Chaturbate Tips From The Most Successful Models

Want to know how the most successful Chaturbate models make their fortunes?

With over 300 million hits to its site every month, Chaturbate is one of the top live sex cam sites in the world. It is ranked the 6th most visited website in the adult category (according to the latest data from SimilarWeb) and is more popular than its rivals BongaCams, Live Jasmin and MyFreeCams.

So, what makes some Chaturbate channels and their broadcasters more successful than others – and what separates those that struggle from the big-earners? Here we take a look at some of the top Chaturbate tips for success on the platform.

What Makes a Chaturbate Channel Successful?

Launched in 2011 using a ‘freemium’ model, the site allows visitors to watch broadcasts without paying fees. Chaturbate models earn their money via tips from satisfied customers with the top earners regularly reporting six-figure incomes.

In fact, some lucky models have even eared this kind of money in a single session!

First of all, there are four types of broadcasters on Chaturbate:

  • Couples
  • Women
  • Men
  • Transsexuals

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The highest earners on Chaturbate are those that perform together with male/female combos being the most popular. The answer as to why this is, is obvious; audiences get to see real sex.

The term ‘Couples’ also covers threesomes (MMF and FFM) as well as group sex. To fit this category (in Chaturbate’s terms) there must be at least one man and one woman.

Lessons From the Most Successful Chaturbate Models couples channel
Channels with couples perform a lot better than solo broadcasts. Images blurred for privacy.

Sole female performers are the second biggest earners and, again, it’s not hard to work out why.

With most traffic to live sex cam sites being straight men, there is simply more of an audience for women than for men (gay or straight) as well as those who are looking for shemale cams.

So, the more chance you have of success rests on your gender and whether you are performing alone or whether you are performing with a partner.

Chaturbate Tips For Models

Chaturbate regularly features top models on its site and ask them for the best piece of advice for new patrons on the site.

We’ve compiled the best advice from the most successful models to give you tips for success.

Check Out the Competition

If you are serious about making a success of your Chaturbate channel then you must approach the set-up like you would any other new business launch.

Always do your research first and find out how the site works, what kinds of channels are successful and how the community works. Top Chaturbate model, Tawney, offers this useful piece of advice for newcomers:

“Do your research. I would never recommend getting online until you’ve watched many rooms and seen how people interact. For me, it relieved a lot of the pressure when I started as I already felt like I knew what to expect. It’s a very large, highly intertwined community that’s a blast to be a part of! But make sure you know how you want to run your own part of that community first.”

Lessons From the Most Successful Chaturbate Models be yourself
Always do your research and find out what is working well for other Chaturbate models. Image via InnocentEmmy.

Remember Your Audience

Successful model, 22-year-old Maleja69, is quick to point out that the road to success isn’t about those single tippers who pay a fortune but those that are regular:

“The best patrons aren’t rich or famous. They don’t drive sports cars and travel to exotic locations. They are just nice people who know how to be friendly.”

Certainly big tippers are always welcome but most successful models have built up a steady fan base of loyal followers who tip often and regularly. It is this stream of income that should never be ignored. A tip for $5k might be a nice surprise but it is far easier to make that kind of money through consistent broadcasting and keeping the little guys happy.

Mind Your Manners and Be Polite

It’s all too easy to become heady with success, but MelanieLexxx has some great advice for newcomers:

“I think they can try being nice, and not starting off as self-righteous. We’re all here to have a good time. There’s absolutely no need to be rude.”

There are lots of examples of models who do not heed this advice but these are usually the channels that don’t last very long. Guests don’t stick around to be treated badly…. unless they are specifically after that kind of behaviour!

Work Hard and Be Consistent

Many performers find it hard to get noticed and build a loyal fan base at first but they all faced the same struggle. Being consistent and treating your role as a cam performer like you would any job is essential. At the end of the day, you get out what you put in the site. SureCakes has some excellent advice on this aspect:

“I think being a new cam model is like being a new friend in general. Don’t lie. Only do things that you’re comfortable with and just be yourself! It takes time to get off the back pages, but staying loyal, working consistently and treating people the way you would want to be treated will help you build your page!”

Lessons From the Most Successful Chaturbate Models work hard
You have to put in the time to make your camming a success. Be consistent to build followers. Image via SweetAry.

EmmaTerrestrial adds:

“Stay consistent! Especially if you still have your new model tag; work that shit til you can’t work anymore. The members who enjoy your show want to see it again; don’t doubt yourself!”

It’s worth hammering this lesson home as it comes up time and time again with successful models outlining the importance of a good work ethic. The popular couples channel WhiteOnRice69 has this to add:

“Our best piece of advice when starting out is be prepared to put in the time. Success doesn’t come over night, and really success will only come in the reflection of a good, positive, persistent attitude. Smile :)”

Enjoy, and Be Yourself

Camming should be about more than just making money but also about having fun. It’s really obvious to your audience if you aren’t enjoying yourself so make sure that you focus on building a channel that suits your likes and interests. Evaella also adds some great advice about being patient too.

“They (new models) will learn everything in time. My advice is to stay focused, have fun and enjoy all the time spent here. It’s a great site and a very nice place to be open-minded and make a lot of new fans or friends. So just stay calm and enjoy the time.”

A model for five years on Chaturbate, SentFrmHeaven adds her advice about letting yourself be free:

“Learn who you are through your own sexuality. Talk. Express yourself. Break down your own personal barriers.”

After all, Chaturbate models often get more from just camming than the tokens. Many performers have learned a lot about themselves during the process.

Boost Your Income with Other Outlets

When it comes to camming, there is only so much time during the day when you can feasibly be broadcasting, and it is important to get a break; however, you can maximise your income by producing saleable content whilst you aren’t streaming live or consider partnering up.

Chaturbate model, DelilahCass, offers this piece of advice and more:

“For new cam models: Be yourself! Stand up to bullies on the site. Some members feel entitled to everything and it is not fair to us…. Know when you need time away from cam. Produce content when offline to help boost sales and tipping when online. If you are too shy to cam alone, you can always meet other models and have them help you start. Tons of models do g/g shows regularly.”

There are many others sites like Chaturbate, and the same advice applies.

Lesons From the Most Successful Chaturbate Models added value
Most successful models on Chaturbate find additional ways to boost their income from selling panties and videos to Snapchat access. Image via miiawallace.

Have a Good Moderator

A moderator acts like a bouncer for cam channels and performs essential tasks like silencing trolls and removing inappropriate guests. For popular rooms the role of a moderator is an important one and can play an important role in just how successful a performer is.

LiveCleo adds:

“My best advice for new cammers is to get a good mod as they can make or break your room.I feel if I was a tipper I’d want to have a good connection with who I’m chatting with. My room gets very busy so my mod can be strict at times to allow those that are contributing to have that connection with me however he gives a lot of respect to the tippers. My mod actually gives me a lot of feedback on how to improve, sound & video quality etc and this has greatly improved my show & connection with people that are important to me.”

What Tips Does Chaturbate Itself Have?

So, what about the company itself? How does Chaturbate help its broadcasters to make money?

After all, if you are successful then they benefit with you.

The site offers a basic broadcasters guide which gives you an overview on how to set up your account including privacy, age verification and some other general settings.

They also offer some money-making tips, underlining the tips from our top models. Chaturbate recommends that you:

  • Send private messages to blue users and use the [Tab Key] to switch between PM windows
  • Encourage viewers to ‘Follow’ you
  • Ask your users to type ‘:tipher’ in order to enable emoticons that encourage members to tip
  • Have your microphone turned on
  • Update your bio with colors and feature top tippers
  • Encourage users to raise their spending limits and get 200 tokens for free
  • Interact using both audio and text
  • Always thank anyone who tips

Lastly, Chaturbate is keen to make sure its broadcasters have the highest quality streaming for their channels.

Not only does it enhance the user experience but is likely to make you more popular and make you both a lot more money. For tips on how to get a higher quality broadcast, check out this blog post from Chaturbate on how to set up OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).

So, there you have it, straight from the horses’ mouths (so to speak). Just remember who to thank in a the XBiz Cam Awards when you pick up your first Gong!

Our last word comes from KrystalOrchid who sums up the experience of live camming with this piece of advice:

“This goes for both new broadcasters and new viewers on Chaturbate – just be yourself and have fun, because that’s what Chaturbate is all about!”