The Las Vegas Strip: These Are the Best Strip Clubs in Las Vegas, NV

The strip club industry is expected to produce $7 billion in revenue this year. Much of that revenue number coming from the strip clubs of Las Vegas that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s almost considered a rite of passage. You have to go to Vegas at least once, and while you’re there, you have to visit a strip club. But which one should you visit?

Keep reading for reviews of some of the best strip clubs in Vegas. We’ll give you an honest review of the pros and cons of each place.


Let’s start this list off right with one of the biggest strip clubs in Las Vegas. At over 70,000 square feet there are plenty of stages with poles and private Champagne skyboxes to choose from.

A fitness club used to call the facility home, which is kind of fitting that now 400 plus of the world’s fittest and most beautiful women now call the place home. There is even the pool out back for some daytime partying in the summer.

If a pool party isn’t your thing, check out the Rockstar Lounge. Look up and get a “glass top view” of the girls dancing above you.

Make a reservation with the club and get a free Tesla ride and no cover. You can even bring the women of your party with you. There is a male review in a separate room on Thurs, Fri, and Sat.

Spearmint Rhino

Second on the list is the world famous Spearmint Rhino. With locations in Australia, the UK, and the US you are going to get a world class experience.

The club was recently renovated, so they offer free tours of the venue between noon and four. The recent renovation has doubled the club’s size. Or you can visit the club any time of day as they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The full food menu is also available any time of day. The big news with the menu is that it now offers pizza, which doesn’t sound classy, but could be good?

Like others on this list, reserve a free limo ride through the club’s website and get free admission.

Crazy Horse III

Head west from Mandalay Bay and you’ll run right into the 40,000 square foot club called Crazy Horse III. You’ll feel like you’ve entered a nightclub with its clean presentation.

A big catch is that the cover can be up to $50 just to walk through the door on some nights. There is a way around it though. Download the club’s app and order the free limo service.

Like everything else in Vegas, they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They even have a late night menu for when you get the munchies at 2 am. Many people are a fan of the sushi, though we’re not sure how we feel about ordering sushi at a strip club.

The main room has a 50-foot bar, so you’ll have no problem getting a drink. The bar seats are elevated, so you’ll have no problem seeing the entertainment.

Looking for a place to watch your favorite team play or the latest UFC fight? There are HDTVs spread throughout the venue. Though you probably won’t make friends with the girls if your eyes are glued to the TVs.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club

If you have a large group of friends or are in Vegas for a bachelor party then this venue is ideal. There are three levels to explore all filled with a constant parade of women. They offer a ton of special event and group specials.

While other strip clubs seem dark and cave-like, this one is bright and energetic. This energy begins with the neon lighting out front as you pull up to the place.

There’s a rooftop area that is perfect for large groups or private parties. Then on the second floor, there are 11 suites and 3 skyboxes for an intimate view of the club’s activities for the night.

The kitchen runs 24/7 serving up everything from sandwiches, to wings, to breakfast food.

Little Darlings

You have to make a choice when it comes to strip clubs in Vegas. You can either have alcohol or full nude, but not both. If you choose full nude then Little Darlings is the strip club for you.

You get free unlimited soft drinks as you enjoy your time at the 18 and over club. You will have to pay $35 to walk in the door though. If that is too much then print out a coupon from the website and only pay $15.

Once inside the club, you have your choice of a couch, bed, and private dances. They also offer VIP service with a lounge and bottle service.

Palomino Club

So we just told you that you have to pick, full nude or alcohol. But what if you want both? Well, the Palomino Club is the only club in Vegas with both.

How? Well, the club was founded in 1969, so it got grandfathered in.

They offer a shuttle service, but only for groups of two or more. So if you’re by yourself prepare to have to buy a separate package.

If you don’t use their shuttle service, you’ll have to pay a cover charge to walk in the door. The cover charge you pay depends on how you get yourself to the club. That means, take a cab, and you’ll pay top dollar.

They are also not open 24/7 like many other clubs on this list. So be sure to check their hours before you go.


How about going to a strip club where a movie was filmed? Cheetahs’ claim to fame is that it is the strip club where the movie Showgirls was filmed.

While you may not see the stars from that famous flop of a movie from the 90s, you will see the “Godfather”. Once a pro wrestler in the WWF (or should we say WWE now?), now he manages this venue.

Go during happy hour and you get the ultimate guy experience. Free pizza and wings are all yours. The place is open 24 hours a day though, so feel free to go whenever you want.

Keep in mind though, other visitors to this club have commented that the girls you’ll see at noon are not the same quality as the girls you’ll see at midnight.


This club has the best location in the city, right across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. But, are you really deciding on which club you go to by its location?

Centerfolds is in the home of what was once Club Paradise. Unfortunately, that club closed when allegations of credit card fraud arose. So now we have Centerfolds.

Show your convention badge and you MIGHT get in for free. Once inside though you can check out their VIP “Blackout Rooms” and grab a bite from their late night kitchen.

They are also big on daily specials like “Fireball Friday” or “Schoolgirl Sunday”. Download their app and make your purchases ahead of time so you can get the best deals.

They also claim to be the go-to spot for the after party of the AVN awards. For those who don’t know, that would be the Adult Video Network awards held at the Hard Rock every year.

Australia’s Thunder from Down Under

So far, the clubs we’ve mentioned all feature women, so what about the men? Enter the Thunder from Down Under. This isn’t like a standard strip club with nonstop dancing action though.

It’s more of a male revue where you have to buy tickets for a specific show time. You can expect the shows to book out fast so if you wait until you are in Vegas to buy your tickets you may not get the seats or time you want. You can expect to pay $50 to $60 a ticket.

You might find the show to be a bit cheesy. Each dancer that takes the stage will embody a different stereotypical fantasy. Think fireman, milkman, any profession that requires a uniform.

Visit the Best Strip Clubs in Vegas

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to book your trip and come visit the best strip clubs in Vegas.

No matter the club you choose, your best bet is to check out their specials before you decide to go. Then you can make a reservation for a shuttle service, booth, and bottle service.

You will also want to plan your visit to go at a strategic time. This will ensure you get the best drink specials and see the most beautiful women.

Looking for something a little wilder? Check out our reviews for the best swingers clubs in Las Vegas.

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