The Perfect Fetish Session with an Escort

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Fetishism was founded or labeled in the 1800,s derived from a Portuguese term feitico meaning “obsessive fascination”. It is scientifically proven that fetishism is more prevalent in males then women. There is no known cause or reason as to why people obtain these sexual fixations. Some scientists believe they derive from a childhood incident, but that has not been proven.

Scientific jargon out the way, you know what a fetish is, now how do you satisfy it?

Escorts are the perfect match for living out your fetish fantasies.

How does one approach an escort in reference to their particular fetish? It’s not hard. For starters, review her website.

Most escorts will give information on the services offered. If you don’t see your fetish, you may call and inquire – but be professional in your request. Guys do call and play games. So we have low tolerance for people who beat around the bush.

It doesn’t matter how strange you consider your fantasy, there is a good chance that she has heard it already. When you call, don’t be embarrassed or feel you can’t be honest with your escort. The escort is the one person you can be honest with about your sexual interests.

It does not make you weird or strange.

It makes you human with a different sexual fixation.

I had a gentlemen email for a certain type of session that he clearly wasn’t comfortable enjoying with his wife. Now I am not going to go into the graphic details of the session but I will tell you his approach was perfect. He emailed and made me aware for starters of his fetish. He then called and he spoke about it. I asked expectations and what was the the fascination behind it for him. So I knew which route to take in the session.

You should never enter a sessions without discussing your fetish first. Some girls don’t do certain things, so you may end up disappointed by the outcome. If you want the perfect fetish session, communication is key.

Escorts are not here to judge. We are here to make your sexual dreams come true.


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