with the volume all the way up. They do a great job in this respect, as the animation is top notch and you really fell as though you get a payoff for the strategy used to round the bases on those date scenarios.

But It’s Not Just Titillation — It’s a Game of Strategy and Skill

Let’s not forget, it does take lots of skill and gameplay to truly know the appropriate steps to take to pass each mission in the game.

There’s a reason that there are plenty of walkthroughs and strategy guides available for this game. Unlike some similar dating sims you might find on porn sites, this one isn’t just a button masher you blast through to get to the good stuff.

The developers have taken the liberty to create a world for gamers, and this took plenty of time and effort. You’ll need to have your thinking cap on and be willing to make some mistakes in order to truly crack this game open and learn what to do.

There Are Plenty of Characters to Interact With

Once you see just how many characters there are to interact with, it becomes clear how much potential there is for missions and side quests.

Each character represents a new opportunity to unlock or enjoy a part of the game, so pay careful attention to what makes them tick. Since the game is in ongoing development, don’t expect them to slow down on adding characters anytime soon.

Don’t Just Learn More About Summertime Saga — Dive in And Play!

Speculating and discussing Summertime Saga doesn’t do it nearly enough justice. To truly figure out why it’s so amazing, you’ll have to dive in and play!

Summertime Saga has a little something for everyone. Some people use it to explore their sexuality. Others treat it like poker and play to hone their strategy skills.

Either way, you’ll want to learn more about Summertime Saga, so that you can start playing!

Use this guide as a starting point, download the app and get started today.

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