Tips for Adult FriendFinder

This is part 2 in our Red Light Vegas series showing how to get sex on Adult FriendFinder.

Now that we’ve looked at what women want on AFF, and the type of women on it, I am going to give you a few strategic tips for finding sex and hooking up on AFF.

It’s not as hard as it seems.

It may not be easy — I won’t lie! — but it possible if you play your cards right. Yes, the magic does happen!

Here’s how to find a partner to play with.

The Profile

The profile is one of the most valuable tools you have at your disposal. It’s your advertising space, and you are the product.

You can change it and update as often as you like. So, take your time and create a profile that stands out.

Let start with the photos. I know you crave the urge to show how big you think your junk is, but please try and refrain from using dick pictures (especially as your leading profile photo!). We don’t need to see that. Women are not impressed by how big or small your penis may be.

Be descriptive but not nasty. Try not to use terms like pussy, tits and dick.

And please don’t even bother playing up your oral skills, as many seem to love! We don’t care until we verify them.

Men are turned on by stuff like porn and nudie mags, and women are subtler than that. Think in terms of romance novel with extra passion.

She wants her imagination to run wild.

Just because we are hooking up doesn’t mean we don’t want elements of romance or chivalry.

Be honest and open about your desires and fantasies without being crass.

Lastly be sure to fill out your profile completely and thoroughly. Leave nothing blank.

Browse and Be Active

Once you have a good profile, start browsing and searching others who meet your criteria.

You will need to weed out adult entertainers from real girls. I believe anyone with half a brain can do this.

I suggest not only browsing ads but also using the AFF chat rooms. These are the serious people who are looking to hook up. And you can be a bit more risqué with the women of AFF than you could with women on Match or eHarmony. Explore and use all the tools the site offers, even the blogs.

Read ladies’ blogs and comment on their posts or create a blog yourself.

There are several avenues when it comes to AFF and getting yourself out there. Just remember to be active and engaging.

Take Your Time

I know you are eager to get out there and spread your seed, but keep in mind there are scammers by the plenty. Tread carefully.

As stated there are many adult entertainers looking for clients, and scammers simply looking to make a quick buck off you. So do not under any circumstances give out any personal information online.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll be on course to hook up on AFF.

It’s not hard to use the site, and it’s certainly not hard to find a random hook up if you treat these ladies with respect AND charm.

Happy hunting, and check back tomorrow for some more AFF tips!

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