The Strictly Adult Menu: 4 Things To Do in Las Vegas

They don’t call Las Vegas Sin City for no reason.

The entertainment capital of the world is renowned for its ability to provide adults with things to do, and adult thrills destined never to be spoken of again.

In this guide we’ll give you some of the best ideas for adult things to do in Las Vegas: from gambling, to ogling strippers, to getting down and dirty in one of Nevada’s notorious local brothels.

The Adult Menu of Things To Do in Vegas

Sexy things to do in Vegas.

4 sexy things to do in Vegas…

Why is Las Vegas known as Sin City?

Well, let’s take a look…

Gambling (with Escorts)

Needless to say Vegas offers the ultimate in any gambling experience.

From craps to roulette, poker to Pai gow, Vegas has it all and in absolute spades.

However, one of the best parts of the experience is hitting the casinos with a stunning Vegas escort to help you enjoy your night. Not only does a beautiful woman on your arm heighten the pleasure at the tables but, however your luck turns out, you are guaranteed to get lucky in the bedroom.

Two of the things that spring to mind when we think about Sin City: booze fuelled nights at the casino, and beautiful women.

It therefore goes without saying that a number of agencies exist to connect you to the women who can add a whole lot extra to your evening. Yes, it will make it a whole lot more expensive, too… but this is Sin City. What did you expect? A cheap night out?

Forget about it!

Check out our Vegas companion listings for a variety of ladies who can accompany you around the top casinos in town.

Strip Clubs

Las Vegas offers over 30 strip clubs with each having its own unique style and attractions.

From Palomino’s which is the only full nude strip club that serves alcohol in the city to the huge behemoth, Sapphire’s which covers a staggering 71,000 square feet there is a strip club for everyone’s tastes.

Our current pick of the bunch is Crazy Horse III on W Russell Road.

A large and modern venue, Crazy Horse III’s has a great nightclub adjoined to the strip venue so you can spend a fair amount of time in the one place cranking up the gears.

The club itself is stylish and smart but doesn’t have the elite sophistication which can put a dampener on some evenings. The place has a feel of a smart sports bar and they have plenty of events that coincide with ball games, fight nights and big televised sports.

Of course, there are plenty of other great strip club venues in Vegas. If some scintillating flesh is what you are looking for, prepared to be spoilt for choice.

Burlesque Show

The city is awash with big stage entertainment and none come better recommended than a classic burlesque show.

Titivating and erotic a good burlesque show exploits the sensuous pleasure of the tease leaving plenty of audience members wanting more… how you spend the rest of your evening is up to you.

At the less raunchy but still sexy end of the scale you have the well-received ‘Absinthe’ show at Caesars Palace. Replicating the vibe and feel of the Moulin Rouge (think the film version) the act is funny, jaw-dropping and very erotic. It’s an adults only show and is exceptionally good all round entertainment.

For something equally as mainstream but far more steamy, the ‘Fantasy’ show at the Luxor includes a trio of stunning girls in a ménage-a-trois, a slow and sensuous striptease act and talented burlesque performers tickling your taste buds.

Out of Town Brothels

If you don’t fancy driving as far as Reno or Carson City where the majority of Nevada’s legal brothels are situated then head to nearby Nye County. There are several good bordellos that have good reputations including Sheri’s Ranch Brothel and the Chicken Ranch.

Sheri’s offers resort style accommodation with a sports bar on the premises as well as tennis courts, a swimming pool and spa.

The venue has won the CWMC (Cyber Whore Mongers Club) award for Brothel of the Year in both 2011 and 2012 and has featured on a CMT documentary. Not only can you stay in quality accommodation but you can also do so with some hot company.

The Chicken Ranch has 17 bedrooms across a range of in-house rooms and purpose built luxury bungalows. The extensive site caters to the fact that they are the closest brothel to Las Vegas and entertains visitors from the city with a strip club and public bar alongside the bordello.

Chicken Ranch Brothel outside Vegas: You can't miss it!

Chicken Ranch Brothel outside Vegas: You can’t miss it!

They offer themed rooms for the more adventurous clients as well as a private spa.

The ranch originated in Texas and was, of course, the famous brothel upon which the film, ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’, was based.

The venue is a popular tourist spot during the day and even hosts tours around the complex. Though they open 24/7, it’s best to avoid daylight hours when you are more likely to rub shoulders with camera wielding Brits than be rubbing anything else. They have a fully stocked bar and liquor license so you can make the most of your visit.

Nye County has another five brothels so if you want to make an extended tour of the area then you can be sure to be kept busy.

What are some of your favorite strictly adult thrills to be had in Vegas?

Let us know some of your best experiences below!

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