The 10 Hottest Adult Games on Patreon

We’re experiencing a sexual revolution.

Movies and books like 50 Shades of Grey have taken the taboo-ness out of BDSM, married couples are more open than ever to kink and swinging, and people are using their imagination to explore what they really enjoy.

However, one of the biggest parts of this revolution is happening in the digital world.

People are merging their libido with their devices, and finding ways to stimulate their curiosity with fun and innovative games. Patreon is a platform that has embraced this to the fullest, and there are lots of games that you can turn to when you want a mix of good old-fashioned raunch, with graphics, animation, and story.

These adult games are cutting edge and innovative, and are being developed by some of the most talented companies.

If you need a few good leads on the best adult games on Patreon, take a look at the list below.

1. Summertime Saga

When it comes to adult games, Summertime Saga is the cream of the crop right now.

Among dating sims, this one is incredibly interactive and features an expansive story mode. You take the role of a teenager whose father died under mysterious circumstances, who attends school while dating girls and finding answers to his father’s death.

He ends up living with one of his father’s female friends and her stepdaughter.

Throughout the game, you take on a number of storylines and the game is built largely upon RPG attributes. You will undertake a number of challenges involving relationships, money, adventures, and figuring out more about the mysterious death of your father.

In the game, it appears that your father owed a lot of shady characters some money. As time goes on, clues are left, which entice you to keep moving forward in the game.

Incredible story mode aside, the game is very much a dating sim. You get to know a number of girls at your school and learn their different quirks and nuances in your quest to get each and every one into bed.

The game features a lot of leveling up and story attributes that require you to log the hours and learn the ropes.

2. Monster Prom

In this game, you plot and plan to take your ideal date to the prom. They also happen to be monsters.

The game features zombies and Pokemon-esque humanoid creatures as the main characters, each having their own personality traits and nuances that make you have to figure out how to get them to say yes.

After they accept your invite to the prom, you’ll also have a chance to get them into bed. This game is heavily strategy oriented and not as graphic as other games, though it is indeed very adult.

3. The Sims Sex Mod

Some of the best adult games on Patreon are mods, rather than standalone titles. The Sims broke the mold of sim games when it was released so many years ago, and its popularity remains incredibly high.

What if you could play the Sims 4, but make it even more realistic with steamy sex scenes?

You can do just that, thanks to this popular modification by TurboDriver.

When you play the standard, unmodified Sims 4, your characters are always pixelated whenever it comes to sex. In fact, Electronic Arts only alludes to the fact that they’re having sex, playing dreamy music and calling it “Woo-Hoo!” and not sex.

Well, all of that changes with this steamy, adult-oriented Sims 4 mod.

TurboDriver users their graphics and development skills to let you see behind the pixelation and get a full-fledged peek at what “Woo-Hoo!” really looks like. The basis of the game is still the same, only with some realistic and adult tweaks.

Your characters can engage in steamy hot tub swinging parties and dates that end with a gratifying sexual payoff. Since the Sims is so wildly popular, you can expect for this modification to grow in popularity throughout all of its iterations.

4. Fallen Doll

This game mixes sex dolls with dating sims. It features a story that involves a customizing a cyborg-like sex doll that comes to life.

This game makes use of VR technology, which sets it apart from other dating sims. Cutting edge VR technology is where it’s at when you’re looking for a fun adult game.

Though your main character is a sex doll, she features the shapely body and dimensions that make it indistinguishable from a flesh and blood woman. If customization is your thing, this game allows you to get your heart’s fill, as you build the character that turns you on the most.

This game is jumping on the sex doll trend, which is sure to become a mainstream reality sooner than later. Plenty of companies today are manufacturing customized sex dolls, and there are even sex doll brothels opening up around the world.

It may be hard to believe, but there was once a time that online dating was considered taboo. If you’re curious about sex dolls, jumping onto Fallen Doll may be a cool way to break the ice.

5. Monster Girl Island

For years, tropical islands and sexual fantasies have gone hand in hand. With Monster Girl Island, you get to live this fantasy with sexy creatures that bring your fantasy to life.

This game is very much 18+ and is more about sex play than gameplay. However, this doesn’t take away from the fun factor in the least bit. While on the island, you’ll have encounters with a lot of different monster girls that you can interact with and date.

It also makes use of VR technology, making it one of the savviest dating sims around right now.

6. Play With Us!

Next to Summertime Saga, this is one of the most popular and wildly successful adult games on Patreon.

This is a college dating sim that requires you to sweet talk hentai girls in order to get them into bed. You’ll be able to have encounters involving everything from sneaking into the girls-only dorms to sex in the shower, cafeteria, and classroom.

It is a very graphic-oriented game that features a number of sex scenes. The sex scenes are incredibly detailed, varied and interactive. Since this is such an expansive game, it has gained a lot of popularity among Patreon users.

7. Milfy City

The animated sex scenes in Milfy City are so hot that they have been heavily pirated and uploaded to various porn sites.

Milfy City is as much as visual erotic novel as it is a game. It involves a young man recounting stories of potential experiences with three hot women — two of them milfs. You’ll have great control over all of the action as you advance the story forward.

Your main character is a college student looking to balance his life in-between interacting with these women.

8. Melody

This is a solo dating sim, where your main focus is to get a musician into a band. The musician is Melody, a guitar-playing brunette that is in a traveling band.

You’ll have to learn what makes her tick in order to continuously turn her on and keep her attention. It’s a different take on the dating sim genre since they often feature students, teachers, neighbors, and the like.

9. Rack 2

If you’re a boob guy with a rich imagination, this is one of the most stimulating adult games on Patreon that you’ll find.

The twist is that it also is a play on the furry kink, which is incredibly popular. The sex scenes are interactive and detailed, allowing you to have an experience like none other.

10. Dreams of Desire

The social aspect of this game is huge, as you’ll interact with friends, their moms, classmates and so much more. It is broken down in a variety of episodes with a variety of days, variables and outcomes.

The objects of desire are all different in personality, style, and appearance, making it so that the game never really gets old. Both the gameplay and graphics are top notch.

Explore Your Sexuality and Imagination With Adult Games on Patreon

If you love sex and embracing your sexuality, this is one of the absolute best times to be alive. You can enjoy your sex life and continuously expand your mind with some well-developed games.

These adult games on Patreon can stimulate your senses in ways that you may not have imagined. They boost your fantasy life, which can serve you in your relationship or personal sexuality as a whole.

Don’t stop there. Check out our adult entertainment guide to learn more.