Vegas Hookers: How to Spot Prostitutes in Las Vegas

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Prostitution in Vegas is illegal, but tell that to the hundreds of Las Vegas hookers making a killing in the bars and casinos around Sin City.

Despite numerous police crackdowns, the hookers in Vegas continue to profit from a nightlife that is notorious for its no holds barred ‘anything could happen’ atmosphere.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the hidden market of Las Vegas prostitution, how to spot a call girl, what they typically charge, and so on.

Before we go any further… let us remind you again.

Hiring a Vegas prostitute is illegal.

Vegas hooker hotspots

Las Vegas is home to hundreds of prostitutes working the bars, casinos and streets

While the state of Nevada is famous for its many brothels and sex shops, these are located in counties where the sex industry is legalised and regulated.

Unfortunately that doesn’t include counties with over 400,000 residents, which being in Clark County includes the original Sin City: Las Vegas.

It’s ironic that you can jump in a car and drive an hour north to find a legal licensed brothel, but that’s just the way things are.

Needless to say, there are many Vegas escorts who have found ingenious (and some not so genius) ways of picking up clients in Vegas.

The Casino Girls

The working girls of Vegas certainly benefit from operating in a city that is so incredibly foreign to the average tourist, especially those from overseas.

Take the Vegas tipping culture, for example. It’s unheard of in practically every other western country (and in some US states).

Your average foreigner feels like he has entered a different universe as he pulls up to the Cosmo or the Venetian.

So… what is he going to make of these beautiful, stunning Las Vegas prostitutes approaching him in a bar?

While most locals will scream: “She’s working! It’s obvious! She’s out of your league, you stupid idiot!”

It’s not as clear cut for the clueless foreigner in his first exposure to all that is sinful in Sin City.

For this reason alone, the Vegas casino girls earn a considerable number of ‘leads’ from men who genuinely have no idea that they’re talking to a prostitute, until they’re so invested that it sounds like a pretty good idea anyway.

I mean, it’s Vegas, right?

Whatever happens here, stays here.

And that’s probably going to include your entire net worth if you fall in love with every casino prostitute who laughs at your bad jokes.

Vegas casino escort

If she’s too keen, she’s probably a Vegas casino escort.

How can you tell the Vegas hookers from those ladies who genuinely might be interested in a casual encounter of the free ‘no-strings-attached’ variety?

Well, let’s see…

  • Is she drunk? — Because if she’s stone cold sober, there’s a good chance she’s simply doing her job. Drunkenness might be a turn-off, but it can also allude to one of the rare non-transactional encounters in a Vegas bar. Women are here to party, too.
  • Did she approach you, and was she on her own? — It’s crazy how many guys assume that a drop-dead-gorgeous lady approaching them in a bar, without any company, shouldn’t ring their alarm bells.
  • Is she being lead away from the casino in handcuffs? — A stone dead giveaway, this one. It’s time to stop flirting. You’ve just had sighting confirmation of a definite Las Vegas prostitute.

If we talk in pure survival of the fittest terms, the best Vegas hookers are much more discreet about how they attract clients in the bars and lounges.

There’s not much we can do to warn you here, and indeed, you might be trying to find them in the first place. In which case, you won’t have to search for long.

Best advice is to use common sense.

If she looks too good to be true compared to the best-looking girl you’ve ever had in your previous 30 years, then… there’s a good chance your night will take an expensive turn by letting things escalate.

It only take a couple of nights in Vegas to develop a super fine-tuned hooker radar, but… this still might not save you if you’re drunk as a skunk.

What do casino girls charge for their services?

This is an open-ended question that will largely depend on how beautiful she is, and how loaded with cash she thinks you are.

The hookers in hotel lounges and on casino floors are typically high-end in price. They certainly charge more than you’d pay in one of the legal Nevada brothels: a premium for the risk.

Expect to pay around $500 to $1000 for full service from a casino girl or a hooker picked up in a lounge bar.

If this is beginning to sound like an expensive place to get laid, then… well, you’re absolutely correct. Hookers are expensive in Vegas.

One popular alternative is to sign up on a cam site like Chaturbate (review here), Flirt4Free (review here) or IMLive (review here) where it’s possible to spend a mere fraction of that price for a private show by one of 1000s of cam girls.

It’s not actual sex, but it’s a lot more comfortable and a lot less risky!

Not to mention cheaper…

Las Vegas Street Hookers

Another alternative to the casino girls is to take a punt on one of the Las Vegas street hookers and prostitutes.

Cheapest Vegas hookers on street

The cheapest Vegas hookers are found on the street, not in the casinos and hotel bars.

This is a risky business, not least because johns stand much more chance of getting caught by soliciting for sex in the open.

It’s just a bad idea in general.

Street hookers can be found up and down the strip, and also on Fremont street. It’s pretty common to be approached by hookers near Planet Hollywood and Harrah’s Hotel. Both are prostitution hot spots; a red light district within a red light district.

Vegas street prostitutes are much cheaper than the ladies frequenting the casinos and hotel lounges.

Typical prices are around $50 to $200 for full service, but can go lower. The street market is inherently more risky and attracts prostitutes who are happy to take on that risk, which can lead to various negotiable rates.

A mixed bag, indeed.

Professional Vegas Call Girls (And The Screening Process)

It’s pretty much an open secret that the finest Vegas escorts won’t be found on the casino floors, and certainly not on the strip itself.

They are delivered ‘direct to your door’ via the third party of an escort agency.

There are many, many escort agencies serving the Vegas area. Some of these are reasonably priced at around $200 to $400 for 1 hour of companionship. Others are catered to the celebrity and high-end baller market. Or simply those punchdrunk on detonating their entire bank account in a single weekend.

You can expect to pay thousands for the companionship of a top-tier Vegas courtesan.

One thing that you’ll have to be prepared for if you hire via an agency — or even if you use a reputable freelancer — is the screening process.

This is designed to ensure that both you and the service provider are legitimate.

We understand why customers would be apprehensive about going through an identity check and having their details screened, especially in an age of information leaks.

But it is for your own good, and hers.

How do you spot the top Vegas agencies?

It’s always a good idea to research an agency on the web before you call up asking for access to its ladies. There is no shortage of direct advertising for the agencies out there. They will hand you flyers and slap up unambiguous ads on just about every spare Vegas billboard.

You don’t have to look far.

In Vegas, prostitution is all around you.

Have you used a Vegas hooker? What are your experiences being encountered by casino girls?


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